20 Stunning Designs of Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Release date : 20. December 2020 Shana Yuri

The modern term from the middle of the century refers to the urban and architectural movement that stretches from the 1930s to 1965. This design is defined by functionality, elegant furniture, mixed materials and a wide range of colours, from neutral to bold.

The modern kitchen from the middle of the century is similar in its basic concept. Mainly smooth worktops and worktops in different shades and colours.

The list below shows the use of the modern mid-century
design in various kitchen installations and layouts.

1. Double nodes


One of the most important concepts in mid-century design is to find a point of convergence. However, this kitchen has two interests instead of one. The bright orange stove between the neutral white cabinets is the first centrepiece. Wine cabinets with splashes on the back in bright patterns are another highlight.

Gallery kitchen with large island (par. destinationeichler.com) destinationeichler.com

This kitchen, which opts for an open plan, has a large island with
pairs of elegant stools in the dining room. It also features several elements of modern design from the middle of the last century, such as the tile backsplash, transparent counters and hanging lamps.

3. Intermediate and up to

Fatty through and through (from atomic-ranch.com) atomic-ranch.com

This elegant kitchen has a red wood finish and a floor in the same rich brown tint. He also mixes wood for consoles with metal for chairs and appliances. In addition, the blue-coloured backsplash in the corner is striking despite the limited space.

4. Average life span of the sun

Solar Midlife (by. fireclaytile.com) fireclaytile.com

The yellow tiled backsplash in room
, which is the center of the room, reminds this kitchen of the color of the sun. The room has a sunny and cheerful atmosphere
. The
‘s elegant bodywork and clean working surfaces complement the overall design.

5. Retro color cabinet

Retro Coloured cabinet (on thespruce.com) thespruce.com

This modern mid-century piece of furniture is finished in pastel blue, a retro tint that can create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen. As the main piece of furniture in the room, the cupboards go well with white appliances and elegant lighting fixtures.

6. Simple and refined mid-century kitchen

Simple and sophisticated mid-century kitchen (from fireclaytile.com) fireclaytile.com

With elegant counter tops and a complete set of cabinets, this
kitchen is both light and sophisticated. However, the most attractive feature of Room
is the twisted backsplash, which is bright yellow from one side of Room
to the other.

7. modern kitchen in green and white

modern kitchen in green and white (on adammilton.com) adammilton.com

The retro look is perfectly expressed in this neat and atmospheric kitchen.
Contrary to the bold colour rules of modern design from the middle of the century, the
kitchen cabinet is painted in a lighter shade of green. However, the
stands out because of its white wall, ceiling and floor.

8. Concrete floor and glossy housing

Concrete floors and glossy cabinets (from carpetone.com) carpetone.com

The most striking features of the modern kitchen from the middle of the century are the concrete floors and the light, colourful furniture. Glossy and polished, the floor combines the texture and colour of natural stone. In the meantime, a complete set of cabinets serves as functional storage in the room.

9. Vintage white

Vintage in White (by. sarahphippsdesign.com) sarahphippsdesign.com

A white kitchen has long been considered a popular design. So it is always acceptable to opt for a completely white concept when it comes to medieval modernism. With the right choice of appliances and cabinets, your mid-century white kitchen will be transformed into a vintage, clean and bright space.

10. Middle Dutch kitchen with countertop

Kitchen with counters (par. bestfriendsforfrosting.com) bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Integrating the dining room into the kitchen will be easier if you find the right design and layout. In this kitchen, the dining area is half separated from the cooking area by a low counter top instead of an island.

11. Funny Mood of Middle-Centurian Cuisine

A cheerful atmosphere in a mid-century kitchen (par. jacksondesignandremodeling.com) jacksondesignandremodeling.com

This mid-century
kitchen combines a pastel shade of yellow with neutral white to create a cheerful atmosphere. Under the metal lamp
one side of the sink serves as a breakfast bar. Meanwhile, a small kitchen island
is centrally located, which serves as a service station.

12. Kitchen with daylight

Kitchen with natural light (par. boa-inc.com) boa-inc.com

Bring natural outdoor light into your comfortable dining room and kitchen. This modern kitchen from the middle of the century has wooden cabinets and large windows that let a lot of light in. This package is a good idea if you are looking for a cooler atmosphere in a kitchen conversion workshop.

13. Classic White and Grey

Classical White and Grey (by sarahshermansamuel.com) sarahshermansamuel.com

White and grey are very popular as a neutral combination for kitchens. This hob follows the rule and separates the two colours. The white is the same as the top of the counters with the bead lamp. Grey, meanwhile, occupies the lower half of functional cabinets and drawers.

14. Slim and smooth cooking

Smooth and elegant kitchen (by. inspkitchendesign.com) inspkitchendesign.com

This kitchen has chosen modernism as its main design. The elements from the middle of the century can only be found in the wooden pendants and the island. Conversely, modern design aspects dominate the rest of the space.

15. Backsplash with bright blue tile

Tile backsplash in dark blue cocokelley.com

The centrepiece of the modern mid-century kitchen is a tiled backsplash in bright blue tones. It offers a striking but exciting contrast to the lower cabinets in raw wood and the upper shelves in brass.

16. Air space for cooking and eating

Air space for cooking and eating (on savvykitchens.com) savvykitchens.com

This kitchen has a comfortable and inviting dining area and invites fresh air through large glass
doors. The soft shade of blue chosen for the
kitchen wall reflects the colour of a clear sky and also enhances the overall design of the

17. Cabinetin the Dark Ages

Cabinet in the darkness of the Middle Ages (from heglitterguide.com) theglitterguide.com

While most mid-century designs are based on bright, bold colours, this kitchen furniture opts for dark tones. Yet the basic mid-century furniture with its smooth surfaces and recognizable details is preserved.

18. Medieval Art Nouveau in a modern vision

The Mid-Century Modern in the Modern (par. crystalkitchen.com) crystalkitchen.com

The modern look of the mid-century kitchen is achieved by a symmetrical layout and metal appliances. The gap between the geometric patterns also completes the overall design.

19. Wood and stone in a modern mid-century kitchen

Wood and stone in the modern mid-century kitchen (from avintagesplendor.com) avintagesplendor.com

The main features of this kitchen are granite worktops and wooden cabinets. Regardless of their different elements, the two characteristics complement each other to create an elegant and sophisticated design.

Small open kitchen (optional.net) optional.net

An open plan floor plan is the right design for a small modern kitchen. This mid-century kitchen, for example, looks spacious, without edges or partitions. There is also plenty of room to eat on the cooking island.

Now that you’ve reached the end of the list, it’s time to bring out your modern mid-century cooking ideas. Build or renovate your kitchen in this timeless architectural style.

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