13 Sleek and Chic Oriental Style Room Ideas with Pictures

The Far East, especially East Asia, has been appealing to our imagination for thousands of years and inspires us with its elegant and ethnic decorative elements. The Asian interior style has a lot to offer and fascinates us, so it is not surprising that most of us like to add an oriental promise to their interior. If you are thinking about redecorating your home and need a little inspiration, consider decorating your room in an oriental style to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. But an Asian inspired piece is much more than just adding a few decorative pieces. Creating harmony and balance requires careful planning and precision.

What is an oriental design?

Asian interior architecture encompasses a variety of styles ranging from Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian themes to Japanese themes. It is characterized by centuries of Asian influences from the Far East, with fascinating elements of traditional and contemporary design.

Interiors in Oriental style are inspired by the rich history of Asia and mix it with a touch of glamour. In fact, no two rooms are the same in an oriental design house. The mix of oriental elements with unique modern additions works very well in such interiors. But the basic principle of the decoration style of Chinese rooms is to fill the room with the harmony , the color and finesse of the craft. Asian-inspired designs are synonymous with floral motifs and prints. An expressive, brightly coloured wall combined with upholstered furniture, for example, is perfect for this style and gives it a modern look.

Bamboo beds and wooden furniture, which can be combined with bright colours for added impact, are other important elements of Asian interior design.

Do you need more bright ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of 13 examples with photos to help you decorate rooms in an oriental style.

1. Creating a natural inversion

To create an interior in the Asian style, it is not only necessary to think about furniture and decoration. You should go for authentic elements such as houseplants and wood lamps, as shown here. You can take your exotic Asian sensations to a whole new level. Notice how the pot tree in this Chinese style room has transformed the space of serenity. The natural background plays an important role in the design of this space, so there is no need to repaint the walls or make any other changes to the decoration.

2. Minimalism

Adopting minimalism

Clear, clean lines, pure symmetry and minimalist decoration are of course part of the Zen-inspired spaces. Minimalism plays a major role in Japanese, Chinese and almost all other Asian interiors. The oriental style of the interior design allows effortless minimalism in simplicity. It is important not to obscure the room with unnecessary furniture. For example, a Zen-inspired living room should only be furnished with the necessary furniture and all the furniture should be symmetrical, as can be seen here.

3. Thinking sequence and flow

Order of thinking and acting

Speaking of minimalism, control and flow also fall into the same category. Creating silence in space is a Zen ideology that encourages clear thinking. When we talk about Chinese interior architecture, the philosophy of Feng Shui immediately comes into focus. But let’s not forget Zen, because they are interconnected and believe in the same concept: channeling the forces of energy in space to create harmony. The trick is to organize the layout of a space in order to optimize the chi or energy. Order and fluidity are deeply rooted in Chinese and Japanese culture, so keep this in mind when decorating your Asian-themed rooms.

4. Grid and wallpaper for chinoiserie

Grid and wallpaper for chinoiserie

Trellis and flower wallpaper is often found in houses in Chinese style because it symbolizes the culture of the Far East. But porcelain and lattice work are not only used on the walls. They can be used for everything from screens and headboards to furniture and beds. Grids can vary from geometric patterns to modern floral motifs. The idea is to create an intimate and secluded space with bright surroundings and whimsical details.

5. Dark Zen-style floor

Dark Zen floor covering

Keep the natural Zen theme in a modern living room or dining room by choosing an earthy color such as dark gray , matching the neutral walls. The floor can be in wood , tile or stone for the harmony. The background should be smooth, dark and shiny, as can be seen here. In traditional living rooms, on the other hand, tatami or pure wool carpets are used to divide the space and create a sense of comfort.

6. Mixture of bright colours

A mix of bright colours

Asian styles are full of rich and vibrant colors. A Chinese tinted interior is only bright enough when it is accentuated with bright colours for walls, window coverings and furniture. See how the rich colors of this room stand out from the serene surroundings. Beautiful shades of blue, orange and light are part of the Chinese style. If you like this example, make these colors a must in your living room.

7. All about balance sheet

It's all about balance.

If you plan an interior in oriental style, you will often hear the word -Balance . Balance is undoubtedly a large part of the Zen interior, because it is an essential factor that determines the Asian theme. Choosing colours and textures for your living room is all about finding the right harmony. These can be parquet floors, seating, partitions and any other organic texture. In this Japanese-inspired space, low seats, white walls and wooden floors provide balance.

8. A Water shall have a characteristic of

The water characterisation should

It’s about creating a balance: The water element is an excellent way to introduce Asian style into your interior to create a sense of tranquillity. In Feng Shui the sound of running water is associated with harmony and positive thinking. It therefore makes sense to place an indoor fountain pot or several such things in a corner of the living room. The sound of running water contributes to a pleasant feeling with a calming effect.

9. Flash added to accentuate the theme

Add flashes to accentuate the theme.

In Asian designed interiors, the importance of lighting should not be overlooked. Elegant paper or wicker lanterns enhance the space and highlight the theme. You can easily create an authentic interior with Far Eastern accents by hanging rice paper, wood, bamboo or silk lanterns in your living room or bedroom.

10. Use organic and natural textures

Use organic and natural textures

One of the most convincing elements of Asian design is the use of natural textures that are sure to appeal to environmentally conscious homeowners. Choose this look in the bedroom for a wicker headboard, intricately woven cushions, bamboo bed , bamboo side table and wicker lamp. All these textures bring out the good in nature and fit together perfectly. In this room there is a green plant next to the bed and bamboo accessories that enhance the atmosphere of the room. The organic materials used for the surfaces here are durable to create an authentic Asian feel.

11. Shoji screens for single rooms

Shoji screens for space separation

Shoji Screens have been used in Japanese interiors for hundreds of years to divide space. These rice paper screens can be easily integrated into any large space. Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, there are many shoji screens that can be used as sliding doors for cabinets and secondary rooms. If your budget is sufficient for beautifully designed screens that harmonize with your interior, it is very interesting to add this element to your home. Imagine a luxurious living room with shoji screens, soothing water and lattice work on the walls…. really great!

12. A typical Asian style room

A typical Asian style room

A typical Asian room combines nature, minimalism and colours for a serene life. This modern room is both elegant and comfortable, with a mix of Asian elements such as woven cushions and lighting, an exotic cactus plant, colourful theatre paintings and a wooden headboard for an organic touch, all supported by a wall of wooden trinkets. The feeling we get from the props in this room doesn’t overwhelm us. This is because the mix of natural textures and bright colors go well together in this botanical theme room.

13. Typical Asian style living room

A typical Asian style living room.

As you already know, Asian-style interior design is about creating harmony and balance through the use of wood, stone, glass, bamboo and other natural materials, as you can see in this modern and luxurious Chinese style living room. This example is perfect for those who don’t like boring neutral colours for their interior. Because the Chinese style prefers rich colours, you need to incorporate bright accent tones into your interior – even if you already have neutral furniture you don’t want to get rid of. In this charming lounge, the shades of green, orange and blue do not dominate the cream-coloured seats and the floor. Indeed, all the colours seem harmonious here, don’t you think?

13 Ideas for simple and chic rooms in oriental style with photos


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