Here we share information about concrete kitchen countertops for outdoor kitchens, including maintenance and design ideas.

Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to increase the space in your garden. It allows you to prepare fantastic meals, entertain guests and enjoy meals with family and friends.

If you are renovating your terrace or backyard or adding an outdoor kitchen, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind, such as B. The type of kitchen counter you are going to use.

Concrete countertops offer numerous advantages. On the one hand, they are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose the look you want for your outdoor kitchen. Moreover, concrete worktops are durable, relatively easy to repair and have a versatile appearance.

Concrete is one of the best materials that can be used for outdoor worktops. Concrete is durable, relatively inexpensive compared to other types of kitchen worktops, heat-resistant and durable. Other popular options include granite, quartz, soapstone and tiles.

Concrete countertops can crack, stain and discolour. On the positive side, cracks in concrete can be repaired and almost all other types of countertops are sensitive to stains and discoloration, which is no different for concrete. The remedy is to be proactive and clean up the mess, especially wine, oil, juice or coffee, as soon as it occurs.

Concrete countertops, for example, require regular maintenance. B. Regular sealing to maintain colour and protect against moisture entering the porous surface.

A popular question often asked: Are concrete countertops better than granite countertops? The answer to this question essentially boils down to the type of finish that suits you and your budget. Both concrete and granite are durable, with concrete being slightly cheaper to install. Sealed granite, however, is much more heat-resistant than sealed concrete countertops. Both types have surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, as long as they are waterproof.

Cost of Zenkertop outdoor concrete

For a professional concrete countertop you can expect to pay on average between $65 and $135 per square meter if you take into account material, labor and installation. The cost will largely depend on where you live, in terms of the price of the local buildings and the type of customization, if you wish. As part of a do-it-yourself project, you can often finish a concrete countertop with materials for less than $300.

Outdoor concrete mix

The design of open kitchen worktops is relatively simple. The first step in this process is to obtain the mixture from which the concrete will be made. There are two ways to create a concrete mix: You can make them in advance or you can make them yourself.

The first way to get a mix for your kitchen counter is to buy a ready-made mix from your local hardware store. There are a number of ready-to-use blends on the market, each of which offers different advantages. The high strength compound is ideal for homeowners who want to use heavy equipment on their outdoor kitchen counter. Tear-resistant joints also help extend the life of your countertops, especially outdoors.

If you cannot find the right mix for you at the hardware store, you can always choose to make your own concrete mix. The concrete mixture consists of three main elements: Cement, sand and gravel.

The general rule is the ratio of one part cement, two parts sand and three parts gravel. It is important to maintain this ratio so that the concrete has the right texture for your countertop. One of the advantages of creating a mix yourself is that you can choose your materials and create a custom design.

Once you have chosen or made the concrete mixture, you must add water. Water should only be added until the mixture is usable. If too much water is added to the mixture, the result is a weak concrete that is not suitable for outdoor countertops. However, the lack of water in the mixture makes the concrete unsuitable for use and makes it difficult to turn it into a countertop.

You can choose to pour the concrete on site or to pour it separately and move the sink once it is in place. The advantage of pouring concrete is that it is not necessary to move the heavy slab once it is in place. Conversely, you have more room for manoeuvre if you pour the mixture elsewhere.

Concrete seal for external counter elements

Once your concrete countertop is in place, you may be tempted to use it directly for garden barbecues or crabs. Since your countertop is made of concrete, it is naturally porous and prone to damage. Damage can be caused by stains, cracks and water absorption. Moisture is potentially the biggest threat to concrete countertops on the outside, as they are constantly exposed to the elements.

The best way to keep your concrete counter top in good condition is to use a concrete paving. The sealer not only protects the surface of your kitchen counter, but also brings out the colour and shine. There are several seal hunters on the market, but not all of them are the right choice for outdoor counters.

Choose a sealant that is food-safe. This ensures that nobody gets sick of chemicals if the food is put directly on the counter. In addition, you must choose a sealant that can withstand high temperatures and scratches.

It is best to find a product that is not affected by lemon juice or wine, as these acidic elements can have a negative effect on some putty.

Once you have found the right sealant, you can apply it to the counter top. Although for each product there are instructions from the manufacturer explaining how to apply the sealant, there are a few tips that can be useful in the process.

Make sure the surface of the worktop is clean and dust-free before applying the sealant. It is also good to remember that less is more when it comes to using a sealant. A thin layer must be applied at once to ensure even coverage of the surface. Finally, make sure that the surface is completely dry before using the sink for cooking. You don’t want to bother closing the sink so it can be ruined while it’s still wet.

How to build a concrete counter top for an outdoor kitchen

For more information, watch a video here about the entire process of manufacturing kitchen worktops with exposed concrete, including making the mould and pouring the concrete mixture. The total cost of this counter project is expected to be less than USD 300.

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