Do You Know 10 Most Expensive Woods in the World?

Release date : 5. November 2020 Shana Yuri

In the case of wooden furniture, the strong point (apart from the finish) is the raw material they are made of – wood. To pursue brilliance value, owners of elegant homes usually choose the highest quality.

Even exclusive wood, which is very expensive, is paid for. The price per foot can even reach hundreds of dollars. If you don’t believe it, check out this list of the 10 most expensive forests in the world.

1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is not only famous for its beautiful wooden surface, but also for its smell and aroma. Don’t you know this smell can last for about 20 years? This peculiarity explains the unique character of sandalwood. In the cosmetics and perfume industry, this plant is often used as the main ingredient.

Because it is one of the strongest hardwoods, this species is often molded into other forms, such as chairs and tables. Unfortunately, there are people who abuse it and turn it into a commodity on the illegal market. The price is $370 per pound.

2. African black wood

As its name suggests, this tree is deep black in color. African wood, with its many straight grains, is easy to saw. Recognized as the hardest wood in the world, it has a durability that is unquestionable.

Artisans, with their amazing creativity, often transform goose trumpets into versatile musical instruments like guitars and oboes. It is also found in many cravings. Ebony is preferred, especially for those living in a tropical area, as it is incredibly resistant to heat. Cost: $31 a foot.

3. Bokote wood

Bocote gives a sensational touch to any type of wooden element. It is not surprising that this wood is often used for various products, not only furniture, but also small polished objects. It is coveted by many for its looks and ultimate functionality without becoming a work of art.

Like African Blackwood, one of the world’s most beautiful forests, it lasts a long time. The disadvantage of boxwood is that it tends to change color (to something darker) as the wood ages. The price is $32.99 a foot.

4. Rosewood

The purple tree, which evolved from the purple tree, has a peculiarity that is not found in other forests. This is the process of color change. When the trunk is cracked, it looks like nothing is happening.

However, wait a few more minutes for the wood to dry. Then you will be surprised when you see the wooden parts, as if they were covered with a deep eggplant paint. Rosewood, priced at $12 a foot, is often used for accents in quality furniture.

5. Bubinga wood

With bubinga wood, there is a wide range of colors to choose from. From light brown to reddish brown – the colour of this variety fascinates wood lovers all over the world. In the world of woodworking, it is often used for projects that require large boards of wood.

Another property of bubinga is that it does not crack. Its strength allows termites to escape. It costs $18.99 a foot.

6. Lignum Vitae

As one of the rarest trees on earth, the Lignum biogerm has exclusive properties that were previously unknown. The most striking feature is the high oil content. In nature, the liquid is actively produced by the tree. Such a property has a good effect on the surface quality of the wood.

The result is usually too thin and easily deformable. It also offers a wide range of shades. The fare is definitely expensive, $90 a foot.

7. Dahlbergia wood

Are you looking for termite resistant furniture? Don’t miss Dalbergia. This wood has been an important material in the manufacture of acoustic guitars for many decades and is highly sought after in some parts of the world.

It is also used to accentuate floor coverings. When you see its light brown appearance, it looks like one of the most exotic forests in the world. Nevertheless, Dalbergia offers you a wide range of colours to choose from. The price ranges between $14 and $16 per foot.

8. Pink Ivory Wood

Ivory rosewood consists of uniform grain, which makes it possible to use this wood in different shapes. Not surprisingly, it is used in the mass production of billiard cues and knife handles. As its name suggests, the popular color of this ornate tree trunk is none other than pink.

However, they are not always the same colour. Other varieties are deep red and brownish pink. Talk about health risks: Pink ivory actively reduces this phenomenon. It costs about $7 or $8 a yard.

9. Ebony

Ebony is known as the hardest wood in the world to work with. This wood is in top condition when the final product is successfully manufactured. This is useful for relatively small items, such as. B. Piano keys and billiard cues.

The interesting thing about this guy is that it’s almost impossible to get him to rot.  The glossy finish is naturally created by the dark Serenity wood, which costs about $120 a foot.

10. Blood Wood

rare earth

While bloodwood is not the best material for furniture, it is not a given that it is available. How did this happen? Firstly, this type is considered to be very durable, so it can last for a long time. Interior designers often use it as flooring.  It can also fight insects and water damage. Speaking of prices: It is cheaper than ebony, 11.9 per foot.

Of the ten types of wood used for furniture, the conclusion is that the most expensive wood in the world is probably ebony or sandalwood. Whatever your choice, these 10 most expensive woods have many advantages for decorating your home.

frequently asked questions

What is the most expensive wood in the world?

The most expensive forest in the world. Hitchcock and King.

What is the most expensive type of wood?

Teak is also one of the most expensive trees in India.

What is the rarest tree in the world?

Some woods are incredibly expensive, others incredibly rare, but African Blackwood is a wood that fits into both categories, known for its dark exotic finish, exceptional properties and rarity around the world.

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