17 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets for Modern House Interiors

Release date : 16. December 2020 Shana Yuri

Who says rustic kitchen cabinets are just for old houses? Many modern houses now have a rustic kitchen because they look warm and comfortable. Rustic elements can only be created from basic elements such as kitchen cabinets.

Some rustic cabinets have a unique exterior finish of only
wood, while others imitate the classic cabinets of early modern houses. Here are 17
ideas you can try for your modern kitchen.

1. Cupboards in patinated wood with large beams


cabinets have patinated wooden cabinets that look like the kitchen of a
mountain house. The cupboards and large ceiling beams look rustic, but other
details (marble worktops, washbasins) make them even more beautiful. A
metal hatch and two modern hanging lamps also contribute to the modern look of the

2. renovated old kitchen cabinet

restored antique kitchen cabinet (from architecturaldigest.com) architecturaldigest.com

This old
piece of furniture has been repainted to make it usable, but the patinated wood effect has been preserved for the authenticity of the
. The wardrobe has quite a capacity, ideal for a single parent
, a couple or a small family. Light and dark shades of green add colour to the

You can create a
storage space in the cabinet for extra items. Si z. B. the door is open, you can see what’s in the closet. Various
cup and mug hooks are available for storing other porcelain items.

3. Walnut for the modern kitchen

Notes for the modern kitchen (par. allardandroberts.com) allardandroberts.com

Rustic kitchens often use dark woods (such as walnut), but this modern kitchen also retains the original colour of the dark wood. Grain patterns become natural decorations on cabinets and floors. Three hanging lamps, marble worktops and stainless steel fittings add modern elements.

4. Period kitchen with cornice

Period kitchen with cornice (optional) optional

cornice and vintage design provide timeless elegance. These cabinets have characteristic
cornices that accentuate the faded white ground colour. Dark coated
metals are available as handles, taps and lighting fixtures.

cabinets look great on a slightly darker floor. The kitchen island is also dark,
and contrasts with the white cabinets. Two beautiful lamps with dark metal
lights also adorn the kitchen. The open shelves give colorful signs.

5. Dark rustic wood with brick wall

Rustic dark wood with brick wall (from homecrestcabinetry.com) homecrestcabinetry.com

dark wood cabinets fit well with the accents on the wall. They have a textured
finish with dark metal handles. Dark tones can cause a feeling of clutter
if you do not check the use, but white ceilings and walls dissolve

The accent wall is made of carefully chiselled brick and opens onto a large French door in the middle. Stainless steel elements are present in different places so that they act as

6. Kitchen units for rural areas with clad stone walls

Rustic style kitchen cabinets with lined stone walls (by periodarchitectureltd.com) periodarchitectureltd.com

The country kitchen cabinets offer an old-fashioned, almost nostalgic charm. These rustic-style kitchen cabinets have been repainted in a refreshingly bright turquoise. There is a shorter piece of furniture that can be placed in the empty space between the stove and the larger piece of furniture.

cabinets are a perfect match for natural stone walls. They are also ideal for the wooden beams of the
ceiling. The green wood contrasts nicely with
with smooth wooden floors and stone tiles.

7. Wooden cabinets for toilets

Wooden cabinets for the Villa (par. barebonesely.com) barebonesely.com

cabinets in rustic style are suitable for the cottage kitchen. Everything is finished with
wood, even the countertops. Red goes well with wood and
stainless steel appliances. The cabinets are placed in certain places so that there is room for a window.

8. Rustic cabinets in a luxurious ski chalet

cabinets in a luxury ski chalet (by. stoombootlocalbrokers.com) stoombootlocalbrokers.com

This luxurious kitchen in ski chalet style
is equipped with beautiful rustic cabinets, cooking island and floors. These three
components have natural grains and unpolished surfaces. They bring
authenticity in a modern and luxurious kitchen.

9. Simple and practical wooden cabinets

Simple and practical wooden cabinets (by viennawoodworks.com) viennawoodworks.com

These rustic wooden cabinets are simple, but sensible and practical. Cupboards consist of floor, wall and tall units. The kitchen island has extra cabinets, with an extended sink for the dining table. A large cupboard converted into a refrigerator.

10. Dark cabinets with subway tiles

dark cabinets with subway tile (from dakotakitchen.com) dakotakitchen.com

These dark brown
cabinets contrast with the white tiles of the metro.
The marble counter top has black and white patterns that make
interesting. Stainless steel technology contributes to the modern part.

11. Wooden cabinets with narrow kitchen for farms

Wooden cupboards with elegant country kitchen (par. kitchencraft.com) kitchencraft.com

kitchen has a warm and comfortable farmhouse look. However, the overall appearance is smoother
. These wooden cabinets reflect the design, with smooth
finishes and marble worktops.

12. Vintage grey cabinets with decorative panels

Vintage style grey cabinets with decorative panels (par. dakotakitchen.com) dakotakitchen.com

These grey
cabinets are lucky to have decorative panels. Coloured plates (and other pottery) were exhibited on the shelves. These showcases are equipped with a stack of
open shelves for the presentation of decorative ceramics, including plates.

13. Weathered wooden cabinets

Wooden cabinets with patina (par. @avisiontoremember) @avisiontoremember

These grey
cabinets have an extremely weathered appearance, perfect for the contrast with other
cabinets. The marble counter top has distinctive patterns and balances the
for a raw look. For example, you can combine them with something shiny. B. A white on the ceiling and floor.

14. Chestnut cabinets in the white kitchen

chestnut cabinets in a white kitchen (par. houzz.com) houzz.com

cabinets look attractive when placed in a room where
units are mainly white. White subway tiles and window frames should not shout and attract attention. This brown cabinet makes this white kitchen more interesting

15. rustic cabinets with beautiful lamps

rustic cupboards with beautiful lamps (par. homedit.com) homedit.com

cabinets in rustic style have a modest design, perfect for a small kitchen. The most striking features of the
are the lamps with decorative glass caps. The
lamps illuminate a large marble worktop with an elongated top.

16. Rustic farmhouse with chicken wire

Rustic farmhouse with chicken wire (par. homedit.com) homedit.com

Add rustic charm to rustic wooden cabinets with mesh. Thanks to the wire you can look inside and the contents remain safe. Natural grains allow you to associate them with everything.

17. Rustic longitudinal open cabinets

rustic oblong open cabinets (via architdigest.com) architdigest.com

What if you only have a small room? Use these open shelves as extra storage
. You can display your record collections on open shelves.
They are comfortable and inconspicuous. The stone sink
and the copper tap have become real landmarks in the kitchen.

These 17 rustic kitchen cabinets are simple but beautiful and creative. You can use one of these ideas to build a simple and beautiful cabinet. Decorate your kitchen and beyond with recommended do-it-yourself ideas.

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