Cinder Block Fire Pit (DIY Design Ideas)

Here we share do-it-yourself ideas and tips for building a cinder tray for the garden of your house.

There’s no better way to spend a summer evening than outside in front of a crackling fire. Many people want to enjoy a campfire in the open air, but don’t know how to integrate it into their existing home landscape. With so many questions about materials and safety, the completion of the project can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, because building an outdoor fireplace is much easier than you think.

Can the cinder blocks be used for a fire pit?

When building a fire pit, the choice of building materials is often the first step. There are many materials that can be used for chimney walls, including marble, granite and clay blocks (refractory). While materials such as marble and granite are expensive, cinder blocks are an alternative for people on a limited budget. It must be said, however, that fire-resistant clay is an excellent alternative to cinder blocks in terms of fire resistance.

These blocks are also easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for do-it-yourself work. Because cinder blocks are available in different shapes, they can be used to create an unlimited number of fireplaces. Moreover, the ash blocks are easy to flash, so that a temporary fire can easily be transformed into a permanent fire. In almost every DIY store you will find cinder blocks, so you can easily find what you need for a particular project.

Are slag stones heat resistant?

The choice of heat-resistant bricks is important when building a firebreak. Heat-resistant blocks can withstand the extreme thermal changes to which they are exposed, while other materials can crumble at high temperatures. This can be a safety issue because a collapsed fireplace can quickly lead to a fire accident.

In general, the cinder block is porous enough to be considered a safe material for a fire pit. Porous materials allow steam to go in and out easily and prevent accumulations that can lead to explosions. However, dense materials such as concrete blocks are not suitable for this project. It is important to ensure that your home is safe when choosing equipment. For extra strength, fire resistance and safety, use fire clay bricks to cover the fire pit.

How to build a fire pit with cinder blocks?

When it comes to building a fire pit out of cinder blocks, you first have to decide what kind of fire pit you want to build. For example, it makes a difference whether you want a permanent project for a patio fireplace or whether you want to build a fireplace that you can remove or dismantle. If you are not sure if you want your fire pit to be permanent, you can build a temporary pit and complete it in the future.

Before starting your project, please familiarize yourself with the local guidelines for fireplaces. You can get them from your local authority or the public fire brigade. Once you have received approval from the local authorities, you must prepare the area where your home will be located.

To do this, remove all low and overhanging branches above the area and remove the first few centimetres of grass and soil where the hole will be. To create a model for your fireplace, enter the model and dimensions you want. Then clear the ground to create a base on which your blocks can rest.

The bottom of the well must be filled with stones to prevent the heat from spreading underground. Volcanic rock is good because it can withstand high temperatures. However, crushed stone should be avoided as it is not suitable for this purpose. Gravel can become explosive at high temperatures, making it dangerous for chimneys. Sandstone, limestone, pumice stone and other similar rocks should also be avoided. Crushed ash rock could be used for this purpose, but would not work as well as volcanic rock.

Concrete foundations with quick-drying cement can also be used and filled in the trench. Mix the concrete with water in a wheelbarrow. Then fill the soil with the concrete mixture using a shovel.

Once the soil has been dug out and the base formed, start surrounding the area with ash blocks and stack them three or four high around the perimeter. The holes in the blocks must face upwards so that the coal cannot escape from the pit. Flat refractory concrete caps can be placed in the top row of the well. This gives a more finished appearance and prevents objects from falling into the spaces between the cinder blocks.

Video about the construction of a fire pit in an ash block

There is no reason to lock up your summer evenings and miss out on all that nature has to offer. A fireplace is a great way to entertain guests and make the most of your outdoor space. Adding a deck, terrace or pergola can improve your garden at little cost. With just a few hours of effort and some readily available materials, building a fireplace is a simple project. From pleasure to improvement of the property, a fireplace is the perfect complement to any home.

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