Different Types of Picture Frames with Pictures

Frames are a popular accessory for all interior styles and make a great gift.

Discover here the different types of picture frames.


In general, the type of frame depends on what you want to frame. There are many types of picture frames to choose from:

1. Adhesive frame

You need a collage frame if you want to display a selection of different photos in the same room. A collage frame usually contains between three and thirty individual photos, but there is no maximum, and if you have a very large space to fill, you can find a collage frame that will contain even more photos.

A collage frame is an alternative to buying many individual photo frames and can be used to place unrelated photos, although people often choose a number of photos to place in a collage frame so that there is a common theme linking them together. For example, you can show a series of photos of a family party or a wedding.

2. Posterframe


The poster frame is usually large and rectangular and is needed to display a poster or a large print run. These lists are usually not very decorative, so the emphasis is on the printing. These types of frames can have a simple frame running along the edge, but they are often frameless, so that the poster is covered with a piece of glass which is then secured with a pair of discreet staples.

3. Floating frame

Floating frame

The floating frame is made of glass or acrylic, which is then supported by another piece of glass or acrylic. This makes the object you are framing seem to float on the wall, because you can see what’s behind it through the frame, for example. B. Your wallpaper or your wallpaper wall. They tend to give the room a very modern look and go well with minimalist interiors. They are also able to maintain a very neutral style because they do not add any extra colours or patterns to the frame.

4. Shade frame

Shadow box

This type of frame is very deep and therefore ideal for displaying things that are not flat. In general, people use this type of frame to display memories or sentimental objects. The frame protects the objects, and because they are protected by glass, they will last a long time and will not collect dust as if they were just standing on a shelf. The most common objects shown in shadow frames are medals, sports memorabilia, children’s shoes, jewellery or handprints made of clay.

These frames come in different shapes, styles and sizes. For best results, make sure the frame is deep enough so that your objects inside do not come into contact with the glass. Items can be positioned and stored using pens, glue or double-sided tape. Frames of this kind can also be used to display photos, postcards or other flat objects, making them appear to be in a display case rather than in a frame.

5. digital frame

Digital frame

Digital frames have become increasingly popular in recent years because people like to show off their many digital photos. These frames may have a memory capacity that allows you to permanently download photos, or some frames may have a memory card slot instead.

These frames have different settings that can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. You can choose to view a different picture every day, with the frame automatically changing every 24 hours, or you can rotate the pictures every few minutes to see a different memory each time you look at the frame. Depending on the model of the digital frame you buy, the possibilities can be endless.

These frames can be powered by batteries, which sometimes need to be replaced or recharged. Or it could be a sliding frame running on mains power.

6. Documentary framework

Document form

The document framework has a specific format and is intended to display important documents such as awards and certificates. You will often see this kind of institution in a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. They are usually simple in design and classic colours to give the document a professional look.

Display type

Photo frames can have different types of displays, which affects where in your home you can display them.

1. Tabletop


The table frame usually has a folding support that can be pulled out of the back and used as a leg to rest the frame on. This type of frame is therefore ideal for surfaces such as shelves, tabletops or bedside tables. In some cases the folding foot is adjustable, so you can choose the degree of stability of the frame, but this is not a common feature of this type of frame.

Table frames do not always have a folding leg, but can simply have a voluminous design that allows them to stand without a leg. In this case the frame will look almost like a block. Often the frame is equipped with a folding stand and material to hang it up, so you can choose between the two display options. However, you should always check the length of the hinge bracket outside the rear edge of the frame, because if it is thick enough it may mean that the frame is not flush with the wall.

These brackets also influence the weight of the frame because they are heavier on one side and therefore difficult to stand on the wall because they tend to lean on the heavier side.

2. Hanging

Hang up

The suspension frames are equipped with various accessories to hang them on the wall. You can have a single metal hook at the top center that can be attached directly to a nail or screw attached to the wall. Instead, they can have two metal loops, one at each end, which can then be tied together with a graphical wire or rope, and this wire is then hung on a nail or a screw in the wall. If your frame can be hung or placed on a table, but you want to hang it, you may need to make adjustments to ensure it is flush with the wall and not leaning to one side.

If you know that you are going to hang your frame, it is always better to buy a frame exclusively for this purpose, because the hinged support of table frames can make it difficult to hang the frame. If you have a frame that doesn’t have the necessary material to hang it, for example. B. If you have purchased a frame designed to lean against a surface, you can still hang it if you wish. In this case you can attach your own material to the back of the frame, or it is easier to use products that use tape on the back of the frame and tape on the wall.

These products often use Velcro or other fasteners to ensure that the frames are held in place without the need to insert a screw or nail into the wall. This can be particularly useful if you are in a rental property and are not allowed to make holes in the walls.

3. Dependency


The tilting frame has no rear fixings as it is designed to rest on a base. The growing popularity of photo racks in recent years has led to the sale of more and more back-to-back frames, because they are simply placed on the shelf and lean back against the wall.

If you have a large slope, you can place it on the floor by placing the frame on the floor surface next to the wall, where it leans against the wall to support it. These kinds of frames look casual and effortless and are a very modern and elegant way of displaying prints or photos.

Equipment type

The kind of material of which the frame is made has a great influence on the style. You can choose a decorative list that complements your decor, or you can keep the list simple so that the focus remains on the object you are framing. The type of material the frame is made of can also affect the durability and longevity of the frame, as well as the purchase cost.

1. Metal


The advantages of metal frames are that they are hard to damage, strong and yet lightweight. Metal frames can be supplied in different colours, in their natural state and often with spray paint. The surface structure of the metal may be shiny or have a matt effect. It can be flat, or hammered with metal, or bevelled to create a more interesting look.

