Important Requisites to Know Before Getting Custom Cabinets

With custom kitchen cabinets, you can uplift the appeal of your kitchen. 

Unlike ready-made standard cabinets, the customizable ones offer peculiar benefits such as:

  • Deciding on the custom dimension of cabinets
  • The freedom to choose whatever wood material one wants
  • The chance to be more creative with color options and mix and match colors to complement kitchen interior
  • Getting a storage solution that perfectly fits one’s personal needs

With the above advantages in mind, many people prefer custom kitchen cabinets to regular retail cabinets.

But, you need to be a bit careful before making an order for cabinets. And for your convenience, this short article will discuss the important things you should consider first.

Take Accurate Measurements


When we talk about custom kitchen cabinet doors, length, width, and dimensions matter a lot because we’re in search of doors and cabinet structures that perfectly fit in the place.

Some households have bigger kitchens, whereas some have medium-sized. Also, many times, kitchens of offices are much small than home kitchens.

Therefore, the measurement needs for customizable cabinets vary from person to person.

Below are some essential tips to make the right measurements.

Overlay of the Cabinet Door

The first step is to take accurate measurements of the door’s overlay. 

It’s essential in every style of cabinet, especially in cases where the cabinet has two doors.

The measurements should be taken such that the space occupied by the two doors and the stile in between should be considered. 

Custom cabinet makers provide standard measurements of door overlays. 

Take Measurement of the Cabinet Openings

Knowing the exact measurements of the kitchen cabinet opening is essential for is the second step.

For doing this, use a measuring tape. Do this by:

  • Sticking the measuring tape to the innermost side of the frame
  • Take the tape forward and go straight across the open space
  • After extending the tape to this point, stop at the inner edge of the frame

The above three steps will give you the exact width.

Gathering the Final Calculation

After you’ve gathered all the requisite measurements, the final step is to take appropriate overlay calculations.

Do this by inputting the opening measurements and adding the overlay preferences separately.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

The ways you can make a cabinet for your kitchen are endless. You can play with the themes choose contrasting colors of the wooden doors and whatnot.

But, on the basic level, we’ll discuss the three main types of cabinets.

Flat Cabinets

These types of cabinets have a flat upper surface. 

The ideal places for such cabinets are the more modern kitchens that are minimalistic.

The size of these cabinets is such that there is a feeling of spaciousness in smaller kitchens.

Glass Cabinets

Another very famous choice of customers is the glass cabinet.

The method of forming these cabinets is to cut the center panel of the cabinet door and install a glass panel in that space.

The main purpose of these cabinets is to store and show off things at the same time. 

You can place things like ornaments, tea-sets, and decoration articles in glass cabinets.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

The above short discussion gives us an insight into things to consider. It’s better to take exact measurements before placing an order for custom cabinets.


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