13 Types and Styles of Fences with Pictures

Have you noticed that no matter how nice your house looks, the neighbors can always see in? It’s easy for anyone to look into your yard, and even through your house: the windows and doors are too small to keep prying eyes out. What do you do to protect your privacy? There are many ways to create fences to separate your property from your neighbors, but you have to choose the right type and style to keep the intruders out. Here are 13 types of fences with pictures.

His or her job description may vary, but a home decorator is ultimately tasked with providing your home with a beautiful and functional atmosphere. While working as a decorator, he or she is responsible for more than just furnishing and designing your living space. This includes being the one to coordinate all the elements within your home, such as:

Every garden has a fence. And every fence has a style. But there are so many different styles, and so many different fences, that it can be tough to find the right style for your yard. So we decided to take a look at some of the most popular fence styles and find out which one is right for you.. Read more about types of fences and let us know what you think.If you’re completely rebuilding your home or renovating the exterior, fencing is probably at the top of your to-do list. Fences usually have a practical purpose, but they can equally contribute to the overall appeal of your property. Have you already decided what type of fence you need – and if you need it? Because while they are often considered a necessity, they often are not. With a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, it’s a choice worth considering.

What’s in the fence?

Fences should clearly delineate the boundaries of your property and define where the public domain ends and your fort begins. Usually, homeowners think of fences as a way to protect their property: They are a definite deterrent to those who just want to approach your home. If you live in the country or out of town, where wildlife may be present, a fence will protect your yard and pool from bears and deer. If you have children, pets and farm animals, the fence will also keep everyone inside, not just outsiders. However, choosing a fence for your home is not just a matter of security. For a fence to be useful, it must completely surround your property. This makes it one of the most visible elements of the interior. Depending on the size of your home and the type of fence you choose, fences can be the most visible style choice that passersby see. A well-maintained and freshly painted fence immediately increases the appeal of your property. Conversely, a style of fence that doesn’t match the rest of your home or doesn’t fit well with your yard can ruin the work of the best landscaper. How you view your own fence also makes a difference. Some fence designs use thick boards and a dense layout intended to provide additional privacy. If you don’t mind nosy neighbors, but live in a particularly beautiful area, make sure your fence doesn’t block the view you paid for.

Fence selection

As you can see above, your choice of fence can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your property. With that in mind, here is a short list of things to consider before deciding on a particular type and style of fence.

Visualise your environment

How far is your home from surrounding homes? If you live in a relatively densely populated area, you may need to opt for a thicker fence that offers more privacy. If you have a field that stretches around you, you may have more choice. Poles and sticks that can support a vine work wonders if you live in a green area, near a park or a lake. If you live in a drier area, such as the southwestern United States, it is best to choose a white stone hedge, as it is easier to maintain. If an unobstructed view is your main priority, you should also consider the slope and topography of your property. For example, if your house is on a hill, you can build a fence that doesn’t jump and remains invisible.

Estimation of the number of entries required

Some fence materials and designs work best with gates, arches or simple doors. For example, if your garage requires automatic wrought iron fences, you should choose a stronger metal fence model. If you have multiple entrances or want to separate the sidewalk from the entrance, this can be an expensive solution. In that case, choose a smaller, more manageable wood surface.

Consult your HOA

If you live in a gated community or private subdivision, you may not have complete freedom when it comes to decorative or visible elements on your property. In this regard, you need to make sure that the homeowners association does not agree with the style of fence you have chosen. Often many HOAs have certain rules that are meant to make all homes look the same. In that case, they may even ban indoor fencing altogether. Others allow their residents more freedom, but reserve the right to prohibit certain styles or choices. Some reasons why the HOA may impose a veterinary ban on a particular fence are:

  • If it blocks or encroaches on an adjacent driveway or property.
  • If it poses a safety risk in the event of evacuation.
  • If it contains incompatible colors or unusual patterns
  • If it creates a favourable environment for certain undesirable species or insects.

Check the weather

Local weather conditions will likely have a limited impact on your aesthetic choices. However, they do play an important role in the longevity of the materials you choose. If you live in a cold, dry place, this probably won’t be an important factor. In such a climate, most materials retain their basic properties for as long as they should. On the other hand, the problems usually start in people living in hot or tropical climates. General Rule: Avoid metal doors when summer temperatures approach or exceed 100° F: It can be dangerous to touch them because of the heat.  If you have children or small pets, this can lead to regular visits to the doctor if someone accidentally reaches for the scalded slope. In addition, certain types of coatings and paints can provide additional insulation, making metal fences safer. If your area is both humid and hot, consider a composite fence instead of a traditional wood fence. Indeed, wood is not so durable in the tropics. Finally, hedges and vines should be avoided in areas where snakes or mosquitoes are present. They can quickly become breeding nests!

