Types of Sofa Sets & Couch Styles

From elegant modern to traditional, there are many types of sofas. Although popular opinion says that the bank, experts prefer the term bank. Other words for them are Davenports, Chesterfields, sofa, Lawson style, convertible and more. Here are 12 popular examples of sofa styles.

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In this article we describe 12 popular styles/types of sofas and sofas with pictures for each. In addition, we have added 28 additional photos of different bank models to give you ideas for your own home.

Then let’s get started:

Sofa-style name

Here is a list of the different style names of the banks we will talk about in this article:

  • Chesterfield
  • Lovese Sofa
  • Sofa bed
  • Section bank
  • Couch
  • Sofa or loveeseat…
  • Sofa
  • Sofa
  • Lawson Banks
  • Convertible sofas
  • Bridgewater-style benches
  • Camel benches


Chesterfield has become so fashionable that it has become synonymous with a bank. Philip Stanhope, 4 years old. Earl of Chesterfield in England, ordered this classic leather sofa over 200 years ago.

It has deep tuff upholstery, a backrest flush with the arms and a low seat with open legs. Some manufacturers use other materials such as canvas, tweed and denim.

The Lord himself ordered the first of these pieces of furniture because he needed furniture that would allow him to sit upright without wrinkling his clothes. Which made the Count a pioneer of his time.

Chesterfield Sofa

Easily recognizable by their deep button padding, nail head shaped upholstery, matching backrest, arm height and distinctive silhouette, Chesterfield sofas have stood the test of time while retaining distinctive features rooted in the past. Nevertheless, you will find many modern (and even contemporary) versions of a sofa that remains the style of the furnishings for the entire duration of the men’s club.

The original Chesterfields (often called Chubby and Plush) can be recognized by their blunt, arrow-shaped bench legs. However, don’t be surprised if you find Chesterfields on boulders, buns or ball feet lately.

To bring Chesterfield into the 21st century. To bring the 21st century into the world of work, don’t be surprised if you find sofas in combination with different kinds of complementary chairs. Actually, Sigmund Freud’s therapy couch would have been a Chesterfield. So if you’ve got something to go crazy about, your decision to buy a bank can come down to this.

Lovese Sofa

The loveseat is a medium sized upholstered sofa that can accommodate two adults. In the 1800s, furniture manufacturers designed these sofas for ladies with wide skirts. Those were huge chairs, not loveseats. The first lovers had high backs and arms to prevent draughts in uninsulated houses.

Today’s lovers come in all styles. You can order with tufted velvet upholstery and decorative sculpted wooden legs, or with coloured microfibre fabric and no visible feet.

They are ideal for small rooms. Another advantage of loveseats is the price, because they usually only cost a fraction of what a full-size bank would cost.

Love bank

Types of mistresses

When decorators are looking for ways to create an effective seating arrangement, combining a sofa with love serves its purpose. Common features are usually banks for two or more people in a style that imitates a bank, but in a shorter version.

Does this mean that every loveseat meets the standard in the furniture industry (35 inch deep x 60 inch wide)? For example, it doesn’t have to be the designers of Bassett Furniture for your loved one to find models that meet these size and type criteria:

  • -small stand; 52 inches
  • -average; 58 inches
  • -Total size: 64 inches
  • -Canapés of love: 71 in. -Canapés of love: 71 in.
  • -Compact twins: 45 to 51 inches

The style of the loveseat is as eclectic and diverse as the large chairs, so despite the differences in size there are many similarities. The structure can consist of a solid frame of kiln dried or processed wood, steel spirals and cushions filled with different materials.

Sofa bed

Sofa beds are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. The other names are: sofa bed, sofa bed, sofa bed.

The choices range from a sofa that transforms into a queen-size bed to a small loveseat that transforms into a single sleeping area. Shops offer a variety of styles and materials for these devices, from luxurious leather to casual denim.

Most sleep units are equipped with a metal frame that supports a thin mattress. Others fold up to a flat bed with seat and back cushions, like futons. Some sofas become bunk beds. Another option for an overnight stay is a sofa that can be converted into a bed.

