Best Exterior Colors for a House With Red Roof 

Best Exterior Colors for a House With Red Roof 

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The exterior color of your home is one of the first things people notice. Many colors will have a negative impact, such as white, which tends to make a house look larger than it is. To get an idea for what will work for your house, you need to start by looking at the color of your roof. If you have a red roof, you can try a warm white or a creamy yellow, although the best color for you may be a light tan or a periwinkle blue.

The exterior of your house is a first impression for any visitor, and it can be a big selling point for potential buyers. So, what should you think about when choosing the best exterior house colors? The amount of time that you plan to stay in your home is a big factor. Do you plan to move in the next few years, or is this your dream home? Another thing to consider is your home’s location. If you live in a community as blue world city where other houses have similar colors, you might be able to take more of a chance with your house exterior’s color.

House with a red roof stands out. Red tiles are a vibrant color that can easily be combined with other colors for outdoors. Although red shingles are most often found on Spanish or Mediterranean style homes, they are quickly becoming an essential roof color for many homeowners.

How do you choose the best exterior color to match your red shingles? Ultimately, the finishes of the house, architectural features and landscape must be taken into account, which can be a real challenge. But don’t worry, because in this article we are going to help you choose the best outdoor paint colors so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s get down to business!

How to determine the correct exterior colour for red shingles

Play with different tones

By matching colors and shades, you can determine if your outdoor space will fit with a red roof. As a general rule, most shades fall into two categories: cool shades and warm shades. Warm tones are orange, red, brown, yellow or beige, while cool tones have purple, blue or white undertones.

Since red is a warm color, it makes sense to pair it with warm upholstery. However, red roofs generally go well with most colors, so it’s best to play around with different shades to see which ones you like.

Subtle or dramatic?

Colors can make a home look both striking and subtle, and changing the color of your home’s exterior can have a big impact on its appearance. Therefore, it is often helpful to determine whether you want a light or muted color scheme for your outdoor space. Before you take up the brush, consider whether you want to give your outdoor space a subtle or dramatic look.

To give you an idea: The more contrast you add, the more dramatic the final look will be. On the other hand, the less contrasting or subtle the exterior color, the more relaxed the final look will be.

For example, imagine dark blue cladding with red shingles on the roof. This is clearly a dramatic image, blue is a cold tone. But using a dramatic hue doesn’t mean you have to choose bright, bold colors; the key is to increase the contrast between the color of the siding and your red roof. This will make your home stand out more. However, if you want a more subtle look, you can choose shades of brown or taupe.

Think about the accents and finishes of your home

When choosing the right color siding, not only should the exterior color and red roof match, but the siding and accents of your home should be considered to get the look you want.

For example, if your home’s accents are combined with a red roof, this will help create a consistent and subtle look for the entire house, allowing you to experiment with colors for the siding and trim.

Siding is used to bring more light into the house with the red roof, so the color of the siding should remain the same as the color of the siding. So it is best to use bold shades so that your home does not look dull. Provide a balance between the red roof and the siding so that the color of the siding forms a cohesive whole.

There are many ways to successfully coordinate the color of your siding with the siding, red roof, and accents of your home. By choosing the right exterior color, you can find the perfect combination that will enhance the appeal of your home. Check out our color suggestions with pictures to help you choose the right Siding color:

Best colours for a house with a red roof

When it comes time to repaint the siding, it is important that the colors of the entire exterior match those of the red shingles. While many shades and colors go well together, certain combinations can make or break the appeal of your home. Knowing which exterior colors go best with a red tile roof will increase the resale value of your home. Check out our examples with pictures to get a better idea.


The color gray adds nobility to a house with red shingles. Although grey is a neutral colour, when combined with red it can give a majestic look. The grey and blue trim offers a subtle connection to the red tiles. If your red tiles are leaning towards orange or pink, choose a dark grey shade to complement the wall color. No matter what shade of grey you choose, a black or white front door will still enhance your look!

Here the classic red tiles fit perfectly with the dark grey exterior. The boldness of the orange and red roof is offset by the calm tone of the grey cladding. The white-walled windows accentuate the rest of the house beautifully, and everything blends together seamlessly. All in all, this house with red roofs doesn’t look boring at all!

Earth tones

Red is a warm, earthy shade that combines easily with other nature-inspired colours. Depending on the design or landscaping of your home, you can dress up your siding with red shingles so that the red shingle roof visually complements the rest of the house. When the house is surrounded by greenery, the red brick facade matches well with the red shingles on the roof.

