Chalk Paint Pros & Cons

There’s no doubt about it. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and renovating it is certainly one of the most exciting tasks.

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Well, unlike other rooms, the kitchen is a complex place that is equipped with different things like a sink, stove, cabinets, refrigerator and other electrical appliances for cooking and storing different items for food.

Choosing the perfect look for your cabinets is one of the hardest aspects of renovating a kitchen. This is made even more difficult by the wide range of options for kitchen cabinets. You can literally freshen up your kitchen in so many ways that it’s amazing these days.

While it’s easy to choose the size and type, you can spend a lot of time choosing the type of paint you can use for your cabinets.

As a housewife I spend a lot of time cleaning and decorating my house. I also always try different do-it-yourself options to renovate my kitchen (and often my house).

I mean, I’ve had my cabinets painted three times since 2013! Yeah, I’ve been a housewife ever since.

Since you’ve landed on this page, you need to make plans to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look. And you can end up with questions and doubts.

Which product should I use? Do I need an expert? How should I go through this drawing process?

Hey, hey, I got it, take a chill pill 😉

My last experience with kitchen cabinets was about two years ago, mid-June, and frankly, I’m happy with the look of my kitchen cabinets. I used chalkboard paint, one of the easiest paints to use. Believe me, I’ve already tried 3 products.

However, each product has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product and see if it’s durable enough for kitchen cabinets:

Benefits of using chalkboard paint for kitchen cabinets

Minimum level of education required

Scrubbing furniture with sandpaper

Painting cabinets with blackboard paint does not require detailed and careful preparation. You already know that your kitchen needs to be organized (and cleaned). So this advantage of painting with chalk can really help you save time.

Simply clean the house with warm water and soap. This step is important because you need to remove the grease to ensure that you apply the paint evenly.

If you are looking for another way to clean the furniture, you can take sandpaper and wipe it off on the surface of the furniture. You have to rub lightly, because you don’t want to demolish the furniture!

No primer required.

No primer is required when using chalk paint.

Unlike most paints, chalk paints do not need a primer for their maintenance. Furniture does not need to be primed to protect it and ensure better adhesion. Chalk paints are very low-maintenance paints, you do not need much maintenance or preparation.

Easy to paint

Painting cabinets with chalkboard paint is no problem. It spreads very easily. However, the application of chalkboard paint can take some time because at least one coat of wax or varnish must be applied to the chalkboard paint on the furniture.

But did I say that? This paint dries quickly. I mean, super fast!

How soon? Listen to this: The paint on the first door is dry when you paint the second door! In principle, the second layer can be applied immediately after the first one. Isn’t that super fast?

Shattered manhole cover

Chalk paint gives a used appearance.

Besides the ease of use, this is another reason why I like chalk paint. I’m a fan of this discreet, antique look. That is why these chalk paints, once matured, give a beautiful look to the furniture.

Optional chalk paint Pros included:

  • -dry fast
  • -grinding is not necessary
  • Can be diluted for prolonged use
  • -Chalk paints are softer
  • -The treated surfaces look richer and more elegant.
  • -Easy to apply with a nozzle
  • -Big colours for vintage finishes
  • -Very forgiving; easy to correct
  • -Perfect for art techniques.
  • -Easy to clean; easy to wipe off
  • -A unique finish not found in other paints.
  • -Volatile organic matter; very low paint odour.
  • -competitive brands are expanding the market.
  • -Accessibility is being improved
  • -You don’t have to buy any special brushes.

Chalk paint

Well, there’s also chalk paint. Let’s see what’s under here.

Limited colour possibilities

Chalk paints have limited possibilities. So if you expect a wide range of shades as you might see in lipstick and nail polish, chalk paints are not for you. You won’t find any colours like Ruby Woo or Electric Neon 😉

splinters easy if not waxed

Chalk paint paints easily.

Although waxing chalk paint takes time, the wax MUST be applied. If you skip this step because you are too lazy, all the work you would have done to paint the furniture would have been for nothing. Yes, because paint is nothing but chalk, it flakes over time.

And if you skip this step and save time today, you’ll only be filled with chlorinated portions every few months. This way, waxing essentially saves you from frequent treatments, at least for the next two years.

Optional chalk colours included:

  • -Chalk paints are expensive
  • -sealants related to chalk paint.
  • -just confused with painting on the board.
  • -Some priming may be necessary.
  • -Can take up to 4 layers to obtain a uniform color.
  • -can leave traces on the surface of the brush
  • -Come haemorrhages, especially in reddish trees. -Hey.
  • Interested in the application of a labour-intensive sealant.
  • -It’s not easy to find designer brands…
  • -Maybe we’ll have to close the device later. -It’s okay. -Maybe we’ll have to close the device later. -It’s okay.
  • -Sanding may be necessary if the surfaces are not impeccable.
  • -Sealing waxing can only be polished after an extra 24 hours.

