Dutch Door (Buying Guide)

Welcome to our Dutch door design guide, where we discuss popular types and styles you can use for your interior projects.

When creating an image of the perfect home with the interior and exterior of your dreams, the last thing you want to do is neglect the details, whether it’s something as big as the paint in your living room or something as utilitarian as the type of door you use. If you want to create a sensation with your doors, one of the best options is to deviate a little from modern standards and opt for a Dutch door.

What is a Dutch door?

A Dutch door can also be called a double or half door. These are doors that you can see and open in one piece, like a traditional door, or you can choose to open only the upper or lower half of the door.

Dutch doors have many advantages, such as the ability to keep an eye on children and pets, or even simply add visual dynamics to your home.

Dutch door types

Although wood is the most common type of door in the Netherlands, there are many other materials to choose from. Below we will look at the most common types and their most useful applications.


When it comes to Dutch wooden doors, you have several options that have different aspects and advantages. The main types of wood to choose from are cherry, mahogany, alder, oak, walnut or multi-branch.

You can also choose from a variety of finishes and styles to enhance or modify the natural look of the wood in your door. Color is also an option, although some bunches accept color better than others.

In addition to solid wood, there is also MDF, a medium density fibreboard, which is essentially a special wood product generally used for interior doors.


Decorative glass is another common facet of visually attractive Dutch doors. Dutch doors of this kind use glass panels for various reasons. On a practical level, it offers a better view through the door and is often an energy-saving choice. Aesthetically, however, the glass can be tempered, tinted or fitted with a number of other options to make your Dutch door look like no other.

This Dutch entrance door has decorative side windows that increase the amount of natural light entering the house.


Fiberglass has the same advantages as a Dutch glass door, but with a few extras. Fiberglass is incredibly strong – you don’t have to worry about the gate or the windows breaking easily. Still, it can offer a variety of design styles to give you a unique look and a reliable level of durability when renovating your home.


Metal doors may seem industrial to many people, but they are in fact very versatile and widely used. Because of their material, they are unlikely to suffer structural damage over time, with the exception of an increased risk of rust if not properly maintained. In addition, you can paint and finish your metal doors to give them the look or style you want.

Dutch style door


Dutch style exterior doors have the same general concept as standard doors, but are slightly stronger built. After all, they must be able to withstand the elements to which they are exposed, such as rain, snow, sleet, etc.

However, they still have an attractive and striking design. So you can be sure that the door will serve as an elegant entrance to your home, while still giving you all the beauty and functionality of a Dutch door.


Dutch interior doors are not as robust as exterior doors, but that does not mean that they are not sustainable. Best of all, you can get them in a variety of designs to help you stay on track and find something that fits your style – from style to colour to material. See other types of interior doors here.


A Dutch bedroom door is an excellent tool if you want some privacy, but you also need to be aware of what is happening outside. It is also a good solution for situations where you need an option such as an open door with a baby gate. This way you can pay attention to what happens outside the room and at the same time make sure that children and pets don’t go where they shouldn’t go.

Dutch double door

The Dutch double doors are another concept that can be explained quite well. Instead of one door in the frame, there are two side doors. This is a good choice if you have a room with a lot of horizontal surface and also very crowded. For example, a transition in the living room or the study. In a smaller space, however, they can be more of a hindrance than an advantage.

Dutch door with window

A Dutch door with a window is especially useful for the visibility of a Dutch door. That way, even when the door is closed at the top and bottom, you can still see what is happening on the other side.

You can also use the window as a creative measure. There are many ways to use glass to distinguish themselves from the rest when it comes to Dutch doors.

Barn door

Dutch Barn Doors is one of the most traditional applications of Dutch Doors. In the end, they really help to keep the animals in place, without preventing you from fully associating with them. Even if you don’t have a barn, this style is ideal for a rustic design.

Pocket door

A Dutch pocket door is an excellent option to save space because it does not open to one side or the other. It fits in a pocket in the wall so that when the door is open, there is no door in the passageway or the passageway is blocked.


Dutch doors have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been modernised. You can opt for a modern Dutch door, which often looks less rough and has a cleaner overall design to save space and reduce clutter.


The French-Dutch door is interesting because it combines two door styles. The French door itself is characterised by a pair of doors with large glazing, which either allow a view of the other side or simply serve aesthetic purposes. With a Dutch door in French style you still have these pieces of glass, but you have the extra advantage that these doors are horizontally divided in the middle.


Because these types of doors are very practical, Dutch doors are a common choice when it comes to rustic and farm design. They are often presented in two ways, although the list of possibilities is endless.

Sometimes they are painted to serve as front doors, wherever they are, creating a colour effect. In other cases, the doors simply allow the bare wood to return to the natural shades that these decorative styles love so much. See our larder door gallery for more information.

Modern agriculture

The harmonious combination of traditional Scandinavian and minimalist styles, combined with modern finishes, has become very popular in the design of modern country houses in recent years. This Dutch door has a black painted exterior and a white interior, which makes it visually interesting because the upper part opens onto the entrance.

Which equipment is needed for a Dutch door?

Dutch doors are quite simple when it comes to hardware. Although it looks like a double door needs a lot of extra fittings, you really only need one thing, not a standard door. If you need basic elements such as handles and hinges, you also need to buy a simple lock to lock the top and bottom of the door if you want them to connect like a traditional door.

Types of Dutch door hinges to be used

In general, Dutch doors require four hinges, divided into two, instead of the three standard hinges of a traditional door. This puts two hinges on the top half of the door and another pair of hinges on the bottom half.

You are not very limited in the types of loops you can use. You can even use standard hinges if they meet the weight requirements. However, the most popular choice is the colonial webbing buckles.

Why are Dutch doors so expensive?

Dutch doors are generally more expensive because they require more intensive equipment. For example, you will need extra hinges, but also extra tools such as an extra bolt to connect the upper and lower half of the door.

It also requires an extra effort to close a Dutch door properly. As with most doors, for example, a bottom seal is required. With a Dutch door you also have to worry about the tightness of the dividing line between the upper and lower half of the door.

Where to buy Dutch doors

There are many places where you can find a Dutch door that fits perfectly in your dream home. One of the best places to look are sites like Rustica, Simpson Door, Etsy, Wayfair and other online options. You can get just about anything you want online, whether it’s a stock option or something personal.

This modern seventies style Dutch door with glass side lighting adds a retro touch to the design of the main entrance.

You can also consult the local DIY stores for other do-it-yourself and door options. The two that come to mind are Lowes and Home Depot. However, if you would like a custom design for a Dutch door, please contact your local door and window company.

Wooden Dutch door with a large single-leaf window.

Dutch door with stained wooden front and grey painted interior.

Solarium with Dutch door in country style.

For more ideas, we have put together a corresponding gallery of entrance door colours that can be useful for those who want to add a bit of charm to their home.

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