14 Types of Front Doors (Materials, Styles, Security) with Pictures

Front door is the most used and most important part of the house. The choice of door style is fundamental to the success of the facade of your house. In this article I will discuss 14 types of doors and their characteristics.

The front door is the first impression that new owner’s get about their home. The style varies by region, with some suburbs preferring a quaint, cottage-style door. Others go for modern, sleek designs, while still others prefer traditional designs with historical themes. Regardless of the style, a front door opens up the home to potential burglars, a must-have for any homeowner.

This article provides a list of 14 types of front doors (materials, styles, security) with pictures and descriptions.. Read more about pictures of front doors on houses and let us know what you think.The process of building or renovating a dream home is both exciting and daunting. A person should be aware of the best products in the market so that they can make informed decisions that they will not regret later. To complete your dream home, it needs a strong, attractive front door that sets the tone for the entire house. When choosing the right door, the most important factors are safety, durability, energy efficiency and design. This door is the first thing people see when they enter your home. It must therefore be both visually appealing and have appropriate functionality for the area. If you are not sure about choosing the right door, this guide will inform you about the door materials and models available on the market, with the corresponding locks for security.

Wooden doors

If you love tradition and elegance, wooden doors are for you. You are the loudest door on this upcoming list. In addition, they offer a high degree of safety thanks to their durability. Wooden doors with natural finishes are available in walnut, oak, mahogany and other interesting options. Because they are made of solid wood, they save energy and reduce noise coming into the house from outside. Wooden doors can be decorated with carvings, panels or even painted in a different color than the classic wood. On the other hand, these gates are quite expensive to purchase and the maintenance required to keep them in good condition is also expensive. Over time, when exposed to the humidity of the weather, they begin to rot and warp, so the wood needs to be stained or painted regularly. That should not stop you from buying these timeless products. To solve problems, such as. B. To prevent rotting, these doors should be installed so that they are protected from moisture.

Glass doors

word-image-11296 Natural light entering the house through the front door can increase the appeal of the interior, which is possible with glass doors. However, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing these doors. For example, a glass front door in an area where the houses are close together is not ideal because it lacks privacy, and if your landscaping attracts small animals and birds, you will be afraid because these animals may want to enter the house. Glass doors are also vulnerable to burglary, as they can be easily broken open. If you’re still convinced that these doors are right for you, install double-glazed glass doors instead of single-glazed, as they’re thicker and harder to break. They are also better insulators and keep the heat or cold air in, which saves energy. If safety is the top priority for you, avoid such doors or at least buy glass doors made primarily of wood or fiberglass, such as side doors.

Glass fibre doors

word-image-11297 These doors are made of both wood and steel. If you don’t have the money and don’t need the maintenance of wooden doors, fiberglass doors are the best option because the wood grain gives them a nice wood look. Premium doors are extremely durable and reliable and are in no way inferior to steel doors. These doors are much less expensive than wooden doors and are more resistant to wet weather than any other material. This immediately eliminates the problems of rotting, warping and poor insulation. Perhaps the only downside to these doors is that the more expensive ones can be quite expensive and even perform better than some types of wooden doors. But when you see what you can save on maintenance, the purchase price makes sense. Also, most manufacturers do not make custom fiberglass doors. So, if your entrance is a custom size, you may be in trouble.

Steel doors

word-image-11298 Although steel doors are not commonly used in homes, their protective properties may prompt some homeowners to install them as entry doors. Moreover, these doors are a cheaper option, they are less expensive than wooden and fiberglass doors. On the negative side, steel doors are not the most attractive on the list and leave nothing to be desired. They also have no lining material to protect the house from the cold, and in extreme summer heat they can swell. With steel doors, it comes down to safety and price, and for some, that’s all it takes.

Aluminium door

word-image-11299 Moisture, corrosion and external pressure are negative factors that are alien to aluminium doors. Thanks to their rust-free casing, these doors can remain in the doorway for many years without needing to be reworked. If you live in an area where it rains often, this door material is the next best thing for your home. They also have a high strength-to-weight ratio, minimizing the effects of impacts. These doors may not have the visual appeal of wooden doors, but they keep the indoor temperature constant year-round and cost less.

Front door design

Now that we’ve talked about the materials available for entry doors, let’s take a look at the existing door models on the market and analyze which one would best suit your home.

