What Color Curtains Go with Blue Walls 

Selecting the right curtains for your shade of blue is the first step you need to consider, but it’s not the only one. Even if you’re happy with the color you have, there are still tons of things to consider, like how formal or informal you want to feel, or how long you’d like the room to stay open for. If you’re planning to keep up with decorating throughout the year, it’s best to choose curtains that you have the time to change during the year.

Most people are aware that color does make a big difference in how a room feels, but what is less understood is that certain colors have a more profound effect on how a room is perceived by others in contrast to others. The same color in different shades, registers differently in the mind.

Color combinations don’t always work as planned. I’m talking about colors that don’t look good together on paper, but look great in reality. I recently ran into a situation where this is very much the case.. Read more about what color curtains go with navy blue walls and let us know what you think.

The guide to what color curtains go with blue walls including popular choices like white, gray, pink and more to boost the overall look & feel of any room. Choosing the right color of curtains for your home indoor space might seem easy at first, but in reality, it can be a quite challenging task. There are unlimited colors and color combinations options that might make it hard for you to pick out the best one. 

Curtain color selection is critical since it may make or break the design scheme of your living space. You don’t have to be concerned any longer. 

We’ve set out the finest curtain colors for different hues of blue walls in this post.

Colors of Curtains That Go Well With Navy Blue Walls

1629913518_499_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Here are some of the finest curtain colors for navy blue walls. 

White drapes

1629913519_176_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls For navy blue walls, a white curtain is definitely a popular option. White, being a neutral color, blends well with a variety of other hues, including blue. 

White curtains, in instance, blend effortlessly with navy blue walls, providing a traditional and polished appearance while also enhancing the space’s elegance.  

This look would be improved even more if the window frames were white as well, allowing the white curtains to merge seamlessly with the white window frame. White curtains also provide a sense of coziness and order to the space.

Taupe drapes

A taupe curtain is also a good choice that goes nicely with navy blue walls. The use of taupe curtains in a room with navy blue walls also creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

It would also be ideal if the taupe curtains were made of a thermal or thick fabric to offer additional warmth and comfort, particularly throughout the winter and in very cold weather.

Colors of Curtains That Go Well With Dark Blue Walls

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular curtain colors for dark blue walls. 

Curtains in navy blue

1629913519_114_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Although navy blue drapes and dark blue walls may seem to be excessive, this color combination is really very impressive.

To begin, pairing navy blue curtains with dark blue walls may provide a subtle but stunning impact. 

However, keep in mind that color isn’t the only thing to think about; the kind of curtain fabric is also important. Velvet and silk materials, in particular, will give a sense of class to your curtains and general living area. 

Curtains made of natural linen

1629913520_21_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Pairing dark blue walls with neutral hues is the key to reducing the depth and intensity of the color. Neutral and natural linen curtains are always a good choice, particularly when paired with dark blue walls.

Installing white, beige, or any other neutral natural linen curtains can help to balance out the vibrancy of the dark blue walls and provide a striking contrast. 

If the room has any wooden furniture, a natural linen curtain would be an excellent addition to lighten the area and create a welcoming environment.

Curtains with a Silver Design in Gray

1629913520_375_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls The color combination of silver and gray is already ideal. Incorporating them into a dark blue room, on the other hand, will provide a more striking impact, making the area stand out. 

Gray may seem drab and uninspiring. In this instance, a gray curtain with silver motifs or patterns may bring the colors to life, completely changing the appearance and feel of the room.

Gray and silver curtains may also fully block off sunlight while still providing perfect seclusion. Here’s how to tell the difference between blackout curtains and shades.

Curtains in Lemon Yellow

Because dark blue walls may be depressing, including vivid, lemon yellow drapes into the room is a certain way to liven things up. 

Yellow and blue are complimentary hues, meaning they appear on the color wheel opposite each other. They may provide a vibrant, exciting impression when used together.

Curtains in a desert orange color

Orange and blue, like yellow and blue, are complimentary hues that stand in sharp contrast to one another. They will not collide, contrary to common belief. 

In reality, desert orange curtains may work well with dark blue walls, producing a stunning and warm color combination. Here are some additional colors that work well with orange.

Colors of Curtains That Go Well With Pale Blue Walls

1629913521_757_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls The following are some of the best curtain colors to use in a room with light blue walls. Read more about what colors match with light blue walls in our post.

Curtains in Dusty Pink

1629913521_131_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls A dusty pink curtain will complement your light blue walls, adding to the room’s overall appearance and elegance. Here’s a list of colors that work well with pink.

Pale blue walls may seem so light and unassuming that they could pass for neutral. However, a delicate touch of dusty pink drapes in the room may help to balance the impression. 

Pale blue walls, on the other hand, are great for creating a serene and soothing atmosphere, and they may be enhanced with dusty pink drapes for a more pleasing and eye-catching impact. 

Curtains in a Rusty Red Color

1629913522_663_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls To liven up the atmosphere, a room with light blue walls may be combined with rich-colored drapes, such as rusty crimson. The rusty crimson drapes stand out against the pale blue walls, breaking up the monotony of the space.

You may also choose geometric-patterned drapes as the focal point of the room, enhancing the appeal of your interior space. 

Colors of Curtains That Go Well With Sky Blue Walls

1629913523_143_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Check out some of the most beautiful curtain colors for a home with sky blue walls. 

Curtains in gray

1629913523_298_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Gray is the finest curtain color for a room with sky blue walls without a doubt. When gray curtains are combined with sky blue walls, the living room becomes extremely peaceful and beautiful.

Consider gray drapes with streaked designs for a more fashionable and striking appearance. Here are some additional gray-friendly colors.

Curtains with blue stripes

When paired with sky blue walls, blue striped drapes may be stunning and eye-catching. The blue stripes provide depth and intensity without being too showy.

One of the most efficient methods to create a monochromatic appearance and a well-designed living space is to combine blue with another hue of blue. 

Colors of Curtains That Go Well With Deep Blue Walls

1629913524_724_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls The following are some common curtain color combinations that go well with deep blue walls. 

White drapes

1629913524_962_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Consider adding white curtains into the room to balance out the depth and intensity of the deep blue walls. The rich blue and white contrast creates a soothing and enticing impression.

White curtains with appealing designs or patterns, such as geometric patterns, are also a wonderful way to add additional flare to the décor.

Curtains in a rosy pink hue

When combined with blush pink drapes, deep blue walls stand out even more. The rich and strong color of deep blue walls will be mellowed down by the soft and delicate appearance of blush pink drapes.

These curtains may also provide a splash of color and fun to your living area. On this page, you’ll find additional pink-related hues.

Metallic Gold Curtains

1629913525_58_What-Color-Curtains-Go-with-Blue-Walls Gold is a daring choice, but it’s one that creates a strong impression. The richness and elegance of your living area may be enhanced with gold metallic drapes.

Anyone in the room will be drawn to and captivated by these gold drapes.

Check out this article on selecting curtains for beige walls for additional information on what color curtains match with blue walls. 

We all know what color curtains go with blue walls, but do you know what color goes with wall color?. Read more about blue walls orange curtains and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colour curtains go with blue wall?

Blue curtains go with any blue wall.

What color goes well with blue walls?

Blue and green are complementary colors, so they will look great together.

Should your curtains match your wall color?

It is best to match your curtains with the wall color, but if you want a more dramatic look it is okay to choose a different color.

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