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Planting a lot of plants in your garden is not enough to protect you from prying eyes. You need to offer your family a place that also offers some privacy. A simple option is to install a privacy screen outside.

Here are 17 inspiring outdoor screen ideas you can use in your garden.

1. Cedar Privacy screen DIY

A simple outdoor screen that you can use for your garden uses many cedar planks to create a privacy screen. You can build the right, middle and left side as a basis for the installation of the tree.

2. Do-it-yourself tarpaulin white screen

Do-it-yourself, shade of white tarpaulin (par.

If you prefer a simple idea for a
outdoor screen, you can use a tarpaulin. The idea is to place a long tarpaulin on the left and right side. Before they are installed, they must be installed as a tree base.

3. Wooden tarpaulin

Wooden privacy screen for terrace (by machtingerlandscaping) @machtingerlandscaping

It is much easier to build a privacy screen on a terrace if you have a large garden. In addition to protecting your personal and family life, you can use it as a holiday spot for your family. Use a lot of wooden planks to build the outside tiles and the fence.

4. Square fence with vines

Square fencing with vines (par.

You can use a lot of wooden poles to build a privacy fence. Form different wooden posts into different pieces of lattice and put them together. Try planting vines and other perennials to create a more beautiful fence while maintaining privacy.

5. Modern wooden slatted base privacy screen for outdoor use

Modern wooden outdoor fence (by

With a few pieces of pine wood you can create a comfortable
outdoor screen. Use
different pieces of pine wood to form a vertical base for the left, middle and right sides of
. You can take the other pieces to form the horizontal pieces, starting with
from top to bottom, and fasten each piece with nails.

6. CharmFlat screen display

Charming flat umbrella (de.

An idea for a backyard privacy screen that you can try in
is to use rakes to create a flat screen. Place the middle, right and left sides
to form a vertical base. Later you can add and nail each piece of wood
vertically from top to bottom. Let trees grow next to the
screen to create a beautiful view.

7. Privacy screen suspended outside DIY

Outdoor Privacy Screen for Hanging Do-it-yourself (par.

Create a beautiful
moment with your family by doing a makeover in your garden. You can obtain a hanging shelf hood DIY
by hanging 4 pieces of shelf from a rope. Complete the idea with a
sofa and a carpet.

8. Coarse ponytail production unit

Coarse ponytail (van.

If you have large bins of ponytail, you can use them as a retreat idea in your garden. This plant grows between 60 and 120 cm high. So, with a couple of big ponytails in a container, you get an excellent outside screen.

9. Deck screen with white border

Patio Privacy Screen with white border (by.

Create a beautiful view in your garden by installing a privacy screen on your
white framed terrace. Build a white wooden frame and place it next to the tree. Use boards for the deck. You
can have the frame painted white and leave the terrace in its natural wood colour.

10. Green decorative screen

Green decorative privacy screen (par.

Decorate your garden with the
screen by adding artificial green plants in layers. This idea includes
artificial ivy leaves for use as a privacy screen. Vinyl sheets are attractive and resistant to
ultraviolet rays, so they will be useful for an outdoor screen.

11. Do-it-yourself – Recycled Pallet Private Screens

DIY: Data protection screen on recycled pallets (from

DIY Planting Privacy Nets from recycled pallets to beautify your garden. With the reorientation of the wooden pallet
you can make a garden plant pot. Measure, cut a
nail and screw the pallet pieces together until they look like a flowerpot.
Perennials and climbers.

12. Superb decorative privacy screen with planters

Beautiful decorative privacy screen with planters (par.

If you are looking for a nice decorative
screen, you can try this idea. The combination of wood and
glass provides a superior screen shape. You can add a flowerpot
on each side. Use high quality wood, so this privacy screen
can last.

13. Wood and polymer privacy shield

Wood polymer privacy screen (on request

wood-polymer composite as an alternative material for the privacy screen. This type
screen is suitable for filtering sunlight and protecting the privacy of your
family. Select the screen housing panels so that air and light can pass through the

14. Outer bamboo screen

Bamboo Outdoor private screen (par.

If you are looking for a simple privacy screen, you can plant bamboo next to your fence. This plant can be a convenient way to protect your privacy as you grow. In addition, this bamboo umbrella will make your garden beautiful. You don’t need a planter to plant the bamboo.

15. Household tree with white privacy screen

house paint in white (from

If you want to add a nice privacy screen to your veranda, you can use pieces of wood. Make several square screens from pieces of wood. Measure size
, screw on, paint white. When you have finished making the screens, you can screen them on the veranda so that they match the terrace.

16. Door data protection sign

Privacy Required (from.

If you have old doors and unused
‘s, why don’t you turn them into a screen?
Use a combination of three wooden doors and integrate them for a unique look.
You can attach a wire mesh to any door grille. The
mesh filters direct sunlight. Add some ornaments to hang near the
gauze. Paint each door in a different colour to create contrast.

17. White curtain Privacy screen

White Privacy Curtain (par.

Add a romantic
atmosphere by adding a white screen as a privacy curtain. This
outside wall is easy to build. To build a
screen you only need a lot of pieces of wood. Place the curtain rods at the top of the tree. Hang a white curtain on curtain rods. For the curtain you can use a used curtain or a
drip cloth.

Here are some ideas for outdoor privacy screens that will hopefully inspire you to create the perfect outdoor privacy screen for your garden.

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