The Insight Into the Popularity of Engineered Wood Flooring

Release date : 17. February 2021 Shana Yuri

What if you had the opportunity to install a wood flooring alternative that is just as beautiful and pleasing to the eye as the real thing?

What if you could get it without the cost and expensive maintenance that would surely come with installing real wood in your home?

Did you know you can do all this with hardwood floors?

If you think about it, wood flooring seems to be the best choice. Or at least, you’ll probably think it’s a better choice when you go through the following list of reasons why even experts would recommend a real composite wood floor:

There is not much difference between real and designed.

If you’re worried that your wood floor will look like a cheap imitation that wants to pass for real, you can allay those fears. Because in reality, there is not much difference between solid wood and composite wood.

One of the differences between the two will be the measurement of thickness. Solid wood has an average thickness of 18 to 22 millimeters. Wood floors, on the other hand, are much thinner.

In fact, floors are made of finely sawn solid wood pressed between plywood or softwood. The thickness of wood floors ranges from 15, 18 to 21 millimeters.

Between a 15 millimetre thick wooden floor in sandwich construction, there is only 3.5 millimetres of solid wood. The thickness of the solid wood portion is something you should pay attention to, as it directly relates to how often your floor can be refurbished and sanded.

For example, a 15 mm floor can only be sanded once in its lifetime. On the other hand, a 21mm parquet floor can be sanded three to four times, which is comparable to the best solid wood floor you can find on the market.

It’s not as expensive as you might think.

Who wouldn’t want to save a few hundred dollars on repair costs if they could?

Home renovation, while sometimes a necessity, is not the cheapest project. Therefore, if there is a quality product on the market at a much lower price without sacrificing quality, it should not be neglected.

With fake wood floors no longer available, prices can depend on several factors. For example, wider panels will be slightly more expensive than narrower panels.

Thicker boards are also generally slightly more expensive than thinner boards. The wood processing process also affects the price of wood. The source where you buy your flooring will affect the final price.

You can expect, as elsewhere, that the most established brands will be the most expensive.

Warranty is not a guarantee in itself

Although many sellers of wood floors can offer some assurance, after all, wood is still a natural product. The way you maintain your floors has a big impact on how long your floors will retain their original appearance.

A warranty offered by the seller is unlikely to cover daily wear and tear, for example. B. the inevitable scratches in the distance. You may want to consider putting carpet or felt under your furniture to protect your floors for longer.

It’s best not to bring heavy objects with you, as you may get scratches or scrapes every time.

They are available lacquered or oiled

The variety of wood floors allows you to have painted and oiled floors. If you choose an oiled finish, your floors will look completely natural.

The downside is that oil options make the soil more susceptible to spills and stains. Painted floors are much more resistant to stains and leaks, and the paint lasts much longer.

However, the disadvantage of this option is that in case of a scratch, the whole floor has to be repainted or sanded.

Can also be used in baths, also.

As long as you clean up spills and accidents involving water immediately, there is no reason why you cannot use a customised wood floor in your bathroom.

Of course, you’ll need to maintain the wood with the right cleaning and maintenance products, but otherwise, hardwood floors are great for bathrooms, provided you have good ventilation and some good quality bath mats to prevent water from staying on the floor for hours.

If you plan to install this type of flooring in your bathroom, it is preferable to choose a floor covering with a sealed board instead of hard wax or natural oil.

No wood floor, solid or engineered, can ever withstand excessive moisture, condensation or heat in any room. Tiles or vinyl are still the best option for your bathroom, but if you are serious about choosing custom wood for your bathroom, make sure the floors are well maintained.

Bathrooms require more maintenance than other rooms in your home, simply because they are more humid.

Parquet is the best choice nowadays when renovating a house. You will always get the best results if you entrust this task to a professional locksmith.

Laying wood perfectly on a floor can be much trickier than you think once you get started, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before. Go with CSI. You’ll be much happier in the end.

frequently asked questions

Why is hardwood built better?

The advantage over solid hardwood is that its construction allows it to be installed in most floors of the house, even in the subfloor if a moisture barrier is installed. Hardwood veneers offer the natural beauty and look of hardwood floors, just like solid wood floors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood?

Advantages and disadvantages of a wood floor.

What makes a well-designed wood floor?

An inferior wood floor can be up to three-eighths of an inch deep. In general, parquet flooring should consist of at least three layers laid crosswise, glued and pressed together. Better quality soils usually have more layers, about half an inch deep.

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