10 DIY Tricks for Organizing Your Kitchen in 2020

Care to add something to your kitchen? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Doing the work is hard, and we usually mess it up. Why are we attracted to big, sensational do-it-yourself videos, even though we know we can’t do it?

Let me tell you this: DIY is not spending too much money. If you make big changes to your kitchen and you can’t make them, you’ll ask even more than a professional to spend on a renovation.

Get your hammer and nails in order, because we have the perfect ten do-it-yourself tips to help you organize your kitchen, which you’re going to love! Let’s get started:

1.      Suspended banks

3 Floating glasses

Image source

It’s pretty hard to keep all the spice jars in order. Sometimes you accidentally knock one over in a hurry and knock it over.

This do-it-yourself kitchen organization trick not only reduces the amount of clutter in the kitchen, but also gives the kitchen cabinets a unique look. Just nail the lid of the box under the cabinet and you can damage them.

2.      Sinks

labelled glasses are hung under the kitchen cabinet

Image source

The inside of the