Pros and Cons of Kitchen Islands with Sinks in Homes

A kitchen island is an incredibly useful feature in a busy kitchen. Not only does it provide additional workspace and storage, but, when implemented properly, it can significantly improve workflow.

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The feature of the cooking island we are going to talk about today is the addition of the sink.

A second sink can be very useful if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

However, there are also some considerations that need to be taken into account before such a costly upgrade is carried out.

With this in mind, there are some advantages and disadvantages of kitchen islands with sinks.


1.   Improvement of hygiene

Hygiene is very important in every household. It may surprise you, but your kitchen sink is probably one of the dirtiest places in your house.

Since the food is washed here, it is understandable that a second sink can improve hygiene in the kitchen.

A smaller sink on your cooking island for washing fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

2.   Best workflow

If you have a large family, cooking (and especially cleaning up afterwards) will probably take a lifetime. However, with an extra sink and a pair of hands, the process can be much faster.

If you decide to install a sink, you can cook and wash at the same time. But you can also opt for an extra normal sink.

For example, cleaning the kitchen is twice as fast as doing the dishes for two people.

3.   Ideal for open floor plans

In open kitchens, the cooking island can play a crucial role. Because it usually focuses on the dining room or living room, you can see from there what’s going on in your house.

For example, you can keep an eye on things like making dinner or watching TV while doing the dishes. This makes the time you spend in the kitchen less insulating because you don’t have to turn around, you can communicate.

4.   Backup functions

Given the frequency of use of an ordinary sink, it is not uncommon for the drain to become clogged. When this happens, your daily life can be seriously disrupted because you have no place to do the dishes.

It goes without saying that in this case a second sink can be a lifeline. Your kitchen can remain functional as long as you have a clogged drain repaired.


1.   May affect performance

One of the disadvantages of kitchen island sinks is that they can ruin the appearance of your space. Actually, a sink full of dirty dishes in the middle of the room is rather annoying.

However, it can also be a great incentive to keep your kitchen clean at all times. If your island sink is just an afterthought, it can also be difficult to match its appearance to that of your main sink.

Keep a consistent design by choosing the right type of sink, and you don’t have to worry about that.

2.   Easy installation

If your kitchen island is not yet equipped with plumbing, installing a sink on the island can be costly.

So you have to ask yourself whether such a large investment is worthwhile for you. If you’re using your second sink for vacation in the first place, it may be better to spend the $1,000 elsewhere. However, if you already have a pipeline, the costs are considerably reduced.

3. Takes the place of

Space is perhaps the most valuable asset in the kitchen. But if your kitchen is rather small, an extra sink might not be the best idea.

Whichever way you look at it, it takes up valuable counter space needed for cooking. Don’t forget that in addition to the space under the counter, the plumbing also takes up space under the counter.

4.   May restrict other island functions

Kitchen island

Kitchen islands have many functions, not all of which are related to the kitchen. The introduction of a sink in this area may limit some of these features.

In addition to the aforementioned lack of space, the risk of water damage also plays a role.

That means you probably don’t put your laptop on the counter to work during breakfast. At the same time, it can also be an advantage – it can help prevent clutter in the kitchen.


Ultimately, the value of an extra sink for the cooking island depends entirely on your needs. Think about how much space you have and how you’re going to use it. After weighing up the pros and cons, it’s easy to decide whether it’s good for your kitchen.

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