Bring Mediterranean Charm with 17 Spanish Style Kitchen Ideas

Release date : 25. August 2020 Shana Yuri

Mediterranean kitchens have a unique charm thanks to their colours, decorations and materials. Spanish cuisine is popular all over the world, even for a modern house or apartment. You can include many elements to brighten up your kitchen.

Coloured carpets, decorative tiles and stones play a major role in Spanish cuisine. Warm tones are also very present, reflecting the way in which Spanish cuisine serves as a social or family space. Be inspired by these 17 ideas.

1. Contemporary Spanish cuisine with carpet

kitchen has a more refined style than many traditional Spanish kitchens. The
-bi-colour trend is reflected in the white walls and dark blue cabinets. The Spanish elements come from the decorative backsplash
, the white Spanish floor tiles and the coloured carpets
. Open shelves replace bulky wall cabinets. These are perfect places to showcase your pottery collections.

2. Red and Turquoise Spanish Cuisine

Red and turquoise cuisine in Spain (par.

Spanish cuisine combines bright colors to create warm and cozy effects. This kitchen has red hexagonal tiles that mix well with the turquoise cabinets. Light brown counter tops and cream-coloured walls balance the appearance. Built-in sinks overlook two large windows, allowing natural light and fresh air into the kitchen. Glass cabinet doors show kitchen utensils and ceramics.

3. modern Spanish miniature kitchen

Modern Spanish Miniature Kitchen (par.

This kitchen has been modernized with neutral tones. Wooden elements provide extra warmth
in sterile white, grey and black shades. The dark ceiling beams and the white hexagonal
tiles give a subtle Spanish touch. The white apron adds a vintage
element, but is not too impressive. Different cutting boards and a fruit bowl
serve as daily decoration.

4. Spanish Renaissance modern house

Spanish Renaissance modern house (from

KathyHodges’ house in Beverly Hills has a beautiful neo-Spanish kitchen. It has white
walls and cabinets, a dark wooden floor and an island. The pattern
carpet and the chair cushion are attractive details. The
‘s large clear curtain window is ideal for an intimate family room.

5. Red brick and tile in Spanish cuisine

Red brick and tile in Spanish cuisine (par.

This Spanish
kitchen has brick walls as accents that perfectly match the
red hexagonal tile floor. The classic wooden kitchen island has been upgraded with a
blue counter top. Suspended lanterns and wooden cabinets enhance the classic Mediterranean cuisine

6. Modern Spanish Ranch cuisine

Modern Spanish Ranch cuisine (par.

This modern Spanish kitchen is a ranch-style model with striking woodwork and a long kitchen island that serves as a table. White and wood tones provide a warm look, while decorative tile panes and luminous pendants brighten up the design. In front of the oven and the air vents are elegant air conditioners.

7. Luxury Spanish cuisine

Luxury Spanish cuisine (per @13tables) @13tables

Spanish kitchen radiates luxury from every angle. Decorative tiles serve as
spacers and decorative finishes for the ceiling. Mirrored worktops, a large kitchen island
and solid cabinet walls are equipped with modern stainless steel appliances. Pendants and curved shapes underline the Mediterranean charm.

8. Small Spanish kitchen with decorative arch tiles

Small Spanish kitchen with curved decorative tiles (par.

The arch and the decorative tile
fit in this kitchen. Decorative herb backsplash
in a simple kitchen. The hexagonal tile has a subtle colour and
details that distract attention from the decorative aspects. For more subtle lighting in the kitchen, discreet
ceiling lamps are used. There are also several lamps in the ventilation chimney for functional lighting

9. Bicoloured Spanish kitchen tiles

Cuisine in bicoloured Spanish tiles (par. @caesarstoneus) @caesarstoneus

The trendy two-tone kitchen
is enriched with decorative tiles. This Spanish kitchen tile
has a beautiful blue-white colour. The white part consists of decorative tiles with discrete grey lines. A star-shaped lamp and
stainless steel fixtures complete the look. The wooden floor connects all colours and visually balances the

10. white modern Spanish cuisine

Modern white Spanish cuisine (par.

This contemporary
kitchen combines Spanish tiles and aesthetics with a modern feel for
. The chairs are modest, but with unique lines. White cabinets are combined with decorative tiles. The spheres have a square frame that appears polished
. A rustic mini herb tray is a better alternative than a flower vase.

11. Navy blue Spanish cuisine

Spanish Cuisine Navy Blue (par. @texbatson) @texbatson

The navy blue decor of the Spanish cuisine provides a dramatic look. The dark floor and the striking decorative tiles accentuate the drama. A simple pattern of carpet and brass lamps reduce darkness and add warmth to the kitchen.

12. White geometric kitchen

White Geometric Cuisine (par.

patterns stand out in this white kitchen. The
wooden floors and tile panes have subtle and natural colours, but their unique lines make them a beautiful
decor. The stainless steel sink and stainless steel appliances make the
kitchen more modern.

13. Spacious dramatic kitchen

Spacious and dramatic kitchen (par. @13tables) @13tables

A spectacular
design is ideal for filling a large space. This kitchen has a dark brown
color for cabinets, glossy wooden floors and mirrored worktops as
main features. Single tile along the edge of the ceiling. The beautiful
pendants have yellow spheres that give the kitchen a golden glow.

14. Monochrome Spanish kitchen with wooden worktable

Monochrome Spanish kitchen with wooden worktable (par. rel=nofollow

This monochrome
kitchen uses a wooden pedestal table instead of a real
kitchen island. The drawers offer extra storage space, perfect for the owner of a busy
home with lots of cooking facilities. The black beams on the ceiling reflect the monochrome
floor tiles.

15. U-shaped Spanish kitchen cabinet

U-shaped Spanish kitchen cabinet (par. @alairhomesdelta) @alairhomesdelta

This kitchen has a U-shaped base to increase the working space without taking up too much space. The basic wardrobe has black and white colors for a modern look,
, while the other decorations have warm and earthy colors. The decorative
tile backsplash and the geometric lamp are the most distinguishing elements.

16. Rustic Spanish cuisine and dining room

Rustic Spanish kitchen and dining room (on

This rustic Spanish kitchen
combines kitchen and dining area. The
kitchen island has a mirror finish and an elongated counter top that provides space for a chair. The black and white backsplash
contrasts nicely with the clay floor. The modern lamps are hung from farm ceilings.

17. Hairy Spanish cuisine with outdoor eating

Hairy Spanish cuisine with outdoor kitchen (par. @elolivarronda) @elolivarronda

This Spanish kitchen
has an airy design and the central room is open for a smoother access
. The owner opted for white walls and light brown cabinets. Mediterranean
– Elements come from carpets, decorative cutting boards and decorative tiles for the
-Backsplash. The kitchen opens onto an outdoor dining area.

These Spanish cooking ideas bring the warmth of Mediterranean houses into your modern home. Decorative tiles, wooden elements, beautiful trimmings and warm tones make every kitchen even more charming. Don’t forget to leave enough natural light in the kitchen.

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