45 Mudroom Ideas (Furniture, Bench & Storage Cabinets)

In this gallery you will find closet ideas with different styles and decors. A well-equipped dressing room is a place where you can remove your outerwear and shoes before entering or leaving your home.

The best locker rooms have storage compartments, shoe benches, and weatherproof flooring so kids and adults can get out their wet clothes. The Mudroom is a highly durable workspace designed specifically to keep your home clean and efficient for your family and friends.

The clay room in the photo above has all the walls white, starting with a base of white painted wood panels. A pair of floorboards, each with three hinged hooks and storage at the top, plus a small headless seat with drawers underneath. The rest of the room is lined with grainy beige tiles and filled with wicker basket accents.


Wardrobe Furniture – There are many options for wardrobe furniture such as cabinets, shoe cabinets, console tables, free standing coat racks, free standing shelves, benches and chairs.

Low Bench – A low bench is standard in most wet rooms and makes it easy to put on and take off shoes, heavy coats, etc. It is also a good berth for large items such as food, sports equipment and other household items.

Hall tree or built-in closet – A hall tree or built-in closet is a place to store coats, jackets, hats and other clothing. Wood for the hallway is the easiest way to decorate a storage area, and store-bought wood is easy and affordable.

A typical hallway tree should have a few cabinets, shelves, hooks and a low bench. Larger budget fud rooms can be built along the hallway and can be recessed into the wall or used as decorative space, while recessed fud rooms can usually be customized to meet family needs and provide additional storage space or comfortable low benches.

Resilient carpet or flooring – To provide a connection to the outside of the house, the floor must be able to withstand dirty boots, heavy coats and other things that need to be brought in from outside.

Some clay rooms may use different flooring than the rest of the house. This may mean using a certain type of vinyl or ceramic tile. Others choose the same flooring for their wardrobe and protect the floor with a carpet or mat instead.

Accented back panel – The back panel in open alcoves where coats hang can sometimes differ from the finish used for the rest of the closet. In addition to being a good accent because it is at eye level and takes up most of the field of view, it is also important for the life of the unit that the back panel can withstand heavy use.

Mixed Zone – Sometimes the ground floor room can be mixed with other parts of the house. A typical example would be to create a space that includes both a laundry room and a laundromat, since clothes can easily be dried outside or turned over for washing.

In addition, these two rooms are considered service areas in the house, so they are located in the back, hidden from most of the living areas of the house. The wardrobe can be combined with a small work area with a desk and lots of storage space.

Finally, it can be combined with the main entrance, since the built-in elements can easily be made flush with the wall. For example, the main entrance offers plenty of storage space without compromising the aesthetics and flow of the corridor.

Storage accessories – Built-in furniture can be expensive, but using only open shelves can save you a lot.

Simple storage boxes made of wicker, fabric, plastic or wood, kept on open shelves away from dust and sunlight, are a great way to store items organized, hidden and protected from dirt. These baskets can also be personalized or decorated to match the mood or theme of the wet room or the whole house.

Door to Outside – Dressing rooms are usually a service area that serves as a connection between the street or garage and the inside of the house. The door should generally be of solid construction, albeit slightly less ornate than the front door.

Usually the door also contains glass panels to let some light into the small room. Many dressing room ideas start with a second entrance to the house, which becomes a large transport area separated from the main entrance. More information on the cost of adding bumpers can be found on this page.

Rustic style pantry

Although small, this dressing room opens directly into the main hallway of the house. You enter the room through a white glass door with lanterns and shelves. The walls are painted white and accented with black frames.

The rear panel has a white vertical slat with a strip of slats above. There are hooks at the top of the wall and a padded bench at the bottom with a black and white herringbone pattern.

A long grey carpet also runs the length of the room, protecting the beautiful dark wood floor.

The vestibule entering the main house has a sandstone tiled floor, in contrast to the warm wood planks used for the rest of the house.

The cabinet panel is for the back wall only, with a vertical panel extending from floor to ceiling. The cornice at the very top also serves as a bay window for the army of hooks attached to the wall. Underneath is a cleverly hidden closet with rows of shelves for shoes.

