Clever Tips to Make the Most of Your Hallway

The hallway is usually the last place you think you’re going to decorate. This is one of the most neglected areas of your home because it is so small. It is usually a drop-off point for coats, shoes, mail and keys.

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The hallway is an integral part of your dorm that needs your attention. Smart decorations and fashionable lighting can add a surprise factor to your previously neglected hallway.

Remember that the hallway is usually the first place in your house that guests see when they come to visit, so keep it as it deserves.

It’s a very busy place, so you have to take that into account. It’s even more of an excuse to spend money and effort to make it beautiful.

There are simple ways to make the most of this small, vibrant space that suits your style and everyday needs.

Instead of leaving waste in the hallway, why not use the space for more meaningful activities?

How to make the best of your gait

Yorkshire Fabric Shop gives you some smart tips on how to get the most out of your hallway.

  1. Quality furniture

It may seem intimidating to decorate a narrow corridor, but don’t be discouraged by the compressed surface. It is ideal for furniture with clean lines, such as an open-foot console and a profiled aisle bench.

In a limited space, the right size of furniture is important, so choose rooms that match the walls. Complement it with a mix of functional and decorative furniture, including sofa cushions, works of art, lighting fixtures and storage bins.

  1. Library

This tall, angled bookcase offers a smart storage solution in a narrow aisle. This way you get the largest floor space and have more space to walk around and lots of storage space on the wall.

The low shelf gives you a lot of space to use. You can use it to display works of art, store books or add baskets and other containers to store fashion and shoe accessories.


Think of it as an extension of your wardrobe if you are limited in your closet and have a surplus of clothes.

  1. Storage

Choose a large storage bench that allows you to store a large number of secrets under a hinged lid. You can store seasonal items such as scarves, gloves and sofa cloths or use the storage space for accessories such as hats and handbags.

The hallway is where you risk creating a mess, so invest in a number of storage items such as boxes, baskets or built-in storage space.

  1. Input console

The communal access console is a classic half ornament. It adds essential elegance and a sense of luxury to the room, even if it doesn’t offer much storage space.

Enhance your entrance with a timeless wooden console that can easily be combined with other classic decorative elements such as botanical prints or an ornate mirror. A classic console is ideal for corridors that do not have to be very practical and multifunctional.

This means that it is suitable for places where a decorative style needs to be added.

  1. Gallery wall

The creation of a gallery wall works well in the wide corridors that are well lit, so that anyone passing by can stop and admire the various murals.

A coherent gallery wall, full of black and white family photos, is perfect for a contemporary style. Combine portraits, prints and paintings for a varied look.

Keep the gallery on one side of the corridor with walls on each side so it doesn’t look messy. If deflected on both sides, it may give the impression that the walls are closing in on you while the corridors are dark and narrow.

The structure of the gallery wall ultimately depends on your preferences. It’s about showing your personality, so it’s up to you.

  1. wallpaper

The wallpaper is becoming popular again, so there is no excuse not to use it in your hallway. The choices are limited: you can choose between radiance and daring or elegance and relaxation.

When it comes to wallpaper, you should consider the size of your corridor, as large patterns penetrate a small corridor.

Patterns and stripes often fit well in a wider corridor if you are lucky enough to have one.

  1. Mirror

Nothing illuminates a room like a mirror, because it reflects all the light that enters. Another important advantage of choosing mirrors in a hallway is that they can give the impression that the space is much larger than it is.

It’s not that hard to get the best out of you. With a few objects and some creativity you can turn your hallway into a breathtaking space.

If your corridor is narrow, enlarge it by adding upholstered furniture. Take a look at the excellent and affordable furniture available at Yorkshire Fabric Store.

Don’t forget to always use beautiful furniture, even if you have enough space not to mess around in your hallway.

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