2. Wood


Wooden frames are very popular because wood is a natural material that looks comfortable and fits well in most interiors. You will find wooden frames in almost every color and style of decoration, with rustic wooden frames with rough patterns or fine wooden frames that have been carefully sanded to look modern and Scandinavian. Most wooden frames are painted and therefore available in almost every conceivable colour. Some wooden frames may be lacquered to give them a shinier appearance or to change the colour of the wood.

The weight of wooden frames can vary depending on the type of wood used and whether they are solid or hollow. If you want to hang a frame, light wood is preferable because it poses far less risk if it falls off the wall, and it is far less likely to fall off in the first place because there is less pressure on the material. Wooden frames are generally durable and if they fall off the surface, they usually remain intact. If there is damage, it is probably not too visible and only adds character to the plan.

3. Ceramics


Ceramics is one of the least popular materials for frames, but it has its advantages. Ceramic frames have a more traditional and classic look. They are therefore often used to show sentimental photos in baby or children’s rooms, such as scanned or baptismal photos. One of the biggest advantages of ceramics is that it is very easy to paint. This means that you can repaint your ceramic frames to adapt them to the new colours of your home, and it also means that they are available in a wide range of designs.

Ceramic frames can easily be personalized with names and dates of birth, and often feature characters from books or movies as decoration. The biggest disadvantage of ceramic frames is their lack of resistance. These frames are prone to chipping or breaking, and will not do well if they accidentally fall from their place on the shelf.

4. Plastic


Plastic frames are lightweight, which means they are easy to hang, but generally the quality tends to be poor and they can collapse in the corners if you try to move them or change a photo. The main advantage of plastic frames is that they are cheap, but you can pay for them in the long run because they tend not to last as long as other types of frames. Plastic frames often look like wood or metal because of the way they are painted, but if you are interested in the appearance of metal or wood, it is advisable to choose the real thing if your budget allows it.

5. Leather


Leather is the material of choice for a picture frame if you want a softer look in your home. Leather frames don’t have the hard edges and corners of metal or wood, and they can give a high-end, expensive look without being too expensive. Choose a smooth, flawless dark leather finish if you want a modern look, or light brown leather that looks older and is worn for a more rustic and comfortable feel.

Suede frames also belong to the leather category and can give a very elegant and soft look to an interior. If you want leather without animal products, you can get fake leather at a cheaper price than real leather. This leather does not age in the same way as real leather and depending on the quality of the material may look a little malleable.

6. Glass

Glass picture frame

The glass frames are very elegant and refined. They can be modern and elegant or in cut glass with a more vintage charm. Glass window frames are perfect for minimalist interiors because they are transparent and therefore do not give the impression that the space is cluttered, but allow light through to create more space. The biggest disadvantage of glass frames is their vulnerability.

If the glass frame is hit, it may break completely or, in the worst case, break. To protect the glass frames for as long as possible, place them on high shelves where they are not easily damaged. When transporting glass frames always use a lot of bubble wrap and make sure that the packaging is properly closed.

7. Mirror glass

The mirror is a popular choice for picture frames because it fits well with different interior styles. It can be modern and trendy, glamorous, vintage or old-fashioned. Each reflective surface helps to create a sense of space in the room. That’s why a mirror frame is a good choice if your room is small, but you still want to show your photos or prints. Reflective glass has the same disadvantages as ordinary glass frames, because it can easily break or shatter. Therefore, keep it out of the reach of children and do not place it on footpaths where it can easily tilt.

8. Crystal

Crystal frames are usually reserved for special and precious photos, for example. For example, at a wedding or on a child’s birthday. These frames can be expensive, but are a great gift for special occasions. They shine when the light hits them and make the image even more fabulous than it already is. Special attention should be paid to crystal frames, because they can break and are expensive or have great sentimental value.


1. Rectangle


Rectangular frames are most common because the standard photos taken with a camera or smartphone are rectangular. This makes it easier to print and display your photos without having to crop them. Other popular exhibitions usually also have the shape of a rectangle, for example. B. Postcards, art prints, posters and certificates.

2. square


Square picture frames are not as popular as rectangular frames, but they are relatively easy to find if that’s what you need. The square shape can look very modern and creates extra interest. If the photo is to be displayed in a square frame, it must be cropped to the correct size.

3. Oval

The oval

Oval picture frames were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were very popular in the 19th century, so today they have a classic and vintage look. Oval frames are often ornamental and decorative to revive the style of yesteryear. To display a photo in an oval frame, it is best to use the frame as a template to cut it to size and shape.

4. turn

Round picture frames are probably the rarest of all shapes. Although these shaped frames can be difficult to find, they offer a very interesting visual function and really help to draw attention to the image they represent.


1. customization

Custom frames are a great gift. They can be configured to contain any name, date or personalised message that you want and that is certainly appreciated by the recipient.

2. Engraved

Frames to be engraved can be personalised or engraved with standard words such as family or love. Just like personalised frames, they are beautiful gifts because they can be adapted to the specific style or circumstances of the recipient. For example, you can have a photo frame engraved with your mother and take a photo of you and your mother as a Mother’s Day gift.

3. Katra

Photo frame with passe-partout

Some frames come with matt inserts, usually in neutral coloured cardboard, which provide an extra frame inside the frame. They give some photos or works of art a more professional look and can create a gallery-like display with a bright border around the image. You can also buy separate frames in different sizes and customize them to your existing frames to change or update their appearance.

4. New

New photo frames

The latest eyeglass frames are available in a wide variety of models and styles. They usually have a theme that you can match to the picture you want to frame, or if you give it as a gift, you can match it to the recipient’s interests or hobbies. For example, you can coach a golf enthusiast, a golf manager or a new parent, a child manager. The latest frames can be very decorative and interesting and give a personal touch to your interior.

Different types of graphic frames with a single image


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