7 Tips on How to Combine Furniture and Decor From Different Styles

Objects of different styles in one space help to create layering and give the environment depth. Such an interior is interesting to consider; it does not seem clear or trivial – after all, this is the effect you want to achieve?

And for everything to be harmonious, take note of our tips.

Combine Items From Several Close Styles

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Use “One Level” Items in the Interior

Obviously, some styles were created to decorate mansions and suites, and others – to create a cozy but simple environment in a country house or a former factory room.

Harmoniously combining things from different worlds is difficult: a crystal chandelier with gilding would look ridiculous next to a modest mat mat mat and a Japanese-style bed.

Arrange Items in Pairs

Want to add a little ethnicity to a Scandinavian interior? Use at least two items: for example, a beautiful decorative cushion and a lamp with a teak base or a bright African mask.

A baroque table will not look out of place if you find a companion for it – for example, an ornate candlestick or a mirror in a carved gilded frame.

Combine groups of objects.

We’re talking about those pieces of furniture that are usually used in pairs or stand symmetrically: dining chairs, sconces, or bedside tables. You can draw attention to them by choosing a design that is different from the main furnishings.

Work Within the Same Color Palette

Color can be your aid when it comes to combining things of different styles. For example, differently shaped dining chairs will look more harmonious if they are painted the same color or upholstered in the same fabric.

Frames with paintings of different shapes and with different decorations will not bring chaos if you make them all black or white.

Bet on a Neutral Background

On a white or light gray background, it’s easier to place furniture of different styles so that objects do not interfere with each other. 

Disguise Large Items

A large cabinet can be painted the same color as the wall so that it doesn’t squeeze with its size. And a bright sofa can be “neutralized” with a calmer blanket or plaid.

Use Items of the Same Size

Try to have the most dissimilar pieces of furniture that are about the same size and shape. So, for example, you can pair a classic couch on carved legs and a laconic Scandinavian sofa – they just have to have the same length.


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