10 Things You Should Never do to Your Grill

Summer has arrived and that means one thing: it’s time to grill! For juicy burgers, delicious grilled chicken and juicy corn you don’t have to give up the classic grill. But if you really want to become a master coalman, you have to learn some of the most common mistakes people make and avoid. To help you become a grill master, there are 10 things you should never do with your grill.

1. Don’t forget fire protection

If you go to the grill, it’s not enough to have mustard and ketchup on hand. In case the worst happens (i.e. a fire), it is important to have the materials needed to extinguish it at hand. In case of a fat fire, baking soda should be on the must-have list (and no, don’t expect to throw a bucket of water on a fat fire and make it worse), while it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy for any other fire.

2. Don’t forget to clean.

Pickles and ketchup can complement a hamburger, but char probably isn’t. Scrape off any grease or food residue after cooking – it is much easier to remove if it is still fresh than if you leave it to harden.

3. Never cook meat directly from the refrigerator

If you are going to grill steaks or other meat, remove the pieces from the refrigerator before placing them on the charcoal. If they are not at room temperature when you put them in the oven, they can be charred on the outside before the middle part starts cooking.

4. Never forget to lubricate with oil.

Grills are known to produce tender and moist meat, but if you don’t want most of your meat to stick to the grill, you’ll need to grease it first. A little oil rub keeps the chops on the bone and not on the grill, and a light mist of cooking oil on chicken breasts and steaks maximizes the amount of meat on the plate and minimizes its stay on the grill.

5. Do not forget to check.

If your grill has been left in the garage during the winter, do not use it until it has been thoroughly inspected. If it is a gas grill, check for leaks during storage. And don’t think you can do without charcoal dishes if you have a charcoal grill. All grills, regardless of type, must be conditioned before they are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and food residues. If you leave the garbage to rot, your guests will probably not only look at your dirty grill, but you could also cause a splash.

6. Don’t forget to lift the lid.

When using a gas grill, never light it while the lids are still closed. There is a risk of gas formation in dangerous quantities – up to the formation of a fireball. And if there’s one thing that pisses your guests off more than a cooked sausage, it’s a fireball. As recommended by familyhandyman.com, always make sure that the lid of the gas barbecue is open when you light it. If the flame goes out, turn off the grill and gas and wait at least five minutes before lighting the appliance again – and if you do, make sure the lid is open.

7. Never place a grill near your home.

Everyone loves the grill, but most people enjoy their home a little more. Don’t compromise his safety by sitting too close to the grill – the fire spreads quickly and if it does, it’s best to keep as far away from the house as possible. Also do not place the grill near trees with low branches. As recommended by the Daily Meal, a good rule of thumb is to assess everything that can ignite and then place the grill at least three metres away.

8. Always remember to use the correct tool

You don’t need a large arsenal of tools to work on your grill, but you do need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. If you don’t want to burn your hands, look for long arm plates. If you want to keep it simple, a pair of pliers and a spatula will do the trick. But if you often serve vegetarian guests or as many vegetables as possible to garnish your hamburgers, an elongated fork will not go amiss.

9. Never toast pizza

It might be tempting to think you can bake anything, but that’s not true. Like Bloomberg.com points out that you should never throw the fillet mignon on the grill (try heating it in a cast iron pan for best results), pizza (the grill doesn’t heat the toppings evenly and probably leaves you with a crust too cooked and partly raw and partly burnt tops), salmon (low heat is best for oily fish), Kebab skewers (cook meat and vegetables at a different pace – thread them on a skewer that only expects unpleasant results that overload the grill), pork chops (cook them in a frying pan over medium heat for delicious results), and tender, flaky fish such as halibut and cod.

10. Never use lighter fluid

Although it can be tempting to light a fire with a quick start, you win the race slowly and confidently. Instead of using lighter fluid, use the tips from delish.com and use your crumpled newspaper to develop a flame on the coals, wait until they are completely grey before spreading them out and start toasting.

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