Want to Try Painted Wood Floors? Read the Pros and Cons

Publication date : 25. September 2020 Shana Yuri

Wood floors are very popular in architecture and design because of their unique and natural look. This eliminates the idea of painting wood floors.

While some people think we should see the natural beauty of wood, others prefer painting as a practical, inexpensive but beautiful idea of beautification.

If you are planning to renovate a floor using this method, you are probably caught between two points of view. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this guide will help you.

1. Reasons for staining floors


Despite some contrary opinions, painting on wood is a common renovation option. There are many reasons why people want to cover the natural beauty of wood with a solid color. The most common:

Painting the surface is the easiest way to hide the signs of wear and tear. The old painted floors are not only interesting, but they also hide the traces of age. These marks are often hard to hide if you just brush them up.

Changing the color of a home can radically change a space. Even without having to buy new furniture or renovate your home, new paint attracts attention. Painting is the easiest way.

  • Giving a new context to change design

Sometimes you want to change the style of your home. The restoration of an old wooden floor provides a new design decor.

While some appreciate the natural beauty of wood, others like to experiment with colors and patterns. If you belong to the latter type, painting your floor is one of the best ways to create new effects.

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2. Plus points for varnishing floors

As a renovation method, painting wood floors has several advantages, including B :

Wood floor repair is a relatively inexpensive way of repairing a wood floor. Just buy the paint color you want to look really different.

  • Can manipulate light and the size of space

Restoring a wood floor is similar to choosing the color of the main element: You need to adjust the option according to the size of the room and the natural light source. For example, white stained wood floors are ideal for small spaces.

Painting a wood floor is a great way to get a bolder, more modern look. Instead of exposing the natural grain of the wood, you can make the floor scream louder by painting it a solid color.

  • Many opportunities to be creative

If you are a creative soul, painting floors gives you the freedom to be creative. You can combine two different colours or try out large patterns on different parts of the floor. The sky’s the limit!

In addition to all these benefits, painting a wood floor can also be a fun DIY project. You can even let the kids repaint the floor with their own hands and have fun doing it.

3. Ratio of varnished wood floors

Despite the benefits, there are legitimate concerns about painting floors, for example. B. :

It is difficult to find the right combination of colors for refinishing wood floors. When you choose certain colors, they can affect the look of your home. If your home has a classic design, a brightly colored floor may not be a good idea.

Sometimes builders or owners regret their decisions when projects are halfway through. If you repaint the floor and suddenly get a new breath or make mistakes, they are hard to fix.

Restoring an old wood floor can refresh its appearance, but it’s not a long-term solution. Also, regardless of the quality of the paint, you should repaint the wood every two or three years to keep the colors bright. Otherwise, your floor will look tired.

Finally, you can reconsider the idea of painting the floor. In many cases, refinishing a floor is considered damage and can reduce the value of the property.

Many potential buyers are also disappointed when they find that the natural beauty of a wood floor has been obliterated.

4. Tips for restoring wood floors

Despite its drawbacks, a freshly painted floor is a great way to freshen up your home. Here are some tips you can follow to get good results:

  • Template or band drawing

If you want to get creative, use stencils or tape on the floor to create intricate patterns. Use smaller brushes when working with small patterns.

  • Prepare a temporary place to sleep

Paint produces low-level fumes that can make you sick after prolonged exposure. If you are repainting floors (especially in a large house), find a temporary home. Let the soil dry for at least a week.

  • Choose the right colour for your floor

If you have a lot of feet on your floor, choose a paint that can protect the floor well. Coatings such as oil-based enamels or porta-paints are perfect for controlling the wear and tear of heavy traffic. Black stained wood floors have an exclusive look and can hide some of the common footprints.

Also, remember that refinishing a wood floor is a long-term project. It takes at least two weeks to repaint the floor, from sanding to the actual coating and painting.

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5. The ideal way to restore a wooden floor

To hide the old look of wood floors, you can try some tricks, such as. B. :

  1. Sand the entire surface of the wood floor with sandpaper. Just remove the sheen or shine from the old flooring.
  2. Vacuum and clean the floor.
  3. Use multiple coating methods. Ideally, start with a very thin coat while waiting for it to dry, before sanding the surface a bit and starting the second (and main) coat.
  4. Attach decorations (if possible). You have to wait until the coat is completely dry before you do it. It usually takes one to two weeks.
  5. Apply sealant to the surface. Although it is not mandatory, you can use this method to protect the surface of your wood floor.

If you follow these steps, even the amateur handyman can get better results.

Restoring a parquet floor is not always a good idea, but it will give your home a new look. Think carefully about your plan and design, as it is difficult to correct once you change your mind.

If you are sure, use the right technique to get the best painted wood floor. This new look is sure to freshen up your home.


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