12 Bamboo Decoration Ideas to Style Your Home

Bamboo is a natural material that represents nature. Used in interior design, it captures the essence of the outside world. For modern furniture, you can introduce bamboo decoration to give a special touch to your interior. There are many ways to design your home with bamboo. For your convenience, check out our best bamboo decorating ideas with images.

12 decoration ideas with bamboo

1. Bamboo as a room divider

When you divide your rooms with bamboo, the open spaces become more private and you don’t have to knock down the walls! Simply place a few bamboo poles close together to create an effective barrier between the two spaces. Bamboo walls not only divide rooms, but also give the room a refreshing look.

2. Bamboo as an accent wall

Bamboo as an accent wall

Another way to create a natural and refreshing look in your home is to use bamboo as a wall. This can be done by hanging a large bamboo panel from the ceiling, as seen here. This accent wall is further enhanced by the shelves and decorative elements applied to the bamboo wall. The minimalist look of this wall works in any room of the house.

3. Bamboo decorative lamps

Decorative bamboo lamps

No room is complete without lighting! Transform your rooms into warm and welcoming spaces with unique bamboo lanterns. These fixtures are important decorative elements for any home, but be sure to choose your fixtures carefully. Think about where you want to hang them and how much light you want in your rooms. Bamboo lamps give your home an exotic and serene look – provided you combine them with bamboo furniture.

4. Bamboo poles to open up your room

Bamboo sticks as an accessory for your room

Bamboo poles don’t have to be in pots to accentuate the space. They can be strategically placed in the corner of your room to create a tropical atmosphere in a calm and original way. Another way to accentuate your bamboo decor is to press self-supporting posts against the wall for a serene effect. This is the simplest decoration idea you can do with bamboo sticks. If you have high ceilings, you can even use these ceiling styles or place them against other bamboo furniture like cabinets or drawers. These large decorative pieces are the perfect way to decorate your space and create an exotic look.

5. Mirror with bamboo frame

Mirror with bamboo frame

The central bamboo mirror immediately attracts attention. In fact, with such a unique mirror, it will be difficult to see into the distance. The semi-circular bamboo poles or slats are simply inserted into the frames, so all you need is a round mirror in the middle. Hanging such mirrors on the living room wall is a natural way to draw attention to the artist’s work. Frames of different heights with segmented bamboo and wood work very well because both materials look the same. As an alternative to mirrors with bamboo frames, you can also choose canvas paintings with simple frames or bamboo strips. Draw the frames in a darker color to contrast with the light.

6. Bamboo bed and headboard

Bamboo bed and headboard.

To make a striking entrance into the room, you can accent your bed with bamboo. For example, you can choose a bamboo bed to give your room an elegant and unique look, as in this example. Here the bamboo bed is complemented by bamboo lighting and matching planters. This is a great way to add depth by decorating your room with bamboo. The headboard of this comfortable bed is light and sturdy, but what makes this bamboo-decorated room stand out is the dark wall that serves as the backdrop. There is something luxurious about this classic room with light bamboo tones.

7. Bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture is not only suitable for use in the garden or on the terrace. It is an excellent alternative to wood because you can create a tropical theme in your living space. Introduce comfortable bamboo furniture alongside your bamboo posts and wall treatments to accentuate your interior. A complete set of bamboo seats gives an attractive look, especially in coastal or tropical themed rooms. There are many styles of bamboo furniture to match the decor, and some have smooth, glossy surfaces with a wavy finish. For example, a bamboo coffee table is an original addition to living rooms. Whether you choose a square or round bamboo table, you will also need matching side tables for refreshments or reading material.

8. Bamboo boards

Bamboo boards

Bamboo boards are practical and fashionable. No matter what you put on these shelves, you will definitely use the space they contain efficiently. You can place bamboo shelves in any room to decorate your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Bamboo shelves offer plenty of storage space and the material is strong enough to support the weight of most items – provided you attach the shelves to the wall in the right way.

9. Bamboo indoor plants

Bamboo houseplants

To create a calm and serene environment, opt for the freshness of bamboo houseplants. If you like Zen gardens, you don’t have to limit your options by keeping the bamboos outside. Placed in pots, bamboo plants give a feeling of comfort in any room where they are placed. Bamboo requires little maintenance and is ideal for small indoor gardens.

10. Bamboo carpet

Bamboo carpet

When we talk about bamboo carpets, we can think of carpets woven in sandy or dark brown colours. But you’d be surprised to learn that there are many other types of bamboo carpets, from colorful area rugs to carpets with narrow striped patterns. Using a bamboo mat in your living room or dining room is a great way to minimize spills. Indeed, bamboo rugs are much easier to clean than textile rugs or carpets. Another good place for a bamboo mat is the entrance.

11. Footprints in a bamboo frame

Printing in a bamboo frame

Bring some elegance to your interior with a gallery wall of prints in a bamboo frame. These beautiful decorative objects come in all shapes and sizes. As an alternative to traditional wooden frames, you can add a real touch with large bamboo frames. This material is lightweight, so you can display as many framed photos as you want on your fireplace, wall or nightstand.

12. Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds

Bamboo curtains have a natural and delicate look. Moreover, they are known for their durability and resilience. These types of blinds are easy to clean and provide effective light and privacy control. Modern bamboo blinds are available in a wide range of colors and styles to cover windows of all sizes.

Why you should decorate your home with bamboo.

Respect for the environment

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. This old building material is lightweight and just as durable as wood or plastic. But unlike these two materials, bamboo is renewable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows quickly, so it is not difficult to produce and harvest the plant.

Ease of maintenance

Bamboo is a low maintenance material. Depending on the condition, you can easily maintain your bamboo ornaments by applying a layer of sealer. This will protect your bamboo element from discoloration and weathering, but you will need to apply the sealant once a year if you store the element outside. Sealing the bamboo also prevents wear and keeps the product in its original condition.

Highly versatile

Because bamboo is a fast-growing plant, it is both strong and cheap. In fact, it is one of the most resistant natural materials available. This plant has many useful properties and has been used for thousands of years in Asian countries to make carpets, shutters and furniture. Western countries are also aware of the real benefits of bamboo and appreciate its strength. Using this exotic material in your home is a sustainable option that will help fight deforestation, not to mention add a vibrant and personal touch to your space.


For a complete change to your interior, choose some of our examples of bamboo decoration to create an Asian or tropical theme in your home. This minimalist-looking material is more affordable than wood, but just as durable. So it makes sense to decorate your home with bamboo to create a warm and authentic atmosphere!


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