13 Music Room Decor Ideas to Get Tuned Into

To a music lover, there’s nothing quite like their favorite room in the house. A room that combines their two great loves—music and home decorating. We love listening to music in our homes, and thankfully we live in a time where we don’t have to compromise space for audio equipment. We can put speakers in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more. In fact, a good set of speakers can make a room more appealing, if you can just find the right design to match.

If you’re a music lover, then you probably consider your home to be an extension of your heart and soul. After all, you take time to design the perfect space to make it your own. But how can you create a music-themed space that isn’t your typical rock star room or your boring dorm room from college? The simple answer is to think outside the box. Here, we’ve rounded up some fun and creative music room decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Adding decor to a music room is almost like an afterthought, and many people don’t even realize that the room is there (if it is even a dedicated room). But this can be a big mistake, considering that music rooms are used to store instruments, CDs, and other musical items that can be stolen or broken. Here are some decorating ideas for music rooms to help keep everything safe and organized.. Read more about music room wall decor ideas and let us know what you think.If you play a musical instrument as a hobby or profession, you will probably want to set up your own music room or studio. Music rooms are great for all ages, regardless if you’re not a professional musician. A separate room where you can listen to your favourite music or play a musical instrument is enough to disconnect you from the outside world. To entice you with wonderful music room decoration ideas, in the following paragraphs we will show you all the different ways to decorate your music room.

Furnishing ideas for music rooms

guitar wall bracket

Hanging a collection of guitars on the wall is a great way to give your room a musical theme. Beginning or professional guitarists always have several guitars in their music room. And much better than on the wall! Guitar holders are a great way to store your instruments and draw attention to your wall decor. Even if you don’t have a guitar to hang on the wall, you can buy cheap used guitars at vintage music stores.

Sticking on music stickers

To decorate your music room in an original way, you could hang sheet music as a decoration. It will brighten up your space beautifully. Hang notes or stickers outside the door or on the main wall of the room. Search online stores for music stickers or decals. They are very unique and can be easily adapted to your space. Musical notes on the wall are a great accent, and if you’re inspired by this idea, extend the eclectic vibe to the ceiling and floor!

To fill a room with musical instruments

If you are a music lover and have many musical instruments, it would be a good idea to display them all in a music room where they can be easily seen. Instead of making a messy music room with all the instruments lying around, hang a few on the wall, like the guitars we talked about earlier, and put a piano or drum kit in the middle of the room. All other tools can be carefully placed in a corner where they can’t be moved out of the way. You can also place your small musical instruments on wall shelves or hang them on hooks. The other large ones are good for placing in the corners of the room. This will make your room more organized and free of clutter.

Show your love for music by installing a classic display wall as the centerpiece of a music room. You can hang photos of your favorite artists, band autographs, sheet music or even photos of yourself playing an instrument on the gallery wall! The display wall can be as creative and individual as you like, as it should reflect your musical tastes and preferences. And you never know, you might inspire fellow musicians to do the same with their music rooms!

Writing music on the wall

A great music room wouldn’t be complete without a chalkboard on the wall! Most musicians usually write music on paper, but why not use chalk to scribble a melody in your head. A large blackboard can help bring out the inner Mozart in a more creative way. But even if you just want to use the board as a wall decoration, you can draw tools on it or write quotes from your favorite artists on it. This is definitely a great way to personalize your music room and give it your signature look!

Create a soundproof room

You may enjoy playing or listening to loud music, but your neighbors won’t enjoy it as much as you do, so keep that in mind when designing your music room. It is important to prepare the room by installing acoustic tiles or panels on the walls and soundproof curtains in front of the windows. Soundproofing your music room ensures that your surroundings are not disturbed every time you play your drums or guitar. Nothing is worse than a nicely decorated music room with insufficient sound insulation – it’s no use to anyone!

Stack your favorite albums

By stacking a collection of your favorite music albums in your music room, you create an easily accessible listening station. Put a comfortable chair or couch next to the albums where you can sit and enjoy the music. And don’t forget the CD player, it’s a must in this room. To neatly stack your music collection, organize them alphabetically (by artist name) on wooden shelves or racks. This way you can find this album in a few seconds!

Lighting must be present

In a professionally designed music room, the lighting should also follow the same theme. Let it be colorful or as simple as you like, but make sure it matches the decor of the room. Depending on your needs, it is best to turn on both dimmed and bright lights. Too bright a light can cause eye strain, and too little light can make you lose track of what you’re doing. A balance between the two is recommended so that you can use them appropriately.

Use strong colours

Add personality to your music room by making it a self-contained space and choosing a striking color, as seen here. If you like bright colors, choose burgundy or rich red and use it repeatedly in your music room. Combine or contrast the colours of the furniture with those of the walls. By creating a warm atmosphere, you will definitely want to spend many hours playing your favorite musical instruments. If you want to create a quiet space where you can relax and listen to music, choose grey or off-white to achieve the same effect. Musical instruments break the monotony of the whole. A collection of musical instruments on a wall or in a gallery can reinforce a theme and provide cohesion.

Add upholstered furniture

If you often play an instrument, a music room with too much echo can be a problem for your roommates or neighbors. This is especially true if you play drums or guitar, as the music will be especially loud. A good way to dampen noise is to use upholstered furniture. They will make the ear easier, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them. A sofa, cushions, armchairs, upholstery and fabric curtains are excellent sound absorbers. And the beauty of these pieces is that they complement the rest of the music room decor and can easily be moved around to change the acoustics of the room.

Fill the space with more fabric

The music room in your home should not only be filled with musical instruments and your record collection. After all, you want to relax and listen to music in this room, so it makes sense to bring in fabric. A comfortable sofa with plaids and cushions, a rug and macramé will create a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and listen to music. As you can see, this elegant music room is not just for playing or listening to music. The upholstered furniture here includes a fabric sofa, armchair, plaids and bedspread that create a welcoming atmosphere.

Paint the walls in a soothing colour

Earlier we talked about choosing a dramatic color for the walls of the music room. If you don’t like bright colors, another alternative can be a quiet paint color, such as white or beige. Still not interested? What about wallpaper? Whatever color you choose, remember that it should have a calming and soothing effect, so avoid bright or bold hues. The idea is to soothe the eyes and even encourage some creativity. Choose basic colors like white, cream, sandy beige or muted yellow.

Designing the space to be multifunctional

If your music room has limited space, consider using it as a guest room or bedroom instead of an exclusive music room. A folding bed that can be folded down or stored away is ideal here. This way you won’t feel cramped when you play a musical instrument or when guests come to stay the night. Have our ideas for a music room inspired you? You don’t have to break the bank and buy a bunch of equipment to set up your music room at home. Make it as simple or as creative as you like by following one of our suggestions above.Whether you’re an aspiring musician or just have a passion for all things musical, you’ll want to create a room in your home that is an extension of your musical sensibilities. In this post, we’ll show you how to do just that by highlighting 13 ways to create a music room that fits both your personality and your musical abilities. The post goes into the following 13 points: 1.       Create a designated listening area. A dedicated space for listening to your favorite albums from beginning to end is a great way to make your music room feel professional. 2.       Create a sound system. Make sure you have a sound system that is worthy of your music collection—remember, this. Read more about music themed room decorating ideas and let us know what you think.

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