Types of fences by material

The easiest way to classify fences is by material. Besides the nature of the construction, the materials largely determine the durability and safety of your fences. The main materials used for residential fences are:


Popular, affordable and classic, wooden fences are as old as the concept of private property. In general, wooden fences are relatively easy and simple to install, especially if you choose a low model. Besides, wooden fences are remarkably flexible. It is not a material that naturally makes you lean towards a certain style. You can set the height and length of the shelves used and their distance from each other. In addition, the type of wood you use will also affect the overall look and durability of your fence. For example:

  • Red cedar is quite expensive, but can last up to 50 years. It is also resistant to plague and termites.
  • Oak is another excellent choice for tall fences that can last more than a decade.
  • Spruce has a very traditional look, but only lasts about 5 years. However, the texture absorbs color well and gives bright colors.
  • Bamboo is the new trendy alternative for warmer climates. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but needs to be replaced quickly.

To extend the life of a wooden fence, you need to treat and maintain it constantly. Some types of wood can be protected from moisture with the right kind of paint or varnish. On the other hand, stained wood fences often look older and more elegant than new fences. Accidental damage or wear and tear can be spotted very quickly.


word-image-15836 Metal lasts forever – at least if it doesn’t rust and if a professional burglar doesn’t cut it in half. In most cases, metal fences are made of iron, steel or aluminum. Steel also comes in many alloys and variations, allowing you to play with its heat resistance, impact resistance or weight, and even its appearance. One of the main advantages of metal is its versatility. In theory, the metal can be cast or welded into any shape. If local regulations don’t prevent you from doing so, you can incorporate foliage, bird motifs, or even unconventional scary statues into your wrought iron fences. Other types of metal fences include mesh fences or smooth aluminum panels. In any case, this is an expensive but high-end door option. Metal is also difficult to install because it is heavy and requires professional labor. Once the initial installation is complete, however, good metal doesn’t require much maintenance aside from routine cleaning.

PVC fence

word-image-15837 PVC is a synthetic material that can easily be made to resemble another material. In terms of fencing, it is particularly useful for those looking for a cheaper and easier alternative to wooden fencing. Since PVC is essentially a type of plastic, it is also an excellent alternative for people living in tropical climates where wood tends to rot quickly. However, PVC components or panels cannot really be altered or customized to your home (unless they are custom made, in which case they will be much more expensive). As a rule, they should be bought in a certain style – such as a traditional white hedge or a Mediterranean imitation. They are often modular, so you can easily add an extra section or a few more vertical posts to customize your site. There are two types of PVC fences. Pure PVC fences are made entirely of plastic. They are very cheap and easy to transport, you can even try to install them yourself. However, such a light fence does not provide reliable protection against burglars or animals. Instead, you can opt for PVC composite fences. They are essentially made up of wooden boards or posts covered with PVC. This makes them a little stronger and the wood inside remains protected against external influences thanks to the PVC.


word-image-15838 Like PVC, vinyl is a synthetic material that can be made to look like many others. However, it is heavier than PVC and can withstand more severe impacts. It can be so light that you can carry and set it up without any help. In addition, vinyl has a shiny quality that often looks good in the sun. The same special coating also prevents it from getting dirty (by neighbouring plants, the weather or vandalism). Therefore, vinyl fences can be easily washed with a garden hose: After washing, they are almost always like new. Hinges and other fasteners are generally maintenance free. They are more expensive than PVC fences.


word-image-15839 Stone fences are heavy and can be expensive. However, if you are into gardening, they can be a great addition to your existing landscape. Initial installation can be tricky and require the help of a professional, but if done right, nothing short of an earthquake will destroy your stone fences. A large part of the final cost will depend on the type of stone you use. New types of porous stone (often called eco-stone) are designed to allow mulch and lichen to grow on precast granite. This gives them a vintage and antique look in less than a year. Other types of stone are less expensive, but look less beautiful. A good way to counter this is to put up a low, hidden stone fence and surround it with tall hedges or shrubs.

Types of fences

The materials you use to build your fences are only half of the equation, although they are obviously a major cost in your construction project. However, the appearance and privacy of the fence you choose will largely be determined by the architectural style you choose.

Traditional picket fences

word-image-15840 Traditional picket fences are almost always white and are so well known that they need no description. An examination of their cultural influence might be more useful here. A suburban home surrounded by a white fence is often seen as a symbol of conformity, but it is also associated with a sense of normality, security and completeness. If you’re having trouble getting permission from the municipality for a new fence, the most reliable option is a white picket fence. It should be noted that a standard white picket fence does not provide much privacy. The overall height can be adjusted so it’s no longer easy to jump – but this style tends to look a little massive when it gets above hip height. Picket fences are traditionally made of wood. If the prospect of spending a weekend each season repainting and reworking your white picket fence doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for a vinyl fence.

Farmyard closures

word-image-15841 Farm fences are a surprisingly popular choice in suburban and upscale counties. The wide horizontal posts and boards used in farm fences do not offer much privacy. They can act as a break-in barrier if supplemented with barbed wire or thorn bushes, although the former is unsightly and the latter requires extra maintenance. But in an age that ironically wishes to return to a familiar and simple past, farm fences remind us of the rough edges of the Wild West. This style fits very well with country style houses or neo-Spanish architectural styles.

