Closet Design Software (Best 21 Free & Paid Programs)

Welcome to our guide to the top 15 cabinet planning programs, including free, paid, 3D, applications and online programs.

This article gives you some of the best online cupboard design software to help you design and organize your home’s cupboard, which can save you money and simplify your life.

Whether you are building the house of your dreams or renovating your home, you want the organisers of the cupboards to do everything right and keep an eye on your personal style. No more stress and tension to get the storage systems of your dreams.

By investing part of your time, you can create your own cabinet or dressing room design with free online cabinet organization software.

Free control cabinet design software

Nobody wants to spend an eternity looking for the right shirt or throwing the right clothes around. Rumble and disorganization can be very stressful, but a well-organized closet or walk-in closet makes the mind organised.

It is best to hire an interior designer to design and plan a dressing room or closet, but this can be expensive. Fortunately, homeowners can now customize and design their cabinets with free software that they can use online and make their cabinets a reality.

These programs have free versions. However, many of them have advanced features such as additional images, colors and design styles behind the paid version.

Individual cabinets

EasyClosets is a bespoke company that supplies high-quality, durable, custom-made cupboard organisation and storage systems. EasyClosets components and hardware are designed to be installed by the customer himself, saving him a lot of money on the project.

EasyClosets also has a very impressive free online planning and design tool that allows customers to design their own cabinets, cabinets and storage space. This design tool enables customization by providing dimensions, choice of materials, colors and configuration of other organizational elements.

The company also offers a free design review and consultation with its team of professional designers so that customers can check that everything is in accordance with regulations and that all orders will work in the space provided. Price updates are available in real time and ordering a personalized wardrobe directly on the website is stress free.

EasyClosets video tutorial

Easy Closets website:

Control Firm Organizers USA

Closet Organizers USA offers a free online closet design service that helps homeowners design their own closet system using the Closet Organizers USA design tool.

At the same time, owners have the opportunity to use a professional space management designer to improve the organisation of cabinets and storage.

Just fill out the online wardrobe questionnaire. You can save the questionnaire on devices such as a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone and then e-mail it to and expect the drawings to be returned within 24 hours. This design tool is very easy and safe to use.

With the Closet Design Tool from Closet Organizers USA you can use the measuring instructions and design basis to create a beautiful made-to-measure cupboard layout.

Using the Closet Organizer Specifications, homeowners can create custom cabinet organizers for walk-in closets, sideboards, larders, linen cupboards, office shelves or any other area of the home or office that needs to be organized.

The website of the American organization of cabinets:

Household control cabinet Assembly tools

The Home Depot has partnered with SimplyNeu to offer a free cabinet design tool. First choose the shape of your closet or wardrobe. Then enter the dimensions in the cabinets and choose from different storage configurations to view the project.

Electronic design services is a growing market, and The Home Depot offers its customers the best service by working directly with a professional designer to help them create a bespoke cupboard system – from the initial consultation to the final unveiling of their cupboard design, all free of charge.

This formatting tool for home storage is available online without the need to download it. Customers can choose the space they want and choose a design package that can be customized with supplies, consumables and The Home Depot’s growing line of finished products.

The design tool is able to immediately set a price for a package design or to help the customer develop a solution that best fits his needs and budget.

Home toolbox site:

Ikea Pax Planner

IKEA Pax Planner is a browser-based application built with Flash. So choose your browser wisely – Chrome works best at the moment; you can also get plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer. IKEA Pax Planner is not available for iPad/iPhone because it runs on flash memory.

At the same time, the IKEA Pax Planner is a complete wardrobe solution with a flexible wardrobe system in many styles and customisable functions that allows customers to plan any space they want to create.

Customers can start with one of the many predefined combinations. It is also possible to create your own furniture design by specifying the exact dimensions of the surface in the made-to-measure cupboards.

This design application offers many ways to organize and customize cabinet systems to suit your needs and style, as there are many colorful materials and product accessory options to choose from.

Ikea Telecentre Planner website:

Online housing design software

With the following online design tools, users can create their own barrier models. After submitting their project, this online tool calculates the price of the entire caste system and allows users to purchase their custom-made caste system from these manufacturers.

Elf Container Cabinet Design Tools

Container Store is one of the leading storage and organization stores in the United States. As part of their dedicated customer service, they have created a solution that saves their customers time by offering free consultations at home or in-store. They also offer an online closet design tool, Elfa.

It is an amazing interactive design software that allows customers to design their own wardrobe by specifying the size of the wardrobe space and customizing the design using Elfa’s cloakroom design tool with a custom wardrobe template that is guaranteed to fit any room, budget and wardrobe style within minutes.

Once customers have installed and designed their cupboard, they can now purchase the perfect cupboard by having it delivered to their home, or by using the Curbside Pickup online ordering service. elfa™ also offers an installation service, or customers can also install elfa™ do-it-yourself cupboards.

Website of the Elfa cupboard design tool:

Headphones forward

Closets to Go offers a convenient online closet design tool that allows users to create their own cabinets or closet design projects from start to finish, on their own terms.

This online design program allows the user to create, save and modify the design.

When users are satisfied, they can save their custom cabinet designs and the internal design team can evaluate the process of purchasing a new cabinet system and guide users through it.

Video tutorial The wardrobe on the road.

Closets to Go website: offers customers free use of their online design tool with instant quotes to help customers create their own designs and specifications. Clients can also view their projects in 3D.

For customers who prefer to have their cabinets designed by their own designers, offers free professional design services for all customers.

We hope that the various cabinet design programs we have presented in this article will help you save time by creating the perfect custom cabinet of your dreams, all in the comfort of your own home on your computer.

Many types of cabinet design software allow you to see the total price and adjust it each time you update your design. By using different cabinet design programs or applications, you can search for the programs that offer the best price for you and save money.

By using online or offline enclosure design software, you can avoid errors when designing your enclosures in real time.

If you decide to use the services of a bespoke company, they will certainly provide you with a solution that meets your design needs. These professional in-house designers will help you get exactly what you need and what suits your space. website:

Single track

Another excellent online service is Easy Track, a free and convenient closet organizing software that offers a variety of closet organizing products.

With this design tool the client can draw a floor plan, combine the different parts of the cabinet using the organisation kits and keep their design.

Customers can also add accessories of their choice and view real-time price updates for the entire design project. Easy Track also offers the possibility to make a list of products and accessories you can purchase from your local Easy Track dealer or trusted suppliers.

Easy Training Video

You can find more videos with step-by-step instructions on how to install the cabinet system on the website or on the Youtube channel …

EasyTrack website:


Determining exactly what you need for new cabinets or storage systems is possible and easy with ClosetMaid. ClosetMaid offers a free and easy to use online design tool, as well as do-it-yourself systems such as SpaceCreations and SuiteSymphony.

Customers can create the closet of their dreams and transform any part of their home with customizable solutions that meet all their storage needs.

With this design application, customers can choose the type of cupboard they want – walk-in closet, pocket cupboard or even a custom room layout.

Based on the information provided by the client, the design tool offers various design options from which the client can choose to create the closet style of his or her dreams.

Customers can save and print their design or have the option to buy online. ClosetMaid also offers professional design services. Buyers can import a registered design, answer design questions and receive two professional design options, including a product parts list and a purchase option, all in a matter of days for as little as $5.

Safe Video

The website of Closet Maid:

Design tool for organised housing

Organized Living offers a modern and easy-to-use online design tool to create the perfect wardrobe and offer its customers the best solution to organize and tidy up their home.

The Organized Life online design tool features multiple components and a fully functional control panel that allows customers to rotate and swivel the cabinet to see every nook and cranny of the design.

It offers custom styles from basic to full-featured templates and allows the user to add or change custom accessories.

With this design tool, clients can design their own cabinet on a desk or shelf and send the drawings to their professional design team for review. Customer projects can be stored, edited, published, printed or emailed.

Video briefing about organized hosting

Website of organised life:

AppHousing design

The following cabinet design applications work best on mobile devices such as Android or Iphone. The type of device with which the program is compatible is indicated in the description.

Cabinet Planner 3D for Android

Closet Planner 3D is a free software that can easily be used by professional and amateur designers. This 3D design software is currently available in English and can be installed on devices running Android operating systems.

The latest version 2.7.1 of Closet Planner 3D has a file size of 12.58 MB and can be downloaded from in the subcategory Plan Interest and in the category Home & Hobby.

With Closet Planner 3D 2.7.1 you can design every detail of a custom cabinet in real time. The available functions are divided into two versions – the Free version and the Pro version.

In the free version, the user can, for example, modify the contents of the cabinet. B. Shelves, partitions, power collectors, baskets and other modules. It also allows you to customize sliding doors such as mirrors, chipboard and glass.

This version also includes color settings for the room, floor and walls. Another feature of this free version is that it allows you to save images of the practice and open the project.

The Pro version, on the other hand, which has the same features as the free version, has additional features such as the ability to display shelf sizes and dimensions.

The Pro version allows the user to undo an action, making it easier to make design changes. This version also allows you to import and export a project to transfer files between devices or send them by email.

3D video of the cabinet draughtsman

Download Closet Planner 3D – Android on Google Play:

SketchManager – 3D Cabinet Designer 2.0 for Iphone

Sketch Arm 3D Closet Designer version 2.0 i is a free software program compatible with Apple Iphone devices.

Sketch Arm 3D Closet Designer helps users create and conceptualize a fully customized cabinet in 3D through an intuitive user interface.

With this design tool, designers can easily divide the cabinet into compartments, create shelves and partitions, add accessories, detail door designs and combine different panels of different colours and materials.

Sketch Arm 3D Closet Designer is also fully interactive and allows you to design in real time. It also includes auxiliary tools such as automatic grid adjustment and a precision tool to facilitate the design process.

The software also includes a library of accessories, an illustrated basic manual, sample projects and video tutorials for furniture designers.

Sketch Arm 3D is available in English and Spanish with iOS 6.0 and has a file size of 45.72 MB. This application has been updated by Apple to make the interface clearer, more modern, more convenient and compatible with the iPad.

Sketch of a 3D video hand:

It is available at in the Food and Beverages subcategory and in the Household and Leisure category. Sketch arm 3D website:

Download Sketch Arm from the Apple Retail Store:

Cabinet EZ+

EZ Closet is one of the most downloaded free cabinet design applications in the App Store. This allows users to design a piece of furniture with their iPad, iPhone or iPod. It requires the iOS 8.0 operating system or later.

EZ Closet allows the user to design with measurements in millimeters, centimeters, meters or inches. It allows the user to select up to four different wall lengths and makes it possible to drag cabinets and accessories into the drawing.

The user can also change the height, level and depth of the cabinet by entering values for a more accurate specification, changing the materials of the cabinets and accessories themselves and creating combinations of materials for the walls by choosing between paint, tiles, wood and marble.

EZ Closet can also automatically create a list of items in a project and includes a file manager that allows users to save, access and delete projects on all devices.

One of the best features of EZ Closet is the ability to save drawings as a DXF file that can be opened and edited with AutoCAD or another CAD program.

EZcloset Video

EZCloset Apple Store Download:

3D wardrobe design software

With this type of software you can design the practice in 2D and visualize it in 3D. It gives you the opportunity to get into your project and see what it would look like if you were there.


17Squares is another 3D Internet design and sales software solution for cabinet design, which can be used from a computer, tablet or phone.

This software contains 3D applications for the visual design of cabinets and storage spaces.

17Squares specializes in interior design and automatic configuration of any floor plan, quickly and easily.

17 m². Website:


Pro100 is an excellent software for wardrobes, cabinets, dressing rooms, pantry cabinets and linen cupboards. For dealers, this software has the most functional design features that allow custom selection and pricing of parts and accessories.

Pro100 enables manufacturers to control the design of custom enclosures as the software can generate a cutting diagram based on your own measurements and is able to estimate and calculate component or complete unit designs based on your production preferences.

With Pro100, architects and designers can customize their own cabinet using different materials from suppliers or the manufacturer’s finished cabinets and download them into their own catalogue with the ability to show or hide dimensions, lighting effects, 3D rendering, price integration and reports.

The Pro100 works very well with the CNC machine used in the production of cabinets.

Pro 100 Video tutorial

Pro100 website:

ProBoardPractice planner

ProBoard, another 3D cabinet designer, is an excellent online solution for furniture companies that produce cabinets and kitchens.

ProBoard has a user-friendly interface with self-explanatory instructions and an automatic calculation that can update the company’s costs if the project design changes. It has a unified database that synchronizes product prices through API integration and allows users to download and automatically update price lists.

This software includes a catalogue customisation system that allows users to customise and download their database of materials, colours, sliding door systems, window frames and cabinet accessories.

ProBoard offers a highly realistic view, automatic profile generation and built-in camera mode control that allows you to switch to different view modes and adjust the layer view. It also includes an image generating function for reports.

Proboard Practice Planner Video

ProBoard website:

Cabinet CAD-Pro

ClosetCADPro is a product of 3DCADSOFT. This product is a desktop software application designed for companies that want to customize their memory.

This software is specifically designed for professional salespeople to help them plan, create a visual presentation for customers and enable them to price custom storage solutions on site or in the showroom.

The main advantage of this software is that it is very easy and super fast to create a custom warehouse drawing with a 2D height using predefined components and custom objects found in the model library.

ClosetCADPro can also easily generate a fully structured interactive 3D model of any customized storage or wardrobe design in real time, which can be published and viewed online and even linked to social media.

This software is also designed to automatically calculate the selling price for the entire system. Since this software is not an online web application, it can be run on a desktop, laptop or Windows tablet without an internet connection.

However, it makes extensive use of online resources for online updates, remote data storage and email. ClosetCADPro is the complete planning solution in an easy-to-use planning tool.

Closet Cad Pro website:

3D home furnishings (for basic furnishings)

Home Design 3D is mainly an online reference for interior design. It is an application that allows interior enthusiasts, students, interior designers and other professionals to plan and draw floor plans in 2D or 3D.

This is a general construction programme that is not specifically designed for cabinets. Still, you can use it to plan the layout of your house.

Home Design 3D has a free version that offers 200 objects. To get the most out of the program, you need a paid account, which offers many other features such as backup and import/export.

Home Design 3D is a design tool that allows the user to design and decorate the interior and exterior of the house. It is easy to use and allows the user to change the size, colour, position and height of the walls without stress.

Users can duplicate elements using the copy and paste function of this design tool and modify them using the undo and redo functions. It also has a dropper tool that can find an existing color in the drawing, and has the ability to import an image as a texture and apply it to any object or element in the design scheme.

Another interesting feature is the creation of real-time 3D drawings with photorealistic 3D rendering.

With Home Design 3D you can import drawings for greater accuracy and the user can save them via Dropbox, OneDrive or simply send the drawings by e-mail.

By designing with Home Design 3D, users can continue their creations on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Designing and renovating your dream home with Home Design 3D is simple and intuitive.

Home Design 3D website:

Home Design 3d at the Apple Retail Store:

ClosetPro (for companies and websites)

ClosetPro is a simple, intuitive and powerful web-based closet design software that is highly recommended for resellers and vendors who use closet delivery services and for those who supply modular closets.

This software is also best suited for people working in the commercial furniture industry who need a simple and innovative solution for cabinet design.

Closet Pro offers online storage solutions for businesses that help business owners increase sales and easily convert visitors into customers.

This online inventory management software can be easily integrated into a company’s website and includes the management of project costs and prices, saving time and maximizing the company’s sales efficiency.

Customers have the possibility to design their own cabin or cabinet, or they can choose from a design gallery without installation.

The ClosetPro software has an unlimited number of colours, finishes, door styles and drawer options and can price all cabinet components, options and accessories to suit your needs.

It will also be updated as soon as the company’s design is completed or if changes are made to the design capabilities. It also has an option that allows the user to quickly browse through the entire company structure to meet his or her needs.

ClosetPro is a software that is fully responsive and can beautifully display your cabinet design on devices of any size – whether it’s a computer screen or a small smartphone screen.

This software has an amazing interactive 3D that allows the user to move around the office, pan from left to right and increase or decrease the viewing angle.

ClosetPro also features a revolutionary 3D cabinet rendering technology that makes it possible to render a particular display in high resolution. All rendering work is done on their cloud servers, which are mainly responsible for rendering the images.

Once the rendered images are complete, a copy of the barrier design is emailed to the user who can download and print it.

This software also offers, at no extra cost, an online practice proposal system that allows users to send practice drawings to their clients and designers to add their own logo to their designs.

ClosetPro video software

Available in a business version, a competition version and an online owner version. Link:

Closet Pro Software website:

Paid control cabinet design software

Here we present the best paid practice design programs.

Smart drawing

Smartdraw is cabinet design software that includes an extensive library of ready-to-use cabinet images, as well as a collection of example cabinet plans and fast-track models that owners can select and customize to their needs.

This software is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface that allows users to easily drag and drop projects.

It is an efficient, reliable and simple platform that can be used by beginners and leisure designers. Professional designers will love this software because they can collaborate with their team and work on projects at the same time.

Smartdraw offers two ways to get started: you can subscribe to the online version of Smartdraw ( on any computer or tablet, or you can download the desktop version of Smartdraw for Windows.

( It also offers easy collaboration with a team of designers who can work on the same design project by sharing it via file sharing applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive or simply by sending a link by email.

The advantage of this design tool is that the user can plan the layout of the cabinet on any computer, browser or mobile device such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or any other platform with an Internet connection. When the design is ready, it can be saved as a PDF or PNG chart.

Smartdraw Video

SmartDraw allows you to share PDF and PNG files via Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. SmartDraw is compatible with devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones and can run on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Smartdraw website:

5D Planner – Home and room design

Planner 5D is an advanced and easy-to-use home design tool that allows users to create detailed 2D floor plans and 3D designs. It has a snapshot function that allows you to create photorealistic images with realistic light structures and shadows directly from any device, online or offline.

With 5D Planner you can use the basic features for free, but most of the best features require a premium version.

A catalogue of more than 150 products and a catalogue of more than 600 textures are available for the free version, while the premium version has a catalogue of more than 3000 products and allows the user to change the size and appearance of all furniture.

The 5D Planner includes editing elements where the user can apply custom colors, patterns and materials to furniture, walls and floors. It allows the user to switch between metric and imperial measurement systems.

It is perfect for those who want to make an interior design project such as a closet, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and other outdoor do-it-yourself projects.

5D Planner Video

We recommend using the Xbox One operating system, Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher.

5D Planner website:

Microcad car keyboards

This design tool is highly recommended to professional designers and joiners for superior storage solutions. The full version of the program is sold at the high price of 1995 dollars.

Microcad Autoclosets enables designers and manufacturers to collaborate with their customers by enabling users to consider every detail of customer requirements during the design process.

This allows the user to choose from different design options and create wardrobe or cupboard models in real time.

Microcad Autoclosets offers realistic 3D color reproduction with custom materials, colors, and lighting effects for photorealistic presentations. It can also draw up a report containing all the technical information necessary for the proper production of the cabinets.

For example, this application can also be linked to other applications from the same creator. B. Self-decorating and self-cooking.

Microcad Autoclosets website:

Best control cabinet software

There is no perfect cabinet design software for every type of person. Depending on whether you are a beginner or a professional and how many features you need, you can decide which program is best for you.

In general, if you are a beginner who is easy to pick up and uses a cabinet design program, here are the best options.

Free and easy to use:

  • #N°1 of individual practices
  • #2 eleventh cabinet design tool in the container shop.
  • #3 Tool for Household Cabinets

The best application for Apple Iphone/Ipad :

Best Android application

The best all-in-one application

  • #N°1 SmartDraw
  • #2 5D Planner

SmartDraw has always been a popular program among design communities. It is a free program that allows the user to experiment with different layout techniques and give the project a professional look.

One of the best online programs for professionals is Microcad Autocloet, created by Microadd, a manufacturer of cabinet design software.

Visit our Wardrobe Idea Gallery for more information.

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