6 Home DIY Ideas for Fancy Wall Art in 2020

Looking for ways to decorate the interior of your home? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you do it right, you’ll get something very beautiful that you’ll always be proud of when you walk down the hallway and see it hanging.

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We have come up with six perfect murals that you can easily create. Really, you don’t have to spend a penny because we used everyday objects to make these murals.

From something as simple as a pencil to a scarf and a mirror… …we’ve used them a lot.

So get your glue gun, paint, hammer, nails and tape ready, because we make you passionate about creation and teach you how to make murals by hand:

1.    Hanging creative scarves

Scarves hanging on the wall

Image source

There's a scarf on the wall...

Image source

This is probably the easiest of all do-it-yourself ideas in mural painting, because literally nothing is needed for it. Look in your closet and take off all the scarves you have bought over the years and which you have never used. You have two choices:

You can place a large scarf as a centrepiece behind a 3-seater sofa and nail both ends of the scarves to the wall, or take smaller scarves with you and frame them. The first look is a bit bohemian, while the second is classic.

Another way to use a large scarf is to stretch it on a cloth and tie the ends together at the back. This way you get a sleek look, and you can do the same with smaller scarves to create an abstract pattern.

2.    Abstract geometric art with masking tape

Abstract murals

Image source

Making abstract geometric art with tape is quite fun. You can play with different colors and let yourself go. For this cheap do-it-yourself art idea you only need a few things: a large canvas, paint and tape.

Make a geometric pattern to your liking with masking tape on a blank canvas. Press on the tape with firm hands to prevent paint spatter from entering. This is an important step, because it guarantees you clean lines.

Take a brush and start sprinkling different colours onto the canvas. Let the paint dry and carefully remove the tape. You see, geometrically abstract murals are complete.

3.    Rainbow coloured pencils

Wall display of coloured pencils

Known as the Aurora showcase, this idea of do-it-yourself wall art is so amazing that everyone who sees it keeps looking at it. The good news is that you can have this presentation made to order and then arrange the pencils yourself.

Actually, it’s pretty simple, but you have to go to an office supply store first. Take as many pencils as you can and sharpen them to the right size. Arrange them according to the colors and start shifting the pins.

4.    Old window frame

Rustic photo frame

Do you have those old windows in the barn? Then get them out of the garage. If you’re unlucky, go to the nearest antique store and we bet you’ll find something there. This mural is quite easy to make. You have two choices:

You can enlarge a photo and paste it behind the frame, or print multiple photos and frame them in each square. To maintain the rustic look of the frame, you can print your photos in black and white. A great way to make this exhibition unique is to use photos of your child or yourself and create an age theme. Start with a black and white photo of the baby, then add colour in small amounts until the last photo.

5.  Showcase displays

Display of the do-it-yourself box.

Shoes box display

Image source

You must have some wrapping paper around the house. Well, get them and the paint bottles from the garage. Again, you have two options:

You can wrap shoe boxes in art paper and attach them to the wall, or spray paint and make a shelf. Place light objects such as artificial flower pots and figures in the boxes.

6.    Small mirror wall

There are several mirrors on the wall.

Look in the drawers, the cupboard, the attic and the cellar to see all the wall mirrors you can find. Polish the frames, shine the mirrors and check the rear support. Now, find an empty wall in your house with nothing in front of it. Hang random mirrors on the wall and it’s over. Yeah, it’s that simple!

That’s the end of our six cheap do-it-yourself murals. You don’t have to be creative to bring these ideas to life, because they are simple enough in themselves. If you are looking for more ideas for murals, go to

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