Sofa bed

Source: http://www.designingcity.com/small-sleeper-sofa-designs-totally-snuggly-living-room/

Convertible sofa

You can buy this chair in different parts and arrange them according to your needs, for example. B. L-shaped (as above) or U-shaped. Some companies make rounded parts so that you can have a curved bench.

Due to the variety of products they are mostly modern and square in style, but manufacturers produce unique pieces. For example, you can buy a sectional bench that looks like a wooden camel bench.

Section bank

Sectional banks for and against

While a traditional sofa can accommodate two or three people, a sectional sofa offers more seating space. A sofa bed, which often consists of a three-seater sofa and a two-seater sofa, is suitable for the whole family. Sectional sofas are also available in different styles, colours and materials.

The disadvantage of a sectional sofa is that both pieces of furniture take up a lot of space. Depending on the size of the room, a partial sofa can offer limited possibilities for rearranging the furniture. This can make decorating your home difficult. These benches can also be difficult to move or transport.


Like a couple in love, the daybed can comfortably accommodate one or two people. The chaise longue can easily be converted into a sofa bed. The average size of a bed is two beds, about 39 inches by 75 inches. Some companies offer a trundle bed that can be pulled out under the bed to create two single beds.

Sun loungers come in all styles, from the most modern to the most elegant. Many people buy cots that turn into cots when the baby grows. You can find a daybed that fits almost any style of furnishing.

Sofa bed

Sofa bed or loveseat

One of the most modern trends is the folding awning. Initially, people bought recliners, but manufacturers saw the need for recliners in sofas and loveseats. Although they are usually sold in casual styles with rounded arms and plush backs, recliners can be found in other styles such as mission style or contemporary style.

Type of sofa bed

Source: http://www.darlingsofchelsea.co.uk/


Like a sofa, the sofa has no backrest or sides, although there are possibilities with armrests. Most people lean the device against the wall and install cushions for people to lean on. Sofas are not as popular as the more comfortable armchairs.
Sofa Sofa

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/55/Swissplus-divan.jpg


Originally, benches were long wooden benches with backrests. For decades they have been perfected with upholstered seats and backrests. Today, the term ‘bank’ is almost synonymous with ‘bank’. He may have a gun, but he doesn’t have to. The legs are always visible, giving it an airy or light appearance.

Sofa bed

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ [protected e-mail]/3271328392/.

Lawson-style banks

Lawson style couch.

Source: http://www.stoneycreekfurnitureblog.com/sofa-silhouettes/

Lawson Sofa

Source: http://fioritointeriordesign.blogspot.com.cy/2016/07/know-your-sofas-lawson.html

If you appreciate the history of the Lawson-style sofa, please mention financier Thomas Lawson before sitting on the current version of this finicky piece of furniture.

Decorators can call Lawson a chameleon: Thanks to its clean lines, you can place this sofa in any stylish room and it will sit perfectly.

Lawson himself was the initiator of this design – his financial handrails reflect a desire to go against the picky Victorian furniture that was considered fashionable in the living rooms at the turn of the century. One thing’s for sure: A Lawson-style sofa is the embodiment of the classic.

Are you trying to find out if the bank you’re looking at matches Lawson’s profile? Enjoy the sleek (square) silhouette that defines everything, from the back of the sofa to the seat cushions.

Chairs with a high backrest offer great seating comfort because the body is naturally in a sitting position that combines a high back with lower armrests, back cushions and square seat cushions. However, this is not a unique piece of furniture. Hand styling alone can be thick or thin, but never too big or too padded.

The Lawson sofa is infinitely adaptable, so you can choose between a regular Lawson sofa and a sofa bed with a sleep function.

Although Lawson benches are practical and not lacking in common sense, they are neither screaming nor unimaginative! While shopping, you’ll come across contrasting fabrics and finishes that distinguish one type of Lawson sofa from another.