The wide, low bench is ideal for sitting and finishing off the decoration, while the lower open shelves with installed rubber mats are for the dirtiest shoes.

With its grey and light blue walls, this cloakroom has a rural feel, especially with the variations of black and blue patterned floor mats.

A corner at the side of the door is occupied by the niche with the possibility of opening shelves, drawers and cabinets in white wood. Directly opposite this skylight is a large double pivot window that provides natural light.

From the door leading outside, a low, warm wooden bench stands in the corner of this changing room with white-painted wooden cabinets underneath.

The extended side of the bench features a row of double pivot windows with multiple panes, while the shortened side features display cases with white top and bottom sills. The wooden planks match the pattern of the low bench, and a modern pendant chandelier defines this piece of clay.

The hallway leading to the main lodge has several cabinets and arched shelves for display cases, made of white painted wood, embedded in a light gray wall. Light wood planks run along this hallway to the wet room.

In the corner of the wardrobe is a low, beige-clad bench with a vertical white wooden border on the back wall, which ends in a row of hooks and shelves with matching wicker baskets, which is a more convenient way to store and access items than the built-in drawers.

A dirty room with clean, white walls and a light wood floor runs from the door. On one side, the wall turns into a horizontal installation of white stained wooden shelves, to which a low bench on two levels and a desk with a warm wood look are attached.

The table includes elegant table drawers and an antique chair made of wood and metal. A patterned display case hangs above, and an assortment of open cubic shelves on the side.

At the bottom there are coat and bag hooks, separated by curved ribs that support shelves. There are more storage compartments under the low bench.

The small corner walk-in closet features white painted wooden wardrobes, starting with a full length double door wardrobe.

Opposite, on the wall, vertical wooden slats, painted white, whose upper shelves are supported by fins separating the wall hooks. The low bench is also made of white-painted wood, decorated with cushions with orange accents, and rests on a tiled wooden base.

The room itself has a light brown shade for the walls, as well as floor tiles used in combination with a dark colored carpet.

Mud Cube

This colorful wardrobe is perfect for a large family, offering each child their own storage space for clothes, shoes and outerwear.

The large wardrobe is equipped with a wooden bench for putting on shoes and a storage compartment. If you’re thinking of ideas for a large family that travels a lot, a colorful trash can is a great way for kids to quickly find their belongings and separate clothing.

This small and narrow service room has a white French door leading to a room with a dark stone tiled floor.

On the left is a vertical wooden panel, painted white, with hooks at the top and finished with a batten. Below, a low bench in white, decorated with cushions with a blue accent.

This area has four identical open shelves, the middle section being larger than the others and equipped with hooks for coats and umbrellas.

Integrated mud bath with wicker basket

Even a small niche on the wall can be a complete mud room or mud room, with three separate openings built into the wall.

Each opening has an upper shelf for storing decorations and accessories, a large center section with hooks and padded seats, and an open lower shelf for storing baskets. Rustic dark brown tiles alternate on the floor.

Area with holding tank

The ocean green walls and slate gray flooring give this home a fresh and relaxed tone. The white accents of appliances, doors and windows stand out clearly against the duller colors of floors and walls.

The exterior door has a multicolored window that matches the double window next door, allowing abundant natural light to enter.

A low clay bench runs from wall to wall, with storage drawers underneath. He also installed wall cabinets with closed cabinets, open shelving and some hooks.

With cream-colored walls and light gray tones for the tiles, the white and gray marble stone used for the bench is a unique natural finish that completes this closet in a classic style.

The marble is held in place by two vertical ribs of white stained wood, adorned with blue and gray accent pillows and other interior decorations.

A large double pivot window divides one side of the room, a large closet with closed cabinets and open shelves, on the other side are open shelves at the top with hooks at the bottom, mounted on vertical wooden slats painted white.

As you enter the living space, an abundance of natural light pours in through a pair of sliding windows and a glass door, illuminating the light grey stone floorboards.

The green and brown striped cushions are mounted on a mid-grey lacquered wooden bench with drawers for storing bedding. The open space of the house, at ceiling height, is equipped with wall hooks.

Efficient dirt compartment with storage box. The entrance door that gives access to the dirt room is made of dark wood and the floor is covered with brown and beige rectangular tiles.

