Why You Should Wash New Sheets And How to Do it

You’ve just received a new set of sheets from the store and can’t wait to fall asleep in your new soft sheets. But before you put them on the bed and enjoy the lushness of the fabric, take a break! Does need to wash the new sheets or use directly from the packaging?

Lucky for you we have all the information you need here. Find out why and how to wash new sheets by reading this article now.

Why you should wash new sheets

Avoid skin irritation – When you remove the new sheets from the packaging, they look clean and crispy as if they were ready to use. But the reason they look so good is because there are additives in the substance. Starch and sizing are chemicals used in the treatment of bedding. These additives give the fabric a sharp, smooth finish to maintain the appearance of the sheets and prevent wrinkles. The additives around the fibres form a protective barrier between the plates. Dimensional chemicals can be plastic or plant-based.

Some sheets, even the softest and most silky, can be stiff or itchy when removed from their packaging. This is exclusively due to the additives in the substance. And you don’t want to expose your skin or your family to these chemicals!

Some people can experience itching and irritation when sleeping in new, unwashed sheets. Therefore, whether you buy cotton, silk or satin bedding, it is advisable to wash new sheets before using them to prevent skin reactions. A little soap and water gives them a fresh, clean scent. After all, doesn’t everyone want to sleep better in perfumed sheets and also protect his or her skin?

A lot of bedding made in one country is dyed or sewn in another. Properly cleaned substances may contain a mixture of chemicals, including formaldehyde resin, which is used to prevent the growth of mold on the tissue.

Most manufacturers today use such packaging chemicals on films to keep moths and insects away while the products are on the shelves. Although formaldehyde resin is good for the tissues, it carries the risk of respiratory problems such as chest pain, shortness of breath or coughing. People with asthma and allergies are at increased risk of developing side effects from these chemicals.

Polyester and acrylic are synthetic substances that derive their colour from chemical dyes. These aniline azo dyes can be deposited on your skin and cause side effects such as eczema, redness, dry and inflamed skin, or traces of sweat. A few washes may be necessary to remove excess dye. So make sure you wash your new sheets separately to prevent the dye from passing into your clothing.

Linen in rich colours does not fade quickly. However, if you wash them for the first time and you notice that they discolour, this is a good indicator of the quality of the bedding, in which case you can claim a refund. Other defects in the bedding may also occur after rinsing. From loose fibres to holes and cracks appearing on the sheets, you will only know the quality of your new sheets after the first wash. If you find such defects, you can get your money back or exchange the sheets for a better quality set.

What if the leaves are organic?

While it is a good idea to buy breathable organic bedding, especially if you have sensitive skin, you should know that the fact that bedding is organic does not mean that chemicals are not used.

Organic cotton is not exposed to anti-wrinkle additives or formaldehyde resin products, but it is still processed on looms and often packed with a plastic coating. It is best to wash organic sheets to get rid of any chemical residues.

6 Washing method for new plate

So you bought new sheets and decided to wash them before you started using them. Before giving advice on washing your new bedding, it is always a good idea to read the cleaning instructions on the label. There are important factors that need to be taken into account, such as. B. The colour and material of the panels.

Like the z-leaves. If, for example, they are made of 100% cotton or a polyester/cotton blend, they can be washed in warm water without any problems. Flannel beds, on the other hand, are delicate fabrics that are sensitive to high temperatures. They flake and shrink when exposed to hot water. It is best to wash these sheets in cold water and air dry to prevent damage. The same applies to dark substances; these should always be washed in cold water and dried at a low temperature.

Here are 6 ways to wash new sheets:

  1. Natural soda and vinegar – This solution softens your sheets. With a cup of bicarbonate of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar, you can leave out the detergent. This natural mixture removes contaminants from the leaves without damaging the substance. Rinse with hot water to loosen the fibres and give them a fresh scent!
  2. Let the bedding dry in the open air – To keep the bedding as soft as possible, let it dry instead of using a dryer. The heat from the dryer can damage the fibres in the plates. It is best to hang them in the sun or let them dry on a dryer at night.
  3. Use Drying plates – Drying plates are an alternative to fabric softener. These sheets minimize static electricity and make the bedding smell good. Drying sheets also reduce the characteristic smell of new sheets.
  4. Iron the sheets – If you want to keep the look of your new bedding, just iron it! Ironing removes wrinkles or folds and gives them a nice appearance.
  5. Washing with a mild detergent – Washing your new bedding with a mild detergent is another good way to get rid of these harmful chemicals. The smell of the old sheet is eliminated after the first wash. To refresh the sheets, we recommend the use of detergents suitable for sensitive skin. Avoid washing at high temperatures and always read the washing instructions on the label to avoid damage to your bedding.
  6. Add Borax – Half a cup of borax in a tub of cold water is enough to soften and freshen your new sheets. Let them stay overnight in this solution before washing the sheets the next day.

Useful tips: It’s always a good idea to store freshly washed bedding in a cool, dry place. Although drying in the sun has its advantages, you should not dry the sun-coloured sheets more than once every few months as the colours will fade.

After the first wash, make a habit of washing bed linen at least once every two weeks during the hot summer months, when perspiration is more likely to occur. Regularly washing your bedding will protect your health and prevent bacteria, insects and fungi from growing in the fabrics.

Step-by-step instructions for washing sheets for the first time

With all these ways of washing new sheets, you should now be ready for your first wash. Take the time to thoroughly clean your ground cover set to remove preservatives and additives. Follow these instructions to wash new sheets for the first time:

Step 1: Select the cold water cycle of the washing machine.

Step 2: Add baking soda and vinegar (but not together) or a cup of mild detergent.

Step 3: Place the plate in the machine and close the lid.

Step 4: Add a cup of white vinegar to the last rinse (optional).

Step 5: Take the sheet out of the machine.

Step 6: Let the plate dry in the open air.

Step 7: If you want to dry the leaf in a dryer, you must choose a low temperature cycle. Otherwise the colour of your skin will fade or the fibres will become stringy.

Useful tips: When washing new leaves, make sure to add baking soda to the vinegar, because the mixture reduces the effectiveness of the vinegar. There are special compartments for this purpose in a separate compartment of the washing machine. For best results, add baking powder at the beginning of the wash cycle and then add vinegar for the final rinse to maximise the effect of the vinegar.

B Summary

So the answer to the question whether you need to wash new sheets is a resounding ‘yes’! Now you know exactly why and how to wash your new bedding before using it. After all, you want to sleep well in your new sheets! Freshly washed sheets are always nicer than unwashed, don’t you think?

Why you need to wash new sheets and how to do it.


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