10 Unique Shower Enclosure Ideas to Choose for Super Luxury Home Feel

Release date: October 27, 2020 Shana Yuri

The shower stall is an important part of your home. To maintain an elegant atmosphere in your home, you should pay special attention to the bathroom. The atmosphere should be clean, comfortable and have all the necessary amenities.

Once the basic functional requirements are established, it is time to think about the interior design. This will affect your daily mood. If you own a luxury home, you may need exceptional and unique interior design ideas that you can implement.

Here are 10 elegant shower stall ideas based on different factors.

Shower ideas based on shower stall design

Here are some ideas for shower coverings based on the fence design. Depending on the shape and size of your shower area, you can choose the right model.

1. Rectangular or square shower stall in the corner of a large bathroom.

You can place a rectangular or square shower stall in any corner of your bathroom. If the space is large enough, you can place it right in front of the bathroom door when the bathroom door is left open.

If space is limited, a corner installation is the best option. Due to its shape, it is not easy to move. Therefore, you should consider a long-term investment. For this purpose, you can use a frameless cabinet. Thanks to the translucency of the light, it creates a sense of brightness and grandeur.

All in all, it will be a luxurious addition to your bathroom. Sliding shower walls are also the best choice to beautify your bathroom.

2. Corner shower cubicle with quadrant


To do this, you need to place two curved glass panels in the corner inside the shower wall. If you have a small room, this is ideal instead of using rectangular glass forward.

With this installation, inside and outside look like a very unusual combination. It creates an excellent accumulation for your bathroom because of the uniqueness of the furniture. It saves space thanks to the unique type of curved glass.

You can choose frosted glass, low-iron glass, bronze glass or gray glass for this cabinet.

3. shower cubicle


A shower stall without doors. It uses an open interior concept. It allows easy access from the shower room to the rest of the bathroom. This space needs an ideal water drainage system with a waterproof floor.

Otherwise, the toilet floor stays wet and water can flood the toilet room. However, when installed without doors, it gives your room a clean, uncluttered look. Since it is a room without doors, you can use a frameless cabinet for a stylish look.

4. Shower stall for small homes


The idea of a compact shower wall can be applied if you have a small space in the bathroom. For this purpose, you can install a curved shower wall with a frame. To make the space presentable, you can use colored tiles inside.

This is a great contrast to the colorful interior design. It is ideal for small one-bedroom apartments or small houses.

5. shower cubicle for couples


This unique design idea is suitable for apartments where only two people live. It is a shower stall with marble tiles. You can use unique shower heads like the rain shower or hand shower. It is just perfect for developing the intimacy of a couple. The frameless enclosure is mainly suitable for this installation.

Soulful ideas based on location

Your shower stall ideas may also vary depending on the location. You will find great ideas depending on the location.

1. shower and washing machine


It is designed for people who want convenience and efficiency in the same space of the bathroom. It is a combined installation with half wash and half shower. If you don’t have extra space for washing, you can choose this idea.

It will also reduce the number of dirty clothes in the house. The frameless clear glass body should be perfect for this decoration.

2. shower cubicle under the stairs

It is an idea for a shower room with tiles and glass. It is a basement shower room. You can make the design by combining hatch tiles and floor tiles with attractive colors.

Consider using clear glass for an unobstructed view through light transmission. An excellent idea is to use unused space in the basement. However, drainage and plumbing needs to be considered.

Shower ideas with the right color and floor covering

Here are some ideas for shower stalls based on color combination and floor style. You need to decide the color and style of the floor based on the users of the sink. Here are some great suggestions.

1. black and white shower stall


If you want to create a traditional look, this option is perfect for you. You can install a black and white shower bathtub. It will not disappoint you with its elegant aesthetic.

These colors are a long-term trend. It is impressive to see that you do not have to worry about additional decoration. Glass speakers, frameless or not, are suitable for this decoration.

2. fully tiled shower stall


This design involves tiling your shower room from floor to ceiling. If you are able to choose the color of the tiles effectively, you will enjoy it. Choose a color that is always fashionable and preferred by all members of the family. Moreover, it helps to protect the floor and ceiling of the shower room.

3. children’s shower cabin with rich colors


The most difficult task is choosing a bathroom for the kids. For adults, it is easy to choose a color that fits the trend, but for children, you have to focus on their mindset.

The colors should be vibrant and the colored glow should encourage them to take a bath. Children like to play with water while bathing. So prepare a shower room with a framed shower stall. Always provide a large mat and a non-slip floor to prevent accidents.

Shower stall ideas can help you create a super-luxurious home with a stylish shower stall.

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