Bring your sofa home, and as long as you choose contrasting cushions to create some contrast, this sofa will not have to work hard to reflect your personality. I wonder what Thomas would say if he saw that his original idea for a no-frills bank was still in production in 2018 and beyond?

Convertible benches

Sofa bed

Source: http://www.stoneycreekfurnitureblog.com/sofa-silhouettes/

French convertible sofa

Source: https://www.1stdibs.com/

While the Lawson sofas are the chameleons of the sofa niche, the cabrio-style furniture is at the other end of the continuum.

In French taste (hence the name, which translates as capers, flips or horsemen) this sofa is playful, sensual and unpredictable. So if you see a sofa with an open frame, a backrest with exotic curves, loose seat cushions and many sculpted details, chances are you’ve recognised this style of furniture well.

Does the sofa bed fit in a traditional environment? It depends on how eclectic your personal style is. You can associate this bank with other times, say the decorators.

The convertible sofas represent the evolving statues of Queen Anne and the two Kings George. They all have clearly sculpted legs with a cushion pattern found in Britain and America in the middle of the 18th century.

Imagine a convertible sofa with a clearly curved arm figure that complements those dramatic legs, and it won’t be difficult to bring a lot of elegance to a room’s furnishings.

While wood and workmanship play an important role in the characteristic appearance of the sofa bed, furniture designers are not afraid to make sumptuous fabrics such as brocade, velvet, satin, taffeta and other luxurious fabrics the stars of the show – as long as these patterns do not stand in the way of the characteristic back panel, which is a red herring when the sofa bed is presented with sofas from other eras.

Bridgewater benches (English arm)

English Head

Source: https://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod530011&categoryId=cat1653029

Bridge bank

Source: http://www.mgbwhome.com/home

According to professional decorator Laurel Byrne, the Bridgewater bank has aliases. If you can’t find Bridgewater, you can find the style you’re looking for by buying English sofas.

This style of sitting is known to fit perfectly into modern rooms – even if the Bridgewater sofa you find comes from an antique or second-hand shop, as this style has been manufactured for many decades.

Like Lawson, the Bridgewater sofa or the English sofa with high back and low armrests. Many Bridgwater sofas have skirts that hide the feet, but modern designs from modern furniture manufacturers can improve these feet.

You can try to identify Bridgewater from the free seats (perhaps with 2 large seat cushions) and back cushions, and distinguish this design style from others by looking under the upholstery. When you see armrests and backrests made of wood or metal, you get closer to the origins of this style of furniture.

Formal or casual, this style of sofa can be combined with other styles of furniture, although for Bridgewater purists, nothing but matching chairs will do.

Sit down and discover the springy construction that makes this sofa extremely comfortable, even when seated for a longer period of time.

Since the inner springs are a particularly important part of the anatomy of Bridgewater, if you choose a vintage shop, make sure that there are no protruding springs that could spoil the best part of this sofa: its comfort.

Camel seats

Leather bench with camel back

Source: https://www.1stdibs.com


Source: https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/seating/sofas/chippendale-camelback-sofa-claw-ball-feet-english-irish-circa-1770/id-f_2616122/

If you feel confused because all the modern sofas in this magazine are so similar, you’re not alone, but you won’t have the slightest problem identifying the Camelback if you know the desert animal that gives its name to this striking image.

Your purchase decision may depend on whether you want one or two dents, as camel backrests are very versatile.

Some have individual seat cushions in combination with skirts that cover the feet of the sofa and are folded. Others arrive with bare legs.

The origin of some camels goes back to the 18th century. They date from the 19th century and not only have a hump in the middle, but at each end of the sofa the frame can also be slightly raised to create an undulating silhouette.

There are camels with tapered legs – in this case they can be identified as Queen Anne or Chippendale inspired, but if you find a camel with tapered legs, it could be a Hepplewhite design.

Furniture buyers who can identify the back of this sofa and who like this style (but don’t like the real names) often ask partner galleries to show them humpback sofas.

More pictures of banks

Also take a look at the following 25 bank photos for inspiration on other bank styles you can choose for your home.

