55 Creative Under Stairs Ideas (Closet & Storage Designs)

Welcome to our ideas gallery for spaces under the stairs, which presents a variety of creative projects for this often overlooked space.

All multi-storey houses have a staircase to go from one floor to the other, some even have several steps. Many of these stairs have lost so much space underneath them! There must be some way to use the space, right? Unfortunately, the ceiling of what will occupy the room is sloping and not very large, so we will have to be creative.

After thinking about how to use the space wisely, storage was the best choice, along with a few other creative candidates. If you think about storage now, you’re probably pushing a bunch of old boxes under the stairs you’ll never need again (because that’s exactly what we did in our basement!). That’s not necessary.

Storage ideas under stairs

A cupboard under the stairs is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what’s best in that space. However, there are many alternatives. For those who have a cupboard under the stairs, try modernising the cupboard door to make it quickly look beautiful.

Adapted shelving and cabinets

Creating custom storage under the stairs with shelves and cabinets is an effective design. When the lockers are placed near the driveway of a house, they can be used to store shoes or coats in an easily accessible area. The shelves can be used to store your favorite books or other decorative objects you want to show.

Bar integrated in the house

Who says you should only keep things you don’t use regularly? An integrated bar on the ground floor is an excellent way to decorate the lounge or dining room and offers extremely practical storage space for alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drinks and glassware. It can be used as a porcelain cupboard, but also as a bar, storage and utility room.

This small alcove under the stairs is equipped with two drawers and a small counter to create a house bar.

Bar under the stairs

Under these stairs a wet bar with sink, cupboard and counter has been installed to create a large entertainment area.

portable bar

A portable barley trolley is a simple solution, especially useful for those who like to be entertained.

For this house bar, a wooden cabinet was used as a table for mixing drinks.

Storage boxes

At first I was thinking of boards under the stairs, or cutting them out and making a room out of them, but what about drawers? Make drawers that match the height, width and depth of the bottom of the stairs, and you have plenty of space. You can store a lot of things in these drawers or even in cupboards, whether it’s shoes, tools, games or cleaning products.

Storage of bicycles under the stairs

The space under these floating ladders is ideal for storing bicycles for those who do not have a garage. This is the ideal place for people with an active lifestyle and who want to cycle and ride. More ideas for banisters can be found here.

If you have a basement with stairs leading to it, and there are many outdoor appliances that need a fireplace, you may have just found one. The transformation of the space under the stairs into a bike rack saves space and keeps the bikes out of the garage when not in use. It can also be used as a work of art if the bicycles are well enough and well hung.


You should never send your pets to this kennel, but if you have enough small pets, the stairwell can be the perfect place for them to have their own room. Just like a children’s playroom, make a few adjustments to make the space more liveable for a pet, and maybe even add a lock or places for food and water, and your dog will have a more pleasant environment than the Harry Potter environment under the stairs.

This bespoke design of a doghouse under the stairs provides sufficient space for a dog bed with its own lighting.


decor What does this room mean to be something you enter? Here are many ways to decorate a room to turn it into a work of art, not just an empty wall. You can add shelves, works of art, fake furniture and drawers (or even real ones!), plants, etc. A three-dimensional decorative wall makes a house unique and shows dedication to design! Not many people do it, so everyone will like the built-in wall decoration.

This space can be the ideal place to exhibit contemporary art and make a statement.

This spiral staircase provides space for a large decorative vase to fill up the empty space in the corner.

Table and lamp

Ideal for the entrance of the fireplace. The table and lamp fit well in this room and provide the necessary decoration and functionality.

Lower office no.

A lot of people need a place to work, and what’s wrong with a small corner under the stairs? This may include where you keep your mail and things to get in and out, your computer and maybe even some of the things you use every day.

This modern glass table with swivel chair takes up little space and does not contradict the overall design of the room.

Construction of an office under the stairs

With a smaller, isolated room, you don’t have to take an entire room as a desk if all you need is a touch of the centre. Even if there is room for a small counter, it can be a good place to drop off your mail or leave your keys, so you can walk past it on your way out without forgetting anything.

Library under the stairs

The empty space under the stairs is a perfect place for a shelf. This works especially well when it is within easy reach of a comfortable reading area.

Reading angle under stairs

A reading corner can be created under the stairs, where you can place your favourite sofa with comfortable cushions.

Comfortable lounging room

A comfortable sitting area is always a plus for the living room. Add a floor lamp and a small side table to complete the design.

This French-inspired chaise longue is a comfortable place to lie down and relax.

This space offers various seating options, as well as a shelf and a basket for storing shoes and other items.


A plush sofa with comfortable cushions and a throw is an attractive way to maximise the space under the stairs.

Sometimes it’s not so bad in small and cramped spaces! Add a bench under the stairs and add comfortable cushions, blankets and pillows and you have a great little reading corner! The addition of a built-in storage space for books or your iPad (and perhaps a power outlet when you need to charge it) makes it versatile as a storage and meeting place.

Construction Bank

This custom made recessed couch with comfortable cushions is the perfect place to sit.

