Interior Design Trends You Should Know in 2022

Year after year, trends change, and within the world of interior design, there is an exception. Home decoration has taken center stage during the last few years, and a series of styles have emerged that have come to mark an era. To beautify and enhance the look of a home, everything from natural colors to styles that take their cue from the 1970s is used.

But after the pandemic, it seems that there are new finishes to meet and mixtures of the already established. Furniture also enters the decoration game, so it will become part of the trends of 2022. There are many styles that will have prominence and new ways to mix colors.

When you’re studying interior design, you always need to know the current trends. Moreover, during your studies, you will have to do their analysis and write research papers. You will not need to pay for essay if you are interested in trends and can understand them.

This list will serve as a guide to know what elements you should combine to have a home full of life and fully restored. There are a number of factors that influence each of these trends: shapes, colors, and sizes.

Natural Colors

Before the pandemic, bright, bold colors were all the rage in decorating. Spending a lot of time at home, these elements began to be annoying, so nowadays, we bet more on neutral tones: black, white, gray, and beige.

Rounded shapes

The symmetrical and straight shapes have lost prominence, and now rounded designs are shown; tables, stools, sofas, lamps, chairs, and stools have this appearance.

Natural stone and marble

With the advance in technology, it has been possible to imitate the beauty of natural stones and thus, be able to place them on walls and floors, creating elegant and aesthetic spaces. They can be combined and produce new styles in every space of the house.


This style of decoration will be very marked in 2022, as it manages to reduce space in our rooms and, in general, throughout the house or apartment. To be able to enjoy an extensive place with soft colors will be the trend.

Frosted and matte glass

The frosted and matte glass will have a strong presence in lighting elements. They can help divide a room and are highly aesthetic. You can also choose the colors that will show off in each corner.

Seventies style

The seventies are back and are reflected in bright shades, prints, and retro furniture. This type of decoration will be a clear trend in the next season, and the results you will get will be unique and original.

Green walls

Green shades are back to give a touch of joy and freshness to every corner of the house. It can be combined with other colors such as gray, greenish-blue, pink, and warm gray to create a subtle contrast.

Lamps with design

Undoubtedly, these elements are quite flattering to the aesthetics of the home. Lamps with geometric shapes create unique spaces. It is an innovative way to play with lighting objects.

Inspiration from nature

Time has shown that a home surrounded by natural textures is a way to combat the feeling of loneliness during the pandemic is effective. It is enough to place stones such as onyx, marble, granite, light wood, linen, and cotton textiles and ceramics.


Garden at home

The closeness to nature is a trend that has grown with the pandemic since the lack of contact with it has given rise to interesting proposals in decoration. Putting some plants on the favorite shelf will give life to the home.

Dark colors

Dark and elegant colors are shades that break with the traditional proposals or Scandinavian style, which uses light colors as the protagonist. In order not to saturate the furniture, it is best to combine these two ranges of shades.

Use of wood

Organic ideas are still in trend, and this time, the use of wood takes the main role in the design of the space. Thanks to these wooden pieces, the home will look as if it had been carved in the middle of nature.


These rooms will also bring out their maximum splendor with the traditional colors: white, gray, black, and brightly colored tiles. For the bathroom, there will not be too many changes, apart from the fact that minimalism will be integrated to enlarge small spaces.


In summary, the trends that will prevail in 2022 will be influenced by different styles. This will give rise to great scenarios where color and furniture shapes can look elegant and natural.

The pandemic has also marked a before and after in the world of decoration since the lack of contact with nature has created a wave of styles where organic elements such as wood, stones, and plants are incorporated.

A well-structured interior design will make the most of those corners of the house that are not visible to give it a new life and make it stand out from the rest of the spaces.

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