Chesterfield-like bench

The Chesterfield Couch never goes out of fashion. With its rounded arms and buckle, it is the epitome of luxury and high quality and can be integrated into any living room, from classic to modern.

Leather sofa

If you want to add an extra dose of comfort to your living room, this solid leather sofa might be just what you need. With its soft curves and soft padding, it is the perfect place to sit and relax.

L-section bank

L-shaped sofas are a great way to add extra seating if your space is too cramped for a whole sofa and chair. The L-shaped couch is an excellent choice for small apartments as it does not take up a lot of space and easily fits into a corner of the room.


Here’s another L-shaped design, more modern. The design is simple, but the finishing of clear turquoise is bold. What a great way to turn an ordinary sofa into an attractive accent!

Sofa for bluetongue fever

Take a look at another striking bank design. This loveseat is an excellent choice for the home of a young modern couple and can be combined with a set of colourful cushions to create an even brighter design.

modern sofa for two persons

This contemporary set consists of a two-seater sofa and a blue square footstool that can be a great addition to the decor of your modern living room. If you feel adventurous, you can combine it with a colourful dress and colourful abstract wall art.


Bright colours are all well and good, but nothing says more class and elegance than a monochrome dark grey design like this. It really exudes an atmosphere of simplicity and style that you can fall in love with.

beige sofa

Here is another striking design with a neutral colored bench in light beige. Neutral shades are always a good choice for any room, as they can easily be combined with a wide range of colours. Check it out and convince yourself!


Lime painting has been in full swing for a very long time. It is a major trend in interior design and can be used as a main or accent colour in wall coverings, furniture and accessories. A lime couch, for example, can be a nice accent for your living room.

Set of sofas

There is a range of golden brown seats – an L-shaped sofa, a comfortable armchair and a square footstool. The earth’s warm tones always have a special psychological effect, because they convey a feeling of comfort and warmth – just what we need in our living spaces.


This grey L-shaped bench with stool is the ideal choice for modern living room interiors. Don’t be afraid to complement it with bright accessories – a few pillows, a rug and a warm blanket will do.


Here’s another gray sofa design. Grey is often underestimated as a color because it can be experienced as dull and boring. Don’t forget, however, that you can easily combine them with a variety of colours to add variety to a design.

Sofa bed

The design of this modern lounge is beautiful and comfortable. It looks very refined and is rich in colour and texture. Dark shades of wood and earth are an elegant choice, enhanced by beautiful green accents.

Grey couch

Here is another beautiful design in elegant shades of grey. There is a modern L-shaped sofa, a design pendant lamp and a round silver table. Yellow accents complete the design and bring it to life.


Teal is a color that turns every sofa into a cool accent for your neutral colored living room. Add a matching coffee table and a beautiful set of colourful cushions and you’re ready to go!


Orange is another attractive colour that can turn an ordinary living room into a nice interior space. Here it is combined with grey and blue, which brings the whole design in balance.

Blue bench with round armrests

Here is a stylish and colourful room design idea. It is rich in texture and pattern and has a beautiful blue sofa with rounded armrests. A matching button chair completes the design.


Here’s another modern sofa design idea. Clean lines and soft upholstery fabrics are the way to add an extra dose of style and comfort to your living room. Purple and blue twisted cushions give the design the finishing touch and a hint of colour.


If you have difficulty choosing a colour for your living room, choose a neutral colour. Things can never go wrong with a beige couch. What’s more, it’s very easy to coordinate it with any colour if you decide to repaint it later.


Here is another elegant solution for your living room, this time with a navy blue sofa. It is uniformly decorated with a set of light grey cushions, and a nice selection of home accessories completes the design.


Red has always been a daring choice in the interior. He emphasizes a neutral color palette and brings a lot of dynamism and passion into the design. It is also an excellent colour choice for the sofa.

orange sofa and red armchair

Here is another striking example of a living room layout with an orange sofa and a red armchair. This beautiful design idea is bursting with colour, but is perfectly balanced with dark grey throughout the room.


