9 Types of Can Openers for Safer, Faster, & Easier Cooking

There is a wide range of looks on the market. Sometimes you even need different kinds of messengers for each of them. Some are more difficult to handle, creating jagged edges and making a mess of it. But some don’t!

You may know a few, but you may not have heard of those who do the job better, are cleaner and can handle all kinds of glass lids. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and popular varieties.

9 Tin opener types

We don’t display them in a certain order, so scroll down and look at the pictures, because there must be something more luxurious than you expect. What you need is ease of use, safety and time savings.

Single wheel can opener

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It also looks like a funnel opener with its own design and way of working. Except this one has a magnet that holds the lid on it. You need a strong magnet, otherwise you’ll have trouble sliding the can opener out of the can.

This is a great tool for those who have difficulty opening a can opener that produces a box with sharp edges that is not safe. The one-wheeled window opener makes opening the window fast, safe and easy.

This is possible thanks to the grid, which cuts the glass evenly. The role of the magnet is to hold the box firmly in place while the wheel cuts through the rim. Attach the can opener to the can lid and place the wheel as close to the rim as possible.

Then just turn the wheel with the key and the job is done. The magnet and the smooth and even surface are without doubt the best details of these glass openers. But it’s not the best tool if you don’t know how to use it. It’s confusing the first time!

Lever contact normally closed

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It is also called a claw opener and is named after its shape. The can opener with lever is one of the simplest models. This is an older model that is often used to open a can. It has a sickle-shaped knife that cuts open the lid.

In addition, the opposite side has a curved leaf with a shield that prevents the leaf from cutting too deeply. In this way, the top never comes into contact with the contents of the glass. These are very common types of canning knives I’ve had in my life.

It can be used to cut the edges of a sharp-edged container. The only drawback is that the sharp knife can hurt your fingers if you are not careful. These are the least complicated and least luxurious types of manual openers.

Butterfly can open

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Then there’s a manual opener that works like a funnel opener. It has a rotating cut-off wheel that helps you open the lid of the can while holding the lid in place. To open the jar, turn the key around and the jar will rotate in your hand.

The butterfly opener also has a key and pliers to facilitate the movement of the butterfly opener wheel. It also makes it easier to use the can opener when you need help.

You start by puncturing the lid with the sharp end of the key and secure it with pliers. Then cut the lid with a pointed wheel by pressing the lever.

It’s a little more complicated than the door opener. On the other hand, he does his job like a pro. The downside is that some people find it a bit difficult to use it, especially those with weak hands.

These hand openers can be found in most kitchen drawers, so you probably already know them. It’s time to get up to speed!

Electric can opener

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The very first electric can opener was invented in 1931. The idea was to keep human effort to a minimum, and they all offer the same comfort, even though there are many different electric can openers.

Electric can openers are very easy to use because, depending on the model, you only have to press a button or even activate a switch. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Electric can openers offer maximum comfort. They’re like luxury models.

You can get a cabinet model or a freestanding worktop model, these are the two main types. Most have magnets that do the work as a simple wheel share. Make sure that the pot is under the can opener before the rotation starts.

As soon as this happens, the lid opens within seconds. You will have to create a space on the counter for these kinds of messengers, but they work very well for those who do not have a good grip on their hands or upper limbs.

The disadvantage is that they are expensive compared to the manual versions, but not as much at the moment. It is a practical solution to an everyday problem. If you have joint pain or are in a hurry to go to the kitchen, these models are a good choice.

They can open the lid of the box with minimal effort and give you what you need in seconds. They also leave the edges smooth and protect you from inappropriate injuries. This probably makes it one of the highest rated kitchen appliances.

Electric can openers are designed for people who like to cook smart. The design is updated quite often, so it’s an even more convenient purchase if you stick to the latest models.

Suture box opener

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It is specially designed to open a can on the sink, especially cans the size of a restaurant. Tin openers are equipped with a vacuum base or another type of attachment to secure the pot to the counter top. Yeah, there’s no monkey business here.