In this example, a single-family house with a red roof and a red brick facade looks harmonious and comfortable. The surrounding landscape evokes the feeling of a forest house and benefits from a sunny home.


The houses with red roofs and white facades are immensely charming. It reminds us of villas by the sea or country houses in the hills. If you’re looking for a classic-style home, why not choose a red roof and white cladding for a striking combination? As you can see here, red and white go well together without being cold and uninviting.

Muted yellow

If you don’t like the bright, saturated color, choose a muted version of yellow for a house with a red roof. Although yellow and red are contrasting colors, when used with restraint, yellow can complement red and form a unity in the overall picture.

Look how beautiful this yellow house is with its red roof tiles. Yellow and red work well with brown doors and windows, as these three color combinations are earth tones that give a warm feeling.

Beige or sand

If you like neutral tones, you can paint your house in a light beige or sandy tone, as each of these colors goes well with a red roof. Like the muted yellow, beige for all upholstery and taupe for the trim create a visually interesting effect. Here is a perfect example of a house with a red roof and sandy beige exterior. To continue in a neutral color scheme, choose white for the front door and garage door, as shown here. The combination of the three colours creates a uniform look and is of course eye-catching!

Is red a good colour for shingles?

The unique color, style and durability of red clay tiles add vintage elegance to any home. The red clay tiles are inspired by Mediterranean design and match various types of cladding. Terracotta red tiles, for example, can enhance stone or brick cladding, making them a better fit for the latest interior styles.

Red clay tiles offer durability and aesthetic appeal. Most clay roofs can last up to 100 years, and some require minimal maintenance. This makes red clay tiles the preferred option for homeowners. Similar alternatives to clay tiles are slate, cast concrete and fired clay. The answer to the question: So red is a good color for shingles, that’s a big YES!

Do the gutters have to match my red roof?

Not necessary. Gutters should match perfectly with your red-roofed home and with the color you have chosen for the exterior. As gutters have a purely utilitarian function, it is preferable to match their colour to that of the facade or roof. After all, the gutters should not stand out visually and distract attention from your red roof. Another option is to match the color of your gutters to the color of your home’s siding, rather than the color of the siding. Most importantly, look at where your gutters are installed to determine which color is least visible from the curb of your home.

Whether you prefer warm or cool tones for your home’s siding, there’s no denying that red shingles are visually appealing when combined with the above exterior colors. Take your pick and grab a brush today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exterior colors go with red roof?

Red is a very strong color that can be difficult to pair with other colors, especially if you are trying to match it with an existing house exterior. While you may not want to choose a red color for your roof, you can still get a look that works by picking complementary colors to paint your siding and trim. If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, one of the first things you should consider is what color you will be painting it. The color of your house from the outside can have a big impact on the overall look of your house. When you are choosing a color, you should also consider what colors will go well with it. Red roof is a popular choice for houses, but there are many other colors you can choose. There are a number of different exterior house paint colors that will go well with red roof.

What color goes with terracotta roof?

The first step to painting your home is picking the right color, and to do that you must consider several things. First, think about what kind of look you want. Do you want to create a cozy feel like you would get by painting the walls a light, neutral color? Or, do you want to create a bold statement with a bright, vibrant color? Once you’ve decided on your aesthetic, think about what color would best complement your home. You might want to avoid colors that are too light or dark when painting your exterior, however. Red-roofed home? It’s the color of passion and adventure, so naturally it’s a popular choice for new construction. If you fall in love with a red-roofed home plan, paint can help you update the home to fit your own style. Choosing the right exterior paint color helps you create the right impression. With so many red-roofed home color schemes to choose from, it can be tough to find one that works for the look you want. You can see the examples of these blog posts at the end of this section. – Write a blog post, titled “Hilarious Red Flags to Watch Out For in Job Interviews” on a (Career) blog

What colors go with a reddish brown roof?

it’s not an uncommon problem: you’ve got a red roof, and you want to paint your house’s exterior. But there’s more to it than just choosing a color. You’ve got to be sure that your color choice is going to work with the existing shade of brick on the house (if you have any), as well as with neighboring houses in the neighborhood. The following article can help you figure out which colors look best with a reddish brown roof. What colors go with a reddish brown roof? If you have a red roof on your house, you’re probably ready to paint it, but you are unsure what color to use to make it look good. There are red roof paint colors that work well, and there are ones that do not. By knowing what colors go with a reddish brown roof, you can pick the best choice for your home’s exterior.

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