This modern interpretation of the classic Chesterfield sofa has everything to please. It has a cool, sleek look in light beige leather that will fit into any living room design. With its curved details and padding, it offers you a high level of comfort and style.


Here’s another inspiring idea with a large beige chesterfield sofa. It has the distinctive knotted back and rounded arms that we all love, and is decorated with a row of blue striped cushions.


Green design has become a major trend lately. With this living room, you can join the plush and go green… literally. Take a lime sofa with dark green cushions, all leaning against a… You guessed it. Green!

Types of sofa cushions

Whether you want to order a custom sofa or choose something from a piece of furniture, an incredible number of sofa cushion styles await you. In fact, the type of pillow you choose can make the difference between comfort and discomfort:

Type No 1: Hollow filler

If you think there’s nothing more perfect than a soft, cosy sofa cushion that gives you the feeling of sinking into a cloud, a cushion filled with hollow fibres may be your choice.

These sofa cushions need TLC: These types of cushions should be filled, re-upholstered and reshaped, and it is advisable to turn them regularly to ensure that their contents wear evenly. A soft vacuum filling is regularly used for the backrests of sofa cushions, even if the seat cushions are filled with moulded foam.

Type No 2: Casting foam

For those who need a solid option when it comes to finding the perfect sofa cushion, the answer is moulded foam, a space-time option that only needs occasional turning to keep its shape for years. With moulded foam sofa cushions there is relatively little shivering or shifting of the contents, because the foam is very stiff. If you like a clean, tidy look, foam should be your first choice.

Type No 3: Springs

For those who thought that feather-filled furniture belonged to the past, welcome to the age of All that is old is new again.

Spring fillers are preferred by traditionalists because they have a similar fit to cavity fillers, except that the filler is not synthetic.

Soft, cushioning and easy to maintain by pumping and shaking to break clods, this pad is perfect for sofa back cushions, even if moulded foam is used for seat cushions.

Type No 4: Coils

Roles have always been there, but nowadays they are rarely found to fill the cushion of a sofa. Springs often provide the internal stability a pillow needs to withstand years of use, but they are often just a base around which layers of foam, padding or even springs provide the necessary cushioning to provide the comfort that today’s homeowner expects.

What is the most popular style of sofa?

For those who follow trends, discovering the most popular sofa style is relatively easy, because virtually all furniture manufacturers strive for a style that is both trendy and fashionable. According to Zoe Ursick of Hayneedle, 2019 buyers are looking for these trendy sofa style features:

  • -Small benches that take up little space, yet look spacious and comfortable.
  • -The wide silhouettes are eye-catching and reflect the unique personality of the wearer.
  • -…1970s retro colours like mustard, sage and khaki or futuristic blues and pink.
  • -Castle sofas that make life in the studio or as a guest easy.
  • -Back to the classic wooden benches, which can be made of solid wood or composite material.
  • -Luxuous fabrics such as velvet, but also quilting and decorations such as upholstery and button quilting are fashionable.

What is the difference between a Chesterfield and a bank?

Semantics plays a major role in furniture research and buyers can save themselves a lot of time and effort if they understand the differences in style.

According to ApartmentTherapy.com the word bank comes from the French verb bank (translated: to lie down), while the word bank is of Arabic origin and translated as a wooden or stone bench.

On the other hand, the term Chesterfield is not French or Arabic, but its roots are just as elegant and historic. If you’re a big fan of the PBS Downton Abbey of Victoria series, you’ve seen a lot of Chesterfield chairs, sofas and sofas.

Chesterfield pieces are often made of leather, but whatever the textile, they are always painted with buttons and rolled arms to match the height of the sofa.

Craftsmen inspired by Chesterfield’s work have created 21st century versions of these Victorian originals. It’s presented in the 19th century, but if you’re looking for the only clue to distinguish it, it’s this one: If it is buttoned down and the armrests are at back height, you are more likely to be dealing with a Chesterfield than any other type of sofa.

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