How to Create a Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

Would you like to add a touch of vintage to your home? Here’s how to create a fantastic mid-century style dining room.

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Are you one of the 90% of homeowners considering renovating at any given time? If that’s the case, you’ll probably do it again.

Updating your furnishings means making big style decisions for your home. Do you like a modern look and an open floor plan?

Then the modern aspect of the mid-century has to be taken into account. It’s an elegant decorative theme. And if you want to have fun, you’ll appreciate the look and functionality of a modern mid-century dining room.

To create a sleek modern look with a touch of vintage, here’s how to create an amazing mid-century modern dining room.

Brief history

The mid-century design is a movement that covers the period from the mid 1930s to around 1965. Things really took off after the Second World War. Its appearance was associated with open spaces and an elegant and functional design.

It included architecture as well as graphic, interior and industrial design. Much of the inspiration came from the international movements and the Bauhaus.

Mediaeval Art Nouveau had an organic influence and emphasized simple forms.

Dining room in the middle of the century

If you hate junk, you love modern medieval aesthetics. The furniture did not have the graceful style of other times.

Some designers of the time:

  • Charles and Ray Eames
  • Arne Jacobsen
  • Eero Saarines
  • Eileen Grey.
  • Florence Knoll.
  • George Nelson

All these designers created recognizable furniture that is still in use today.

Your modern medieval dining room

Would you like to decorate a modern mid-century dining room? Keep a few things in mind before setting your circuit.

Choice of colours

The colours were rich and included yellow and dark gold. Orange, green and brown were used, as well as more neutral shades.

The clean lines gave way to splashes of bright colours, especially after the Second World War. After the war, people were more optimistic and cheerful.

The paint was not only used for fabrics, but also for wood veneers and plastics.

Start with your colours to find out what furniture to look for and what to avoid. That brings us to ….


Look for dining tables by designers like Charles and Ray Eames. These beautiful, functional wooden tables have tapered legs and plenty of space underneath.

Most of the furniture at that time was made of rosewood, teak, walnut and oak. If you have the time, browse flea markets and vintage shops looking for authentic pieces. It’s a real treasure hunt!

Looking for an even smoother look? Choose the Dax chairs of Ray and Charles Eames. Herman Miller made the original chairs.

Dax chairs look great when placed in a long teak table.

The Saarinen chair is another beauty. But expect to pay up to $300 a chair for quality replicas.

Long, narrow cabinets were an essential part of the era. Depending on the type of table you choose, you can use it as a buffet in the dining room.


If you like wallpaper, you’ve come at the right time. Many houses had coloured wallpaper. Apply a bold, colourful graphic print to an accent wall.

Or finish the painted walls with a neutral coloured wallpaper with a graphic print.


Modern medieval lighting includes unique pendants and other fixtures. The lighting elements are both sculptural, artistic and functional.

When it comes to lighting, do not look for the right lamp sets. Long and flashy. Try a chandelier that looks like a starburst or a funky floor lamp.

Don’t forget the bar!

Think of Don Draper in Mad Men’s office scenes! A modern mid-century dining room needs a bar.

One of the easiest ways to integrate a bar is the bar trolley. Look for something with clean lines and a glass top.

Fill it with old glasses, fresh alcohol bottles and a cocktail shaker.

The advantage of the barkar is that it does not have to stay in the dining room. Are your guests relaxing in the living room? Bring the bar to your guests.

Perfect mirror

Mirrors are an excellent backdrop for almost any style. But the sun mirror was another iconic element of modern mid-century furniture.

Mirrors are perfect in any room, including the dining room. If possible, place it so that it brings light from the window into the room.

Don’t forget to keep the wall decoration simple and orderly. Avoid putting too many pictures on the walls.

Use a few well-placed but simple quality parts.

Do not ignore floor.

You have a wide range of flooring choices when it comes to modern mid-century decors. The floors can be teak, birch or walnut. Cork and bamboo are also good choices.

Cork is durable and affordable, making it a good option for most homes. But if you have skylights, remember that the cork fades in the sun.

You can make a style statement with bamboo floors.

Bamboo is not an original of modern medieval design. It was out of stock at the time. But it’s consistent with natural aesthetics.

But wood is not the only option. Another good choice is natural tiles such as slate or terrazzo.

If you want to add some warmth and colour to your dining room, choose a colourful rug. The carpet also absorbs sound, which is a pleasant feature when guests are in the restaurant.

Mid-century cosmetic prostheses

This modern mid-century dining room is sure to impress your guests. From clean lines to functional shapes, you will enjoy this look for many years to come.

Start with your color and continue from there. Are you gonna use wallpaper? Leave it on the accent wall.

Identify the type of dining table. Will you opt for classic Eames wood or radiant white Saarinen-style plastic? The chairs should match the table.

Look for sculptural lighting that reminds us of this era. And don’t forget the barkar with its antique glasses and cocktail mixer.

Accessories such as artwork and mirrors complete the set. Use only a few pieces for a clean look.

Decide what kind of floor you want. Wood is a classic material that goes well with other furniture. But if you want warmth and a little color, put a rug over it.

If you are looking for more good decoration tips, you can find other articles on the blog.

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