20 White Kitchen Cabinets to Brighten Your Cooking Space

Release date : 3. September 2020 Shana Yuri

White kitchen cabinets have long been on the list of the most popular kitchens. They can be combined with a variety of designs, styles and themes, while giving your kitchen a clean and bright look.

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated modern look or an elegant feel for traditional design, you will find the most suitable white cabinets in the following list.

1. Rustic White Coastal Cabinets


Inspired by a country house on the coast, this
kitchen combines the classic beauty of white with a natural tan. The
white cabinet has the same brightness as the wall, the ceiling and the
cooking island for meals. They all form a striking contrast to the brownish wood planks on the floor,

2. Dark white for modern vibrations

Dark white for the modern mood (par. countryliving.com) countryliving.com

If you use a less vibrant shade of white than usual, you can combine two different
styles at the same time. For example, this kitchen gives a slight impression of a modern kitchen type
and at the same time enhances a dining area in the style of a ranch. The shiny greyish shade
in the kitchen cabinet has been replaced by the transparent white
, which has a traditional look.

3. Cabinets and fresh white backsplashes

Cupboards and fresh white backsplashes (on the website elledecor.com) elledecor.com

The white body and the subway tiles on the back look surprisingly simple.
The use of fresh white paint in both options gives the kitchen a
airy feeling despite the limited space. In addition, the
light grey counters complement this design perfectly and set striking accents.

4. White kitchen with metal touch screen

White kitchen with metal touchscreen (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

Mixed metal handles and knobs serve as an exciting element for white cabinet doors. For the handles you can choose from different metals, from silver to brass fittings. Kitchen appliances in contrasting colours will also develop this all-white design.

5. If the white matches the pattern

When white matches pattern (from countryliving.com) countryliving.com

One of the main advantages of using white in the kitchen is the possibility of combining different colours or patterns. These white kitchen cabinets are sandwiched between the backsplash and the pattern floor. This combination ensures a dynamic design flow.

6. Single white cabinet

Single white cabinet (par. sugarandcloth.com) sugarandcloth.com

By focusing on a simple layout, this white box only fills the lower part. The lack of structure at the top is not necessarily due to poor design. Conversely, it adds a character focused on cleanliness and simplicity.

7. White cabinet with pattern background decoration

White cabinet with pattern backsplash (par. dwell.com) dwell.com

In this modern kitchen the white cabinets have been adapted with extra elements and
built-in cabinets. The pattern joint between the white
cabinets gives them a anything but simple appearance. The colourful devices and the small green spaces of
add extra excitement to the overall design.

8. White kitchen in a contrasting shade

White kitchen in contrasting colors (by. larkandlinen.com) larkandlinen.com

Make the kitchen and dining room more interesting by combining two neutral but contrasting colors
. The kitchen island and the cabinets are in white. The design also includes a counter top and a shiny black back splash.

9. White geometric kitchen

Geometric white kitchen (par. dwell.com) dwell.com

Geometric backsplash for white cabinets. With its shiny surface this
backsplash also serves as a natural light reflector. In combination with the off-white design it gives the
kitchen a clear appearance.

10. White kitchen in the beach house

White kitchen in a beach house (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

The peculiarity of the white kitchen is that it can easily be applied to different styles of homes. The kitchen of this beach house has white kitchen cabinets with painted hinges and knobs. With a choice of wood planks for the ceiling and floor, they have an attractive vintage look.

White kitchen with a modern and pure design (par. architdigest.com) architdigest.com

The clean-bottom cabinets have a modern and sleek design.
This modern kitchen has a matching sink and stone worktop. The
combination seems simple, but at the same time reflects the profound character of a modern kitchen.

12. Pop color in white cabinets

Pop Color in White Cabinets (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

Give the cabinets a special touch by painting the interiors in different colours. This country kitchen adds a turquoise touch to the white cabinets with glass fronts. The colour inside takes the whole design out of its whiteness.

13. White kitchen with airy atmosphere

White kitchen with airy atmosphere (par. architdigest.com) architdigest.com

A classic kitchen and dining area in front of the windows brings an airy
atmosphere into the interior. The kitchen itself has elegant white
shelves and cabinets, and shiny black stone countertops.

14. White glossy kitchen

Shiny White Kitchen (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

Glossy, glossy elements give a more exciting look to a neutral white kitchen. In this modern kitchen area the options are realized by the choice of refrigerator, dishwasher and sink faucet. The little white box placed in the corner complements the design nicely.

15. White kitchen bar

Bar White Kitchen (from architectdigest.com) architectdigest.com

In addition to the white kitchen cabinets, this cooking zone adds a white touch to other elements. It includes white counters, a refrigerator and a dining room that reflect the concept of the bar.

White cabinets for a small kitchen (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

White is a good option for kitchens with limited space. It gives space
a bigger and cleaner feeling, as can be seen in this small but beautiful kitchen
. Adding green to the window also gives the room a hint of

17. Penthouse Kitchen White

Penthouse White Kitchen (from architectdigest.com) architectdigest.com

With an elegant traditional design, the white kitchen of this luxury apartment has white cupboards and a marble accented dining area. A set of elegant lamps completes the design.

18. white cabinet with exposed stone wall

White study with exposed stone wall (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

The kitchen of this apartment is in rustic style with white cupboards that match the exposed stone wall
. The kitchen island
in the middle is accentuated by marble worktops for a feeling of light.

19. White and silver fusion

Fusion of White and Silver (from architectdigest.com) architectdigest.com

This modern kitchen combines the neutrality of a white
cabinet with the brilliant features of silver appliances. The white cooking island
is complemented by a pair of elegant stools in the dining room.

20. White kitchen cutting cabinet

White kitchen cleaning cabinet (by live.com) live.com

Create a beautiful all-white kitchen by combining clean cabinets with
natural stone back walls and countertops. This elegant kitchen is an excellent example of the
design. It offers a decent space to cook and eat

So, did you find the white cabinet design you were looking for? With the different styles and models listed above, it will be easier for you to choose white kitchen cabinets that perfectly match your preferences.

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