About Chalk Painting

No parent has escaped the experience of returning home to find a teenager who has left examples of works of art on the walls or in the furniture.

Kids don’t know the rules. You also don’t have to worry about repainting pencil stains on the walls. Fortunately, Annie Sloan has adopted this philosophy: If you can’t beat them, come with me. It developed its iconic vehicle, the Chalk Paint®, in 1990 and since then the paint industry has changed.

Was she selfishly looking for a solution to her situation? With three boys under the age of 7, their walls could have become a gallery of originals.

It turns out that Annie and her parents, who consider it a sacred colour, have fallen in love with the versatility and creativity of painting with chalk, and decorators see it in the same way. Despite the competition, the paint brand is seen as the embodiment of these products.

What’s in the chalk paint that bothers homeowners, even those who don’t have children? They dry easily and quickly. They can be used to paint everything from walls to furniture, although the discussion about sanding, priming and preparation is still ongoing.

The fact is that chalk paint has never encountered a surface that it could not cover, including wood, metal, plastic, cement, brick and many others. Are you ready to risk your hand painting with chalk? We tell you what you can and cannot expect from these products.

What can be painted with chalk paint?

It’s better to ask a question: What are the projects you can’t do with paint on the board? This list is only the beginning of the projects that can be taken over with chalkboard paint. More ideas about Pinterest can be found here.

Here are some projects you can do with Krijtverf:

  • -Give new life to an old closet by applying a new layer of paint.
  • -Restablish your dining table by painting and sealing it. -Restablish your dining table.
  • -Apply chalk paint on the indoor and outdoor benches.
  • -Change your dingy office into a chic piece of furniture.
  • -Renovation of the cafeteria with blackboard paint and new equipment.
  • -Fine, couch and coffee tables to give them a new look. -Fine, couch and coffee tables to give them a new look.
  • -Decorate your kitchen cabinets with blackboard paint.
  • -Use the board paint to update an old painting.
  • -Change a chest of drawers with paint on the plate.
  • -Paint the dining room chairs to cheer them up.
  • -Makes your entrance disappear by repainting your front door. -Remove it.
  • -Renovate the coat, the tiles and the coat.
  • -Yeah, you can use blackboard paint on the piano and the upholstery! -Yeah, you can use blackboard paint on the piano and the upholstery!

How long does chalk paint last?

According to the decoration experts at Better Homes and Gardens, the secret to a durable finish to the blackboard is to allow 24 hours of drying time between coats and consider the first coat as primer.

Recovery time is very important. Even Annie Sloan agrees. For a durable finish, do-it-yourselfers should apply a thin layer of wax to seal the chalk paint so that it is protected.

Follow this plan, says Annie Sloan, who loves Purple Beauty, and you won’t have to worry about colour in 10 years!

Is chalk paint waterproof?

The answer to this question is not always obvious. Decorator Sarah Joy blogs about how she used paint on canvas to bring classic drawers back to life and turn them into toilet tricks.

She followed the rules, including the use of Annie Sloan pure wax. A month later she discovered flaws, splinters and water damage.

So I sanded the bad spots and re-sanded the whole paint and wax combination. This time with two layers of wax.

Nothing’s changed. Sarah says I should have protected the tops of the sideboards with clear polyacrylic instead of using wax when she should have.

Take this as a warning if waterproofing is essential for the well-being of your chalk painting project.

Can you make your own chalk paint?

Having learned that in many cases the kit used to protect the chalkboards can make a difference, it is logical that creative people with a limited budget would want to try making their own chalkboard paint.

This is just one of the recipes circulating on the internet that you can try. There are only four steps. Start with a small object (picture frame?) to see how you do it before you tackle larger projects.

  1. Dissolve the plaster cast in a cup of hot water ½.
  2. Add cups of latex paint of any colour to the 1½ plaster mixture.
  3. Use a brush or sponge to paint. Leave to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat, and another 24 hours between coats.
  4. After the last drying, use a wax paste or seal to finish the piece.


As a passionate decorator, I am always trying out all kinds of crazy ideas to decorate my house. Because painting with chalk is one of my experiments, I was not disappointed with the results.

It has given my kitchen a simple but beautiful look, and frankly, I love the vintage look it gives off every day.

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