Revolving doors

word-image-11300 If you are planning to build a chic, modern home, revolving doors will definitely enhance the atmosphere you want to create. Today’s homeowners who follow the most modern architectural designs are intrigued by these examples. These doors can be made of glass, fiberglass, steel or wood. Their large size makes them more attractive and minimises the space taken up by a conventional door. These doors are supported by hinges attached to the top and bottom of the door, and can be tailored to your desired width.

side doors

word-image-11301 If you have a perfect interior but not enough natural light to illuminate your home, this is the design for you. These doors bring a lot of light into your home and also allow you to see outside. Plus, you can see who is knocking on your door before you open it, and their elegant appearance adds charm to any home. The biggest danger you face is the possibility of theft, as glass is easily broken.

Speakeasy doors

word-image-11302 If your home is inspired by retro and antique design, these doors are perfect for you. Reminiscent of southern Spanish architecture, these wooden doors have a small window at the top called a speakeasy. This window is protected by metal and is placed at eye level, so a person can easily see who is coming to their front door before opening it. Some of these doors have a latch that goes up when you look out.

Revolving doors

word-image-11303 Think big, think big. Nothing attracts the attention of guests or neighbors like a chic wooden double door. Their majestic appearance elevates the house to the rank of a palace. Moving furniture or other large items will never be a nightmare, and if they are made of glass, they allow much more light into the home. However, these doors are very prone to burglary because of the central locking system, but it is a matter of buying the right locks to protect this door.

Doors with panels

word-image-11304 These are some of the most popular door designs installed with glass or wood. Wood-paneled doors are very chic and add more elan to fairly simple doors. The panels can be single, double or quadruple; it all depends on the style you choose that fits the personality of the house. Glass windows bring more light into your home, but they are also more easily stolen.

Sliced doors

word-image-11305 If you are looking for something that will impress all visitors to your home, choose carved wood doors. With these larger than life door models you can cut out tree, animal and even flower shapes. If you use the right craftsman and the most robust woods, this door will exude strength and beauty. These doors are not cheap because they are custom made, but they are definitely worth the extra cost if you are willing to spend a little more on your front door.

Doors flush-mounted

word-image-11306 You know the expression less is more? That’s what these doors are for. The impeccable craftsmanship of these wooden doors appeals to minimalist homeowners. They are built with completely smooth panels, with materials ranging from plywood to fiberglass, the latter offering more safety. These doors are very modern today and are used by many builders in prestigious homes.

Other exterior doors

While front doors are very important to the home, back or side doors should be carefully considered as they have some of the same functions.

French windows

word-image-11307 French doors complement a home with an open floor plan and are ideal for summer and spring, as they let the cool evening breeze into the home. While these doors are flawless and easy to install, their frames make them vulnerable to theft. Your locking system should have locks at the top, middle and bottom to ensure adequate protection.

Glass sliding doors

word-image-11308 If you have everything you need for a perfect garden with pool, patio and terrace, sliding glass doors are just what you need. Like French doors, they let in even more light, and curtains can be attached to the styles of the doors for privacy and to soften the sunlight. These door locks offer very little security, so they should only be installed in homes with a fence.

Storm doors

Storm doors, which are often overlooked, can be a great help to a home during a storm. They are available in steel, fiberglass and aluminum, but aluminum is much more useful because it is lighter, but also has excellent strength and durability.

Locking devices

We have examined the different types of doors and their advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s see which security locks are suitable for these doors, because the main importance of the door is the protection of life and property in the house. The most common locking systems on the market are deadbolt and mortise locks. Deadbolt locks offer much more security thanks to the deadbolt system; however, mortise locks are also very effective, depending on the level of security in your area. These locks are available in the models below;

Electronic and smart locks

If you’re one of those people who fully embraces digital technology, these two locks will do wonders for your front door. The electronic lock is opened by entering a code on the keypad, while smart locks can be opened from anywhere with an authorized device, such as a smartphone. These locks can fail in the event of a power outage, so make sure they can be opened by hand with a key.

Single and double cylinder locks

Single cylinder locks are popular with many for their simple functionality, which is that they close with a key on the outside of the door and a knob on the inside. Double cylinder locks use keys on both sides, but are much more secure if a burglar enters through a side window and discovers that the door is not equipped with a rotary knob mechanism. When it comes to price, cheap door locks can wear out faster than expensive locks, especially when exposed to seasonal weather changes. Choosing reputable brands like Medeco and Baldwin can also be more beneficial to you in the long run, as they have proven their worth.


In summary, when buying an entrance door, you should consider aspects such as material, design and – very importantly – durability and security. Door locks should be carefully chosen and repaired with the help of a reliable and skilled locksmith. If you still can’t think clearly and aren’t sure which options to choose, make sure you hire a qualified and experienced contractor who can make the right decision for you.While there are many types of front doors out there, there are a few that are pretty common and can be easily recognized. This is a list of them.. Read more about fiberglass front doors and let us know what you think.

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