Children’s playground

If low, sloping ceilings are painful for people over one metre tall, young children will have no trouble hiding in a small space! Depending on the size you add lighting, ventilation, doors and toys and the children eat their new playroom until they are too big (literally and figuratively).


If you have enough space, you can show your piano here.

Bottom step table

For this interesting staircase design, the wall is equipped with a special blackboard so that children can draw and express their creativity.

Display memory

This handmade design uses the space under the stairs as a showcase for photos and other decorative objects. Objects are stored safely behind a glass window to prevent hands and dust from entering.

Under the stairs cupboard

The pantry under the stairs next to the kitchen can be useful for storing all necessary food, utensils and household items. Additional shelves allow you to organize the items so you can easily find them when you need them.

Wine cellar under the stairs

Under the stairs, wine cellar ideas with glass walls can arouse visual interest and be a great way to use this space.

The space under these stairs is effectively used as a wine cellar with a decorative wrought iron door, wine racks and storage for other supplies.

Wine rack under the stairs

This personalized niche completes the bar of the house for the storage of glasses and has an integrated wine rack.

Seasonal storage of decorations

Most places have seasonal items, whether it’s weather or holidays! Having a well-organized place to store your devices saves you a lot of hassle when traveling out of season. In the space under the stairs you can build special racks or bins for all seasons or holidays for which you have items. They can be color-coded or labeled, or you can just remember what’s there, what works for the user.

Dog washing area under the stairs

A dog washing place under the stairs is especially useful for cleaning the legs of the dog, so that the dirt does not spread throughout the house. Another advantage is that you no longer have to clean your dog outside or in the garage, but can do the work at home.

Small cellar kitchen

A small cellar kitchen with refrigerator and sink is perfect for the inside and makes optimal use of this limited space.

Built-in wall recesses

With a built-in wall niche you can show some of your favourite decorative items, use them as storage or even add compartments to store shoes or other necessary items when you leave the house.

Do-it-yourself planks can be placed in a wall niche without much effort.

To prevent it from looking too messy, decorative boxes can be used.

These wall recesses are used to display large vases and protect them from falling over easily.


This laundry room, which is located under the stairs, is hidden behind the charming wooden sliding doors.

Some subfloors are large enough for appliances like a washing machine and a dryer, but not all of them. If space is available and the right plumbing and HVAC system is in place, this can mean a considerable use of space. Once you’ve installed all the rooms, blinds and a few racks or baskets for laundry and other essentials, you’re done.

Do-it-yourself storage under stairs

A simple do-it-yourself solution for storage under the stairs is to buy wicker baskets.

Adding racks is simple and cheap and offers many possibilities to use this space as desired.

Ideas for the cabinet under the stairs

There are many models of clothing storage that can be made beautiful and useful. Here are some of the best ideas under the stairs.

Shoe storage

In general, one of the rooms next to the entrance or exit of the house, under the stairs, can be transformed into the shoe cupboard of your dreams. Even if the ceiling of the room is very low, it doesn’t disturb the shoes, they are usually on the floor. You can install shelves or buy shelves according to your needs. Adding a door to make the room look messy is another good option.

Cabinet for daily use

Have a closet for all your everyday items such as coats, shoes, scarves, gloves, etc. – is a great way to organize things and avoid unnecessary hassle. The space under the stairs can be a great place for these items! A shoe rack or basket, a rod to hang all coats and several baskets for gloves and scarves make it possible to keep everything under control! Add a door and a pair of hooks to hang your keys, and you’ll never be late for work again because you’ve forgotten where you put something important!

Overflow connection

Now all you can have is a pile of clothes! A small extra cupboard in a previously unused room gives you more space without chasing the family away. By storing your less usual or more formal clothing in an extra cupboard, you’ll free up space in your head cupboard for new favourites! If you’re afraid someone might sneak in and borrow something, you might never see it again.

This creative design uses simple cabinet doors to create an abundance of storage space in an otherwise useful and unused space.

Design ideas for Stair Walls

And what do you do with the part of the wall under the stairs? Here is a selection of furniture and decoration ideas for frames to inspire you.

Adding a chair to your entrance is effective in creating a place where guests can wait. Other decorative objects such as cushions, vases and carpets can be used to connect the patterns.

The addition of a table is an excellent choice because it allows you to show decorative objects and integrate into the general theme of the room.

This large cupboard offers a lot of storage space for lamps and decorations.

A large arrangement of plants or flowers can help to add a touch of colour and brighten up a room.

A made-to-measure built-in bench with storage space can be very useful for a stair wall and gives a lot of character to your interior. A bench in the entrance hall can also be a useful seat for guests.

Under the stairs, window ideas can use the space to create custom seating. This design includes a sofa with colour-matched cushions and storage space under the seat for extra usability and character. Drawer compartments are a great place to store your shoes out of sight.

A period folding table is suitable for those who want a rustic or handmade design.

Wooden entrance bench with storage space under the drawer.

A bench with a shoe storage basket underneath is a handy combination. Add decorative cushions that match the color of the room for added accent. To see other models of handrails for interior staircases, please visit this page.

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