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Release date: February 14, 2021 Shana Yuri

Knowing certain furnishing styles is essential for anyone considering renovating their home. After all, this investment is not just about improving the space of the environment and the functionality of daily life.

Jewelry should also show your personality and what you like, and for that you just need to understand your jewelry style better.

So it’s all about finding the interior style that suits you best and underlines your personality – with your face and in your own way! It is also easier to think about decoration and find the right things when you already know and master your style.

Do you want to know more? How about familiarizing yourself with basic decorating styles? How is this done?

1. decorative style:cool

The cool style has the perfect decoration for those looking for a relaxing and fun environment.

This style is for those who like to play with colors, for those who love distinctive designer furniture and antique appliances, and for those who want to add a personal touch to their surroundings. Decorating with lots of personality is simple and modern. Style Tips :

  • How would you like to create a retro kitchen? A colorful vintage refrigerator can complete the look and combine style and functionality!
  • Choose furniture with a clean and modern design: small round tables and benches with toothpicks, vintage-style wooden chairs, colorful night tables.
  • Use pictures, stickers and images on the walls that reflect what you like. Posters of movies or artists, some themes, abstract drawings with lots of color. Choose what you like best because it reflects who you are.
  • Create an unusual color palette by playing with bright, neutral colors. You can choose colorful furniture and gray on the walls, or create a colorful mural and repeat some of it on the furniture.
  • Adding a unique keychain that reflects your personality adds an extra freshness to your already beautiful decor. Click here to go to for unique keychain ideas.

The cool style allows for a lot of ingenuity and creativity, so don’t overdo it! Always remember that harmony is very important, even in the most irreverent styles.

If you want super personalized decor but are afraid of doing something wrong, you can call on a decorating specialist to help you put together your environment.

2. decorative style: minimalist

This style strives to create an environment that contains only the essentials for your daily use. The motto of minimalism is “less is more”, always! The result is an organized and clean space, without excess and many objects.

The minimalist decor creates an effect of calm and serenity, and gives a sense of detachment from everything unnecessary and superficial.

Minimalist style tips:

  • First, think about the layout of the furniture. Choose what you actually use and leave the rest.
  • Choose practical furniture with a clean design. Remember that this style doesn’t keep things in plain sight, so choose furniture where you can clear away clutter.
  • Use a neutral color palette: black, white, gray and cream always go hand in hand! The environment is bright and harmonious, with the advantage that there are not many mistakes in the combinations.
  • Create a well-lit environment by making the best use of natural light. With artificial light, more directional lighting can highlight certain points in the environment. For example, a floor lamp that illuminates a chair or a low chandelier above the dining table.
  • Use a minimum of decorative elements. Frames and pillows are preferable, but you can also use useful objects as decoration.

Once you achieve a minimal environment, it is one of the easiest styles to adapt. The hardest part is practicing detachment, creating a multi-part space and keeping it organized at all times.

For those who rise to the challenge, the results can be beautiful and liberating!

3. Decorative style: industrial

More and more, the industrial style is used to stay. It is ideal for those who want to create a different environment with more personality.

This style is often inspired by industrial warehouses with their open chimneys, unfinished walls, large windows and high ceilings. But today this style can be adapted to any apartment, even the most compact. Want to know how?

Industrial style tips :

  • Use gray on walls or surfaces that look like a rustic wall, such as burnt cement and brick.
  • Choose practical furniture made of wood and metal, preferably without upholstery.
  • Do you have a very old, rusty iron table? Or a worn out leather chair? You can incorporate them into your decorations.
  • Use a color palette that mixes sober tones like brown, gray and black with warm colors like red and orange.
  • Chic rugs, pillows and blankets to make the environment comfortable.

The industrial style plays with a more austere and improvised space, but also brings warmth and a sense of belonging.

4. Decorative style : Modern

The modern style emphasizes a clean and refined atmosphere. The furniture has a different design, the colors are balanced and harmonious, the decorative objects are chic and modern.

The secret of this style is a neutral and elegant decor, but with a few accents: a bright color that recurs in the painting and on the pillows, something unusual, a composition with mirrors. The result is a pleasant, sophisticated and surprising environment.

Modern advice:

  • Use decorations, frames and prints to add color. Choose a lighter color to mix with more neutral tones. For example, yellow and turquoise look great with white and gray, while purple goes well with brown and cream.
  • Use of wood: in paneling, furniture, decorative elements. Brings elegance and warmth that goes hand in hand with style.
  • Stylish lighting to make the environment even better. Perfect indirect light, with cornices and recessed lighting. But you can also use a beautiful chandelier and some floor and table lamps.

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