27 Luxury Kitchens Costing More Than 100k

Everyone loves a unique and well-designed kitchen that they can show off to their family and friends, because the kitchen is the heart of the house. If you had a disposable income, how would you spend it if you had 100,000 euros to spend on designing a kitchen? Let’s see what a $100,000 kitchen can look like.

Follow me on a tour of 27 luxury kitchens worth over 100,000 euros. These kitchens are designed and built by Zillow DigsTM.

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This beautiful Mediterranean kitchen is luxurious, with a marble tiled floor and a very functional country style sink. The high ceiling makes this room even bigger than it is and the beautiful chandelier adds even more elegance to this kitchen design.

traditional fare

The beautiful kitchen has colonial golden granite countertops and glass panel cabinets that have a traditional look with a watery colour scheme, such as bagels.

crowning - traditional cuisine

The kitchen has its own bespoke hood and the cabinet-like design offers plenty of space so you don’t have to show all your appliances and utensils in plain sight. I like the cornice in this setup. Good for you.

Country kitchen

This country kitchen is U-shaped and works perfectly with a large central island and many cabinets and countertops. I love the way the pendant brings so much light into this room that it gives the impression of being bigger than it actually is.


This kitchen has a beamed ceiling and a large island for meals. There are two beautiful chandeliers hanging above the island that add real elegance to this room. Let’s not forget to do a good job with light and dark colors.

Country kitchen

Everything from limestone floors to beamed ceilings works if you’re looking for a country kitchen. It has a farm sinking, and the best part is the large crow’s-feet-like island.

country-independent design

The skylight in this kitchen brings so much life and energy to this space. It features a visible beam, which is a trend in the world of kitchen design, and a custom-made extractor hood. The furnished floors make this space bigger than life. Beautiful design and comfort. Sink sink

This simple but beautiful country kitchen has a well finished island that offers plenty of counter space for all the apple pies that will be made in this kitchen. Roof chandelier brings elegance and natural light into the kitchen. Not to mention the fact that the farm sink makes this kitchen really rustic.

traditional fare

Look at the beautiful crown that this kitchen design is. The whole room is bright and fresh, with a beautiful traditional atmosphere. Natural light shines into the room, and gold and white make this kitchen truly complete.

Ceiling country kitchen

Discover the incredible vaulted ceiling of this country kitchen. You will also see a sink of the farmhouse kitchen with an adapted hood and beautiful arched windows.


This beautiful country house costs $1800, and is far from hitting the $100,000 mark, but it is one of my favorites that I have just added to the list for the beautiful kitchen design. A well-lit room with lots of natural light really brings this room to life. That’s very good.

Kitchenette in rustic style

A simple U-shaped granite kitchen with visible ceiling beams really brings out the essence of a country kitchen. The unique ceiling lighting really adds to the charm of this space.

a traditional and luxurious cuisine

This beautiful and light cuisine has retained its traditional style while adding a large, beautifully designed island, which is presented in the centre for the enjoyment of all visitors. The lighting in the cloakroom is well done and gives life to the space.

Rural kitchen with white ceiling

From the built-in cupboards to the well made cornices and the fresh white, this country kitchen is breathtaking.

Rural kitchen on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on the spot on site

My God, this room blows up the screen. It has a rustic washbasin, elegant chandeliers and a nice contrast between dark red and hardwood. If you look closely, you will also see skylights connected to beamed ceilings.

Rustic kitchen breakneck

What a comfortable country kitchen. I really like the breakfast corner and the red-white color scheme. Makes you want to go on a picnic. The cabinets are well done and the skylights bring real light into a room that already embodies beautiful natural lighting. I really like this design.

kitchen roof in traditional style

The island and the smooth, flat soapstone countertops really make this space sparkle. Anyone who wants to cook here will be pleased with the well-lit department store.

contemporary kitchen

The natural wooden dining table and hardwood floors make this kitchen great. The farmhouse has a sink for the breakfast corner and the painting on the plate is perfect for a country kitchen with a touch of modernity.

contemporary kitchen design

You will find flat screens with fine granite counters and ultramodern equipment. Every piece is practically washed away and is a setback.

contemporary kitchen design

This modern single walled kitchen is designed for a very functional kitchen. The extra long central island of this suite is ready to entertain you.

Traditional kitchen with limestone tiled floor and flat-panel cabinets

It is a beautiful traditional kitchen with a limestone tiled floor. Cabinets are fitted with beautiful cornices that add a beautiful double copper sink and a Bianco Antico granite countertop that completes the custom craftsmanship. The backsplash is a Tuscan mosaic tile made of sweetened travertine, ivory and silver.

It’s a great kitchen. I really like the wide shelves and the beads on the island. The pendant lamp really blows this kitchen apart. The six-piece crown casting seems surrealistic and well executed. I also think the Travertine Tumbled Edge mosaic tile backsplash fits perfectly into the overall design of this kitchen.

Traditional white kitchen cabinets with Silestone quartz worktops and dark oak floors.

It’s a nice kitchen again, it’s nice and clean. Superb raised ornamental mouldings, cornices, pendants, with white silicone quartz worktops to complete the cabinets. The dark oak floor makes this kitchen very popular.

White kitchen with marble counters, subway tiles, hickory wooden floors.

It’s a big kitchen, everything is designed and arranged, everything is within reach. This is a custom white kitchen with nice handles and knobs. The marble counter top and metro backsplash look great. The solid and wide hickory border also goes well with this kitchen.

Custom dark walnut cabinets

They certainly put the WOW factor on the entrance to this stone siding – I can’t help looking at it. Bravo! Bravo! This is a perfect addition to the cabinets.

Custom made oak kitchen cabinets with a beautiful stone veneer kitchenette

Wow! How about a stone veneer around the expensive Viking center? That must be nice… There’s even a pot filler above the stove. Beautiful granite countertops. The floor is made of 2’x’2 travertine squares, beautifully laid. This kitchen reminds me of the old English kitchen. Bravo! Bravo!

The encounter between contrast and tradition in cooking ideas is only the tip of the iceberg.

This must be my favorite kitchen. A very elegant look, with beautiful woodwork, paint and finish. I really like the backsplashes and the brick countertops. The soils are also very stony. Bravo! Bravo!

…Well, I was really hoping you’d all enjoy my list of 27 luxury kitchens you can design and install for 100,000 euros. If you liked this message as much as I do, feel free to share it with your friends 🙂 Check out the Zillow DigsTM site for a more luxurious kitchen design.

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