One corner, occupying about two-thirds of the room, is lined with olive-green wood panels, above which the walls and ceiling are painted white. Also in olive green, it has four identical open shelves with hooks.

Next to it is an open space where a white louvre window provides light. The lower part of the sofa as a whole consists of drawers.

Washing room Cleaning room

A small door in this dressing room leads to the laundry room, which is the ideal partner in this space. Tall beige cabinets with louvered doors hide shoes and coats and provide ventilation.

Wicker baskets on top of cabinets allow for more organized storage of unnecessary items, as do fabric folding boxes instead of fixed drawers. A round chandelier hangs in the middle of the room and completes the rustic look.

For bathroom ideas with little space, you can use different baskets to store things in an orderly fashion. The space features coat hooks, wicker baskets under the bench and fabric baskets above the shelf.

Sandwiched between two white doors and a diagonally laid beige tile floor, this home’s wet room is limited to a single wall, but fulfills its function.

To harmonize with the ocean green walls of the room, there is a low bench of white painted wood with a cornice on top, also in the same white wood finish.

Mud bath with custom-made wooden cabinet

The light green fabric with white embroidery used to cover the bay window curtains is also used to cover the chairs directly under the bay window, giving this clay room a more classic look.

The seat has a row of four dark wood drawers. On either side of the room, two large cabinets recessed in dark wood paneling provide closed storage above and open shelving below for hanging coats and jackets.

The bottom shelf provides space for shoes and boots. The floor used here is a combination of brown and beige tiles.

Separated from the rest of the house by a beautiful antique barn door on black metal rails, this wardrobe is small and easy to hide.

The dirt room has a floor-to-ceiling canopy with a wood-like surface, such as wood planks. The wardrobe includes wall units, three large openings with shelves, a low bench across the width and a shoe storage bench underneath.

A patterned rug in shades of beige and burgundy lies in the center of the room, matching the double windows in the back wall.

The black tiled floor and dark, emerald green painted walls accentuate the fine grain of the light wood from which the boxes in this clay room are made.

On one side, under the mirror of the long horizon, is a low double-height cabinet. Next to it, flush with the wall, is a closet and a door on the outside. The back wall features a pair of elegant windows, as well as a larger white composite window below with light-colored trim on the edges.

Running the length of this wall is also a low bench with extra storage compartments and baskets underneath, and a hanging shelf with L-shaped hooks in the corner. Next to this low bench is a high shelf with low wicker baskets for extra storage.

Despite its irregular shape, this service has an efficient layout with coarse-grained wood combined with rustic stone slabs for the floor.

The dark wood panels on the walls of this room extend from floor to ceiling, and the main dressing room follows the shape of the room.

The coffin bank, made of coarse grained wood, starts with a low bench with drawers underneath. Above the wardrobes and below is a cavity divided into compartments with hooks for coats and handbags.

Ideas for sludge chambers

Upon entering the living room, the walls are covered with light gray wood planks, which match the light brown wood tiles used for the floors. Ideas for bathrooms next to the kitchen often provide storage in the pantry like this design.

The section closest to the living room has a work area with open shelves and a cork back. The dark stained table top is held in place by a white stained wood top with drawers and cabinets in the attic.

The modern vintage style combines a modern chair upholstered in white with matching vintage table lamps.

At the back of the room, a row of three alcoves is pushed against the wall with a low bench, clothes hooks and a top shelf in the same white stained wood finish.

This rectangular wet room has white walls to the right with a washer and dryer, and wooden cabinets and shelves painted in light grey.

On the opposite wall, there is a tall cupboard and a low bench with hooks and shelves in a dark grey wood decor, which contrasts with the light wood decor of the floor.

Perfect for a modern family atmosphere, the right hand wall has lots of metal top shelves, low drawers and a long ledge with hooks and rails recessed into the wall.

Opposite this quieter setting, a low white-painted wooden bench runs the length of the room, accented by accent pillows and decorative wall murals.

The floor is made of dark wood and ends at the back wall with two small square windows. The pinned industrial fixture illuminates the entire room.

The walls of this dank room are painted a bright purple to match the jeans blue floor tiles. French front door in a nice warm wood finish with a short wood panel at the bottom.