Metal mesh fences

word-image-15842 Chain link fencing is the least expensive of all metal fences. They are childproof and, if tall enough, can also serve as a good barrier for pets and fast basketballs. Normally chain fences do not require much maintenance. They are also almost completely transparent, making them a good choice if you want to communicate with your neighbors through the fence. The joints in chain links can easily rust or become dirty. In most cases it is sufficient to clean them with a jet of water. If you want to make maintenance easier, choose a vinyl-coated chain.

Forged gates

word-image-15843 Heavy, stately wrought iron fences are what we usually picture when we imagine a private, high-end property. They can be easily modified by adding additional welded shapes. If you can get the help of a good designer, wrought iron is also a great way to play with curves and intricate patterns. If you want to install an automatic gate or a sliding gate, wrought iron is an excellent choice. With proper maintenance, they can last forever – remember that this maintenance may include frequent washing and repainting.


word-image-15844 A wood grid pattern may be appropriate if you want to create a country or vintage look. In solid colors or with a muted wood, they can also be very elegant. White mesh is also a common choice, and rivals the white picket fence in terms of versatility. If maintaining and repainting a picket fence is too much work (unfortunately, the gaps between the wooden elements can easily become dirty or hide rotten spots), you can use them as a starting point for vines.

Fixed obstacles

word-image-15845 Solid fences generally use thicker boards or wood instead of posts or closely spaced posts. The highest possible level of confidentiality shall be sought. If you have a pool in your yard or do regular DIY, consider a sturdy fence: You make sure that voyeuristic neighbors are not part of your life. For this reason, massive fences are often considered unfriendly and not appreciated by newcomers. If you choose this model, opt for an attractive color and finish – neighbors are less likely to complain if they look good.


word-image-15846 A hedge is a dense, well pruned shrub that should both act as a barrier and be an integral part of your garden’s landscaping. They offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fencing your property and almost always add a nice touch of greenery. If you choose the right kind of shrub, you can look even more beautiful in spring, when all the flowers have finished flowering. This has two drawbacks. Firstly, hedges require almost constant maintenance. You will probably need to prune, water and fertilize them. Secondly, they do not last forever and are not easy to install. When you first plant a shrub, you need to take care of it until it becomes a reliable hedge. Additionally, some species may lose their foliage or density after the fall and winter, leaving your property unprotected. A good way to counter this is to put a hedge around an existing low stone wall.


word-image-15847 Creeping vine and ivy varieties often look great between old buildings or around very green areas. Many grape varieties grow quickly, but need nutrients. For this reason, they are often considered a nuisance when growing around brick walls: The root system can destroy the structure. However, if they are mounted on a wooden trellis or lattice, they are not at risk of an expensive or permanent construction. Instead, they will form a green waterfall that will be beautiful on both sides while providing a high degree of privacy. Vines take time to grow and may need guidance at first – especially if there are trees or walls near your fence. Once established, however, they are completely self-sufficient. Make sure they have enough water!


Fences are generally considered functional. In fact, they can change the look of your home. A well-designed fence can be a deterrent, but also an invitation to admire and gain privacy. Ultimately, it’s your choice! If you liked this article, also check out the following articles.Fences have been a part of American design and architecture since the Roman and Greek periods. Fences are used to delineate space and to create privacy.. Read more about pictures of fences and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different fence styles?

Fences are a popular choice for exterior additions to your home, but they can vary in style and material. Whether you want a traditional wooden or chain link fence, a more modern metal fence or a garden fence, you may need to know the different types and styles. Of course, if you have a farm or an acreage, you might have a lot of ground to cover. This article is about five different types of fences and how you can choose the most suitable one for your needs and budget. The choice of a fence depends on the type of farm, the farm itself and the surrounding landscape. If you are into animals, you might consider fences with a gate at one end. If you have cattle or sheep, a wire fence will be your best choice.

What are the different types of wood fences?

There is no better way to protect your privacy and add value to your home than with a carefully grown wood fence. This natural material can be used to create a wide variety of different types of fences, from a modern look to a cottage fence. Fences, gates, walls, and buildings are all man-made structures that serve a purpose in our lives. Fences, walls, and gates are used to keep us secure and safe, while buildings are used to house us, provide us with shelter, and keep us cool in hot summers. Most of us don’t think twice about the materials used to construct these structures, but they do play an important role in our daily lives.

What is the easiest fence to install?

One of the most basic components of a home is a fence. Whether it’s a simple privacy fence, a gorgeous wrought iron fence, or a garden gate, a fence is a perfect addition to any property. There are so many options out there, from wooden, chain link, or wrought iron fences to stone, brick, or concrete fences. You can even choose to go with a chain link or a wrought iron fence that surrounds the entire perimeter or the fencing can be installed as a few sections. There are tons of different styles, materials, and options, and choosing the right fence for your home is something we need to do. As a real estate professional, I know all about fences. In fact, I’ve built over 100 of them. In this post, I will show you 13 different types of fences and how to install them. I will also provide some pictures of the fence styles I have built in my own yard, and how I built them.

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