Hotels With the Most Unique Interior Designs Worldwide

The following well-thought-out hotel interiors have changed the way people think about hotel interior design as a whole. These hotels are setting the standards for hotel interior designers and the hotel interior industry in general.

There is a market for people who choose to go to hotels just for the interior of it. Most of the time, people generally choose to visit these hotels as a source of inspiration for their own homes, to be relieved from their chaotic lives, or just for the experience of it all. If you’re looking for any of these, here are four hotels with unique interiors you must visit. 

The Venetian Macao – Macao

On entry, you’ll be amazed by the grandeur of the surroundings, which are reminiscent of Venice. The gondolas, canals, and renaissance architecture of Venice have been faithfully reproduced in this 39-story hotel.

The suites are rich in dark wood and luxurious fabric inspired by Venetian gondolas in their elegantly decorated interiors. It contains a marble bathtub, a separate shower area, and a dressing table with vanity items adorned with shimmering gold embellishments. Macao’s Venetian district is known for its timeless elegance, capturing the residential milieu of the area’s turn-of-the-century summer homes. 

Caesars Palace – U.S.A

Caesars Palace is the greatest hotel interior design if you are seeking something more paradisiac. Beautifully groomed trees and classical Roman fountains greet guests at the entry, leading them to the foyer, which is highlighted by a large sculpture. In keeping with the theme, there are several marble columns and arches throughout the building.

Whether it’s the sumptuous pool complex or the secluded setting, this talismanic hotel is a true classic, and it’s a fitting place to call home. First-time guests can expect a massive number of rooms and a very authentic Las Vegas experience. 

Sun City Resort – South Africa

Have a few days off and want to unwind at a hotel with a luxurious interior design? The Sun City Resort in South Africa features teak flooring, Siamese antiques, and verandas with ceiling fans. The Royal Salon at the resort has a sauna for guests to use as a way to unwind. The resort also comes with its own casino offering hundreds of slots games.

You can compare the slot games you play while on holiday here to the high rtp slots available online in the UK. Experience the fabled glitz and glamour of this resort’s casino. It has progressed with the times, and the newest technology and popular games have come together to create a show of nonstop thrills for both expert and novice players. However, there’s more to do while at the Sun City Resort. This includes dining, relaxing and more. 

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace – Hungary

Choosing to stay in an original and genuine hotel opens a world of possibilities. The art nouveau Gresham Palace’s front is embellished with arches and columns, deity sculptures, and stylized floral patterns in turquoise and gold.

The foyer even has a Moorish vibe to it on the inside. This hotel’s interior design is absolutely amazing. In Budapest, the Four Seasons sets the standard for premium hotels. It exudes excellence at every turn.


A hotel should be more than simply a place to sleep; it should also feel like a home away from home. Sure, comforts are vital, but when it comes to creating lifelong memories, beauty may be just as significant.

Who doesn’t desire some design inspiration for their own house on their next vacation? These are the top hotels with the nicest interior decor, whether you like contemporary minimalism or vintage-inspired feelings. 


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