The five-piece set in white stained wood is combined with a low bench, hooks and shelves with wicker baskets.

It is also a simple desk in the same white lacquered finish, combined with white fabric and a wooden seat and cork desk pad.

The combination of sea green painted walls, clean white trim and warm wood with a diagonal plank floor is the classic theme of this home.

Opposite the large wooden console table with drawers is a simple black lacquered bench in modern style, under which there are two storage baskets made of wicker and fabric.

A large horizontal mirror with black edges, holders for cards and paper and a calendar hanging nearby further shape the wet room. The end of the hall leads directly to a pair of beautiful white double doors that lead to the outdoor terrace.

The light wood floors go well with the cream-colored walls of this home. The dirty room is made of white horizontal wooden planks that reach three-quarters of the height of the wall.

The back wall features three metal hooks, as well as an integrated white wooden bench, under which there is a storage area for wicker baskets. The wall ends at the top with a framed painting, and the outside is visible through two sash windows.

In stark contrast to the white doors, panelling and walls and the warm wood floor, the finish of this wet room is a very dark, heavily veined wood grain.

The floor-to-ceiling cabinets begin with large drawers at the bottom and end with cabinets at the very top. In the middle are two open troughs with black metal hooks, mounted on a vertical wooden base.

The platform created here is a comfortable low bench and is flanked by two high cabinet walls.

This modern style home has light grey walls and white stone tile floors combined with white trim and doors.

The storage area has the same white paint and recessed panels on the drawers of the lower benches and above the cabinets of the benches.

The low bench itself is designed as an accent, with a dark wood finish. The tops of the bench cabinets are covered with a metal grill, with more open shelves above.

Olive green walls, white doors and trim, and a variety of gray and brown stone tiles make a good neutral base for the warm wood paneling that dresses the rooms.

An integrated wall separates one end of the backsplash from the other. There is a sink with shelves on one side and wall cupboards on the other.

On the other side is a low bench on two levels, with either a set of drawers or open shelves under the molded gray stone surfaces.

Black hooks are attached to the back wall of vertical wooden shelves, ending with another row of hanging cabinets and open shelves. Classic frosted glass and a silver ceiling light illuminate the entire room.

The neutral, muddy white tones for this room’s mud walls and stone tile floor are offset by the dark wood finish of the room’s cornice and frame.

The wardrobe, a floor-to-ceiling piece of dark wood with heavy grain, has a low bench that stretches the length of the wall. Partition walls are provided, each with a vertical wooden support and suspension rails.

Below the low bench are a series of drawers and an open space in the middle. Small cabinets with raised panels are usually located in the upper part of the cabinet.

Narrow wet room with olive green walls, beige square tiles for the floor and white for the large narrow door, ceiling and trim.

The laterally curved wings cut the white lacquered wood body into sections, each mounted with rails on a vertical white lacquered wood base. Above these niches, as well as under the low bench, are open shelves, all finished in the same white stained wood.

This small corner addition is made of white-painted wood panels with flat panels placed in the corner, which serve as the base for black metal wall hooks and take up about three-quarters of the height of the wall.

An upholstered cushion with a brown plaid pattern sits above a low bench with open shelves underneath. At the top of the cabinet is a pair of recessed panel cabinets, bordered in the middle by a pair of crossed shelves.

This lovely cottage style utility room has teal walls combined with white and beige vinyl flooring and a white door with a step window.

White stained wood was also used for all the wall cabinets in this room, as well as the baseboard and the two tall windows.

There’s a woven hemp carpet in the middle of the room, two modern metal washing machines in one corner, and a large freezer and wine fridge on the other. The dark-tinted rattan basket is placed on its side and is perfect for storing laundry.

Rustic, cream-coloured floor tiles were laid in this classically styled utility room, in contrast to the warm wooden planks used in the rest of the house.

The bright white walls blend well with the light wood finish of the cabinetry, while the same black faux stone finish used for the countertop was also used for the low bench. On the countertop is a large barn-style sink, flanked by two gray and multicolored windows.

The changing room has alcoves with wall hooks and drawers at the bottom and hanging cabinets at the top.

This vintage-inspired wet room starts with a simple white baseboard and door frame and a light gray tile, but gets even kitschier with a roll of wallpaper along the centerline of the wall.

The vintage effect is further enhanced by the use of rose gold fittings for hooks and door accessories, and patterned carpets in grey. An orange wood finish was used for the cabinets, with hanging cabinets and open shelves filled with rattan storage baskets.

The mudroom is also designed in conjunction with the laundry room, with the washer and dryer attached to the wall.

A candelabra clock hangs in this narrow corridor with white walls and dark grey tiled floor. All cabinets are made of white stained wood, except the low bench, which is made of dark wood.

At the bottom of the boxes are open shelves, in the recesses are black hooks. There are open shelves in the top section, followed by recessed panel cabinets.

On the other side of the corridor, there are power outlets that are flush with the open shelves and are also shaped like recessed panels.

This laundry room features a comfortable built-in bench with coat racks and an overhead storage closet. Above the washer and dryer is even more storage, as well as a shoe compartment under the upholstered bench.

Many ideas for mudrooms originated in a shared space, such as a laundry room. In this photo, the large window brings lots of natural light into this small laundry room.

The plan consists of a white door that hides a double set of washing machines in addition to a separate storage area. The laundry room door hides good storage space, with lots of built-in drawers and open shelves below and above.

The high flow area is also used for cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms or ironing boards. The whole room has a light wooden floor.

A large double-glazed window illuminates the entire corridor. The light wood plank finish matches the entry door and low bench seat in this clay room.

Beneath the sofa are several drawers with handles of oiled brass, while black metal hooks are attached to a thin cardboard backboard.

Reaching to the ceiling of the room, the cabinet ends in a white finish with space at the top for a row of open shelves.

Cost effective wing design

A large panelled glass door leads into a narrow room with strips of zebrano wood arranged linearly along the long adobe corridor.

On one side, under an assortment of wall safari hats, is a wooden shelf with hinged hooks. The narrow box, on the other hand, goes from floor to ceiling, all in an open shelving configuration and with different sizes to meet different storage needs.

A long, narrow skylight at the top of the hallway illuminates the entire length of this modern and vintage dressing room.

White wooden boards running horizontally along the walls and a midnight blue door with window are enough to give this utility room a ski chalet look.

A classic lamp hanging from the ceiling, as well as a faded red carpet, snow clothes and images of skiing along the wall also add to the atmosphere. The Finleyville hall tree, shown here with a light wood finish, is a functional and elegant way to decorate your lobby.

It comes with four hooks and offers a simple low bench with storage underneath. The example here was decorated with accent pillows and a dark blue rattan storage basket.

This classic style home has mahogany floors and beige walls, a nice backdrop for the light wood used for the cabinets in the wet room.

At the very bottom is a wooden shelf with a whimsical duck motif, niches accommodate hooks bordered by a curved frame, with a trio of open shelves at the top. A door to the side gives access to the laundry room, which has been carefully decorated with white ceramic tiles.

One way to apply different dressing room ideas almost anywhere in the house is to use a portable storage closet.

A beautiful floral patterned rug sits in front of a portable white cabinet in the wet room of this home. The walls of the house are a light ocean green, and white was used for the baseboards, paneling, and wainscoting on the walls of the house.

The same white stained wood was used for the Bedford corridor, with a low bench held by recessed panels whose sides extend into a row of hooks and end in a pair of open shelves.

The top of the shelf has an elegant edge and can be used to store other decorative items, such as a framed photo.

The dark, heavily grained wood floors provide a beautiful backdrop for the white doors, trim and panels of this clay room. Starting from 4 support ribs at the bottom, a low bench with curved edges is created.

The back wall consists of a vertical installation of white painted wood, to which black metal hooks are attached, and ends in a fluted shelf that is open at the top and supported by triangular brackets. Top shelf closet ideas can be outfitted with a trio of cardboard storage boxes.

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How much does it cost to build a land bank?

The cost of building a locker room bench A custom locker room bench can cost between $250 and $2,000 or more. Hiring a carpenter costs between $35 and $100 per hour, although some carpenters may charge for the project. An integrated bench or seat with storage will fetch the highest price.

How to build a bench for fango therapy?

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