11 Moroccan Themed Rooms Decor Ideas

The Moroccan interior seduces with its elegance, luxury and drama. This Middle Eastern interior style benefits from a mix of rich, vibrant colours with dynamic contrasts and traditional patterns. In typical Moroccan houses you will find the most unique Arabian jewels and accessories, made by highly skilled craftsmen. If you have ever visited a traditional Moroccan home and felt inspired by this style of ethnic decoration, you will be happy to know that you can achieve the same look in your own home with a few simple changes and additions to your rooms. Here are a few clues that will guide you in the right direction.

What is Moroccan interior decoration?

Morocco is a North African country whose official language is Arabic. Morocco was once a colony of Spain and France, so some Moroccan interior styles show traces of Mediterranean and French elements. But it was only in the 1960s that the Moroccan furnishing style became popular outside Morocco. With influences from Spanish and French culture, the Moroccan interior style is a mix of the country’s history, climate, traditions and architectural features.

Main features of Moroccan designed interiors

Accessories: The room with Moroccan design is warm and welcoming. Terracotta pots, decorated mirrors, hand-painted ceramics, metal ornaments and stained-glass windows are typical accessories of these houses.

Architectural characteristics: Extensive sculptures are located in the corner of the room, next to the arched doors or windows. Some windows or doors have a curved top or an arched niche called a horseshoe arch. It’s made to look like a holy temple. Another important architectural feature of the Moroccan-style house is the amazing stained-glass window, which brings colourful rays of light into the interior of the room.

Rich colors: Bright colours are another important element of the Moroccan interior. While most Moroccan interior walls use neutral colours, almost everything in the room is in bright colours.

Walls: As mentioned before, the walls are usually white or neutral in colour and almost always naked, because the Moroccans put their handiwork on the floor instead of hanging it on the walls.

Model: Motifs play an important role in the Moroccan interior style. These can be colour sequences or geometric patterns on floors, textiles or even furniture.

Textiles: These elements are used in every room of a Moroccan style house. From bedding, carpets and pillows to blankets and furniture. Textiles are often used to draw attention to a Moroccan-style house.

Floor covering: Tiling is the most common form of flooring, as carpets are rarely found in Moroccan houses. Tile floors are usually covered with a handmade carpet in bright colours and patterns.

Now that you have learned a little bit about the basic characteristics of Moroccan decoration style, here are my 11 cheap Moroccan style room decoration ideas that you can use in your own home.

1. Use bright colors

Be inspired by the beautiful North African sunsets by adding bright orange, golden yellow and red to your Moroccan-style décor. Bold tones add warmth and charm to this ethnic interior style, especially when colours are combined with leather fabrics, embroidered fabrics and patterned cushions, such as here.

2. Add a luxury pillow

Add luxury cushions

In a Moroccan-style bedroom or living room, the fabrics should be luxurious and have bold patterns. Add sets of pillows and blankets for the living room or sleeping area, as well as curtains in the same colour as the pillows. When decorating your room, don’t forget to put the bedding with a pattern on the headboard, because Moroccan-style beds always have a complex headboard pattern.

In this Moroccan themed room you can see how the classically designed white bed matches the beautiful cushions. The interesting patterns are what makes the reputation of Moroccan style decoration. This bed is not only for sleeping on, you can also sit comfortably on it and read a book in luxury. Feel free to experiment with bright colours, because you don’t have to stick to a neutral tone for your cushions.

3. Embroidered carpets shall be.

Embroidered carpets are supposed to be...

Authentic embroidered Arabian carpets are composed of rich colours with simple abstract patterns or complex geometric designs. A Moroccan theme room is not complete without a Moroccan carpet. You need to put these woven carpets in every room to create a welcoming atmosphere. Embroidered carpets add texture to any room and even serve as interesting points of interest. These ethnic carpets can be purchased in neutral or bright colours, but they can be very expensive. Search online for replicas of reputable resellers who sell them for a fraction of the price.

4. Artistic lighting

Advanced lighting

Lighting is a hallmark of Moroccan designed interiors. Choose from beautiful Moroccan lanterns, intricately designed in brass or copper. You can hang these lanterns above your dining table or in your bedroom to make an authentic statement. They can make a room more comfortable and warmer.

5. Moroccan decoration handicraft

Moroccan handicraft and decoration

Traditional decoration Moroccan handicraft has a long history. This unique tradition dates back to Antiquity and combines the techniques and motifs of ethnic decoration on handmade plates or vases. These beautiful colourful signs are typical Moroccan handicrafts found in traditional African bazaars. They can be used in kitchens, backyards or living rooms as impressive decorative elements.

6. Carved wooden furniture

Wood carved furniture

Moroccan-style furniture goes beyond complex craftsmanship. A carved wooden bench is an essential piece of furniture with authentic cushions for decoration. Extra accents could be: large metal lamps on the floor on both sides of the sofa, as shown here.

7. Bedding in Moroccan style with matching curtains

Bed linen in Moroccan style with matching curtains

One of the simplest ways to give your room a Moroccan style is to add a blanket, pillows and curtains in matching colour, such as . B. Add deep red. Choose velvet or satin as a material to give your room a very luxurious look. Since your bed is the centre of the room, hang two Moroccan lamps above the bed and, to make it even stronger, opt for luxurious textures.

8.  Moroccan style bathroom design

Moroccan bathroom decoration

A typical Moroccan bathroom consists of golden taps and accessories. In a Moroccan style bathroom, coloured tiles are rarely used and there is almost always a corner bath or a freestanding bath. To get the perfect look, place a large recessed mirror in the arch, as shown here. See how the red arcade is a central point in this ethnically inspired bathroom. Although the tiles around the bathtub seem hard, they have a touch of contrast with the authentic arch. A particularly attractive bathroom that can mimic a Moroccan-style bathroom by changing the accessories.

9. Moroccan style living room furnishing

Decorate your living room in Moroccan style

As I said, a Moroccan living room is usually white or neutral in colour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add other colours to the walls. In the Moroccan living spaces you will also find a mix of white and bright colours such as blue, as can be seen here. Patterned carpets play an important role in these lounges, as do low chairs that contribute to the feeling of well-being. Here, the blue sofa complements the light blue seats, as well as the delicate blue and white walls. The center of this living room should be the very detailed accent wall above the sofa.

10. Moroccan kitchen equipment

Decorate a cuisine in Moroccan style

In order to get the same look as the kitchen in traditional Moroccanstyle, you first have to think about the tiling. As in other rooms in Moroccan houses, patterned tiles are an important feature of the kitchen. To create a space in the tiled wall, the kitchen cabinets must have a light colour like sky blue, as can be seen in the picture. Complex tile patterns and bold kitchen cabinets have created a practical and visually appealing look in this traditional Moroccan-style kitchen. You can imitate the same look by simply changing the colour of the cabinets and choosing tiles with vibrant patterns.

11. Moroccan decor for room

Moroccan bedroom furnishing

If you design your room on the Moroccan theme, choose a bright and relaxed look, such as B. with white as the dominant colour. Combine it with a red carpet, a black sofa and colorful cushions to complete the look. The dramatic aspect of the furniture in this room does not distract attention from the bed with its colourful cushions.

11 decorative ideas for the Moroccan theme room


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