18 Stylish Kitchens with Stainless Steel Backsplashes

Release date : 21. December 2020 Shana Yuri

With the advent of modern kitchen design, stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for back splashes. This steel construction can even compete with popular stone or tile spatter.

Stainless steel back splashes are a clear winner in terms of functionality, durability and visual appeal. In the list below you can see how metal back splashes fit in different kitchen models.

1. Stainless steel backsplash in a small kitchen


Despite the limited space, the U-shape of this kitchen makes Zone
compact and complete. The stainless steel flap is attached on all sides of the
kitchen. It reflects the light without making the room appear dark or
. The cabinets are equipped with large appliances, including a
microwave oven and a 24-inch refrigerator.

2. Classic kitchen headband

Classic Kitchen Bar (by deforestarchitects.com) deforestarchitects.com

In combination with showcases, the backsplash of this
bar kitchen gives character to the space. The kitchen is both trendy and elegant
, especially thanks to the unique lighting of the
kitchen island.

3. silver lights

Silver Shine (from contemporist.com) contemporist.com

The large stainless steel back wall of this modern fully silver kitchen reflects light throughout the room. The backsplash itself is not only wide on the surface, but also has a lot of space on the windowsill. You can store household appliances, cutlery or even decorative objects such as stoneware and flower vases.

4. Mixture of two elements

Mix of two elements (from fearns.com.au) fearns.com.au

It is not always necessary to combine a shiny metal gap with a
with the same shiny properties. The combination of different materials –
, this hardwood furniture – helps your kitchen look as beautiful as possible. The integration of metal
in wood makes this kitchen a beautiful example of modern style with a touch of tradition

5. Minimum steel slash in reverse direction

Minimalistic Steel Backsplash (par. brookscustom.com) brookscustom.com

Minimalist aesthetics is the correct term to describe these stainless steel splashes. The backsplash, which protrudes under the wooden wall units, changes the visual aspect of this kitchen beautifully. It also matches the metal counters on the kitchen island.

6. Mixing with wood

Mixing with wood (par. bwadesign.com) bwadesign.com

This is another excellent example of the combination of metal and wood. While the parts of
are completely made of metal, the kitchen cabinets of
are made of wood with metal handles. At the same time, the other elements of the
kitchen – cutlery, utensils and appliances – are selected to match the two elements.

7. Classic silver and black

Classic silver and black (from contemporist.com) contemporist.com

In this minimalist cooking space, a splash of silver slips through the black kitchen walls. This arrangement creates a timeless and elegant look that perfectly matches the smooth wood floor. In addition, the marble cooking island invites you to dine in a pleasant atmosphere.

8. Approval for flat steel

Tile steel Backrest (of brendanwong.com) brendanwong.com

With a futuristic theme, this kitchen has steel backsplashes in the form of similar tiles that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. This theme is also supported by modern cookers with smooth surfaces and clean cabinets that contain no details.

9. Spacious steel kitchen

Spacious steel kitchen (from contemporist.com) contemporist.com

This spacious kitchen is not only made of stainless steel. Instead, it comes with all the steel materials for the entire factory. This includes walls, cabinets, counters, appliances, sink and tap. The design makes the kitchen look like a futuristic interior at first sight.

10. Reversible stainless steel roller shutter with optical illusion

Stainless steel backsplash with optical illusion (par. eurocraftinteriors.com) eurocraftinteriors.com

If you look closely, the shiny backsplash of this kitchen creates the optical illusion of shimmering
patterns. This interesting
backsplash contributes to the overall look of the kitchen. It is also more aesthetic with a pair of white
cabinets and a dining room for three people.

11. Tiled metal back wall in a modern kitchen

Tile carpet in a modern kitchen (by contourinteriordesign.com) contourinteriordesign.com

The stainless steel backrests merge into a modern design – and this kitchen is a perfect example of this. In addition to glossy tiles, sleek cabinets and geometric stools complete the ensemble; all this contributes to a modern and elegant look.

12. silver between white

Silver between Whites (par. illybunn.com) illybunn.com

Give the popular white kitchen a modern touch by adding
silver elements to the space. In this kitchen, tile panes and
metal appliances slide between the classic white cabinets. The two elements form a symmetrical whole in the same area.

13. Metal shaft in modern industrial design

Metal backsplash in modern industrial design (par. bernardandre.com) bernardandre.com

A single-layer metal backsplash attracts attention in this modern industrial kitchen. You can benefit from the practical side of the design, especially when the backsplash is connected to the extraction fan.

14. Steel backsplash between lightweight wooden cabinets

Steel backsplash between light-wood cabinets (from contemporist.com) contemporist.com

Another modern design implemented in this kitchen. Glossy rear walls and worktops are located between the lightweight wooden cabinets. The cabinets are manufactured without handles or knobs, to achieve a feeling of simplicity. The minimalist faucet and kitchen furniture fit perfectly into this design.

15. Simple and modern kitchen with metal shutter

Modern and elegant kitchen with metal back wall (from huntlaudistudio.com) huntlaudistudio.com

In a room with a smooth surface, a stainless steel backsplash seems the ideal solution. This culinary and gastronomic space is well aware of such a concept. The metal backsplash supports the design of the kitchen, which is characterized by neat design and smooth floor and wall coverings.

16. Luxury in white and metallic

Luxury in white and metallic (par. traditionalhome.com) traditionalhome.com

Bring a sense of luxury to your cooking space with the
silver glass pattern backsplash. With its symmetrical extraction fan, the
backsplash serves as a bright and glossy counterweight to the
white marble worktops and cabinets.

17. Adjustment angle

angle backsplash homedit.com

The kitchen backsplash is usually installed in the middle. But in this small, modern kitchen, the element is in a corner, right between the white cupboards. It reflects a certain amount of light so that the small surface of the sink does not appear too wrinkled.

18. Side-to-side metal set

Side-by-side metal backslash (on cbstudio.com cbstudio.com)

To achieve the complete look of a modern design, the metal shutter
of this kitchen is mounted from left to right. It covers the entire work surface of the
and the stove, giving an impression of generosity.

Now you have plenty of information on how to install stainless steel backsplashes in different kitchen layouts and designs. That’s why, whatever the design of your kitchen, you can always opt for a metal backsplash to take advantage of its practical and durable properties.

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