The advantage of these can openers is that they can be used not only for normal cans, but also for pop-top cans. They are very good at cutting the side of the pot and leaving it open with a super smooth lid to protect your fingers.

Our experience is that the best tools not only get the job done, but also allow you to think about how to avoid replicas. It’s very easy to use different can openers, but maybe this one.

All it takes is a little bit of pressure and you have an open mind. To do this, however, the can opener must first be fastened and the bottom of the can must be firmly screwed on. Find the button with your free hand and turn it. At the same time you can see that the can opener wheel cuts open the lid and produces an open jar for you.

Church key opener

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This formula is very popular with tourists and people who drink bottled drinks. The church key opener is incredibly easy to use thanks to its simple design. This is a simple manual bottle opener used to open glass bottle caps and pierce glass lids.

It has been in use since the invention in 1892 and is made of a single piece of pressed metal. It has a sharp edge that pierces the lid, but you must first attach the protector to the edge. Of all these elements, it is an old-fashioned opener that is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare.

Then pierce the lid with the pointed edge and tilt it forward. Lift the can opener with a quick movement and you will see the cut part coming loose from the top of the can.

The downside is that you can hurt your fingers if you’re not careful. This is also only very useful for glasses with liquid. If the content is large, for example. B. the beans are useless if you dry them first. However, it is good to have it in your food storage cabinet.

Tin opener

As their name suggests, can openers are very similar to door keys. They have a twisted piece of metal that is ideal for thin-walled glasses. The can opener must be securely attached to the container in order to do its job.

What’s more, the key openers are extremely easy to use and you don’t need any storage space when you’re done with them. But in reality they are only suitable for pots with these lids. B. Spam pots. Most people won’t use it, because spam banks now have their own key.

Start by placing the can opener on the lid of the jar and pierce it with the sharp edge of the can opener. Turn it in a certain direction to break one side of the glass. Later you can roll up the lid by turning a can opener for the keys and voilà.

It is clear that their size is the biggest advantage for opening the keys. And they’re easy to use. But like many others, they have sharp edges that can hurt your fingers. And they’re not very comfortable types of messengers.

They are no longer usable because the boxes are not designed for them, especially not with integrated, rollable strips.

Funnel opener

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It is probably the most common type of can opener. The handles of the funnel-shaped opener look like pliers, and there is also a toothed ring and a wrench. Put it all together and you have a machine that opens each jug smoothly and fairly easily.

The first step is to use the funnel to grip the can effectively with the pliers. Then tighten the wrench and let the wheel rotate to cut off the top of the box.

The advantage is that you can use it with one hand, and the funnel opener is quite easy to operate. The newest bunker openers are now more or less the same as the single wheel drive.

Side can opener

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And then there’s the can opener that appeared in the 1980s. This is a knife and roller disc that cuts the side of the box underneath the rim instead of the top.

Unlike all the other coulters we talked about, this coulter doesn’t cut the lid of the box by removing the rim. This is how it works, the edge and the top of the box are completely removed. So you have to choose and use the window that opens on the side wisely.

These openers are also equipped with a toothed disk and a cutting wheel. This gives you a better grip when you open the lid of the box. It is also designed to fold the outside of the edge, keeping the edges smooth and minimising the risk of injury.

This is a relatively innovative design that cuts through the entire top of the box. The only drawback is that some people find it a bit difficult to use. But sometimes you just have to get used to it, right?

Premium type: P-38 and P-51 can opener

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The C-38 and C-51 tin shears, developed in 1942, were distributed with field rations in the form of cans. They were used during the Second World War until the 1980s and distributed with K and C rations. The Marine Corps calls them John Wayne because they’re so strong and reliable. You can wear them on a keychain or nameplates like soldiers did.

Types of scissors for can openers

In the 21st century. In the 21st century, there is a tool for every task. Sometimes you just have to find it and life becomes very easy.

Take a few minutes to find them. There’s no shortage of them. The time you invest, especially in researching the types of openings, will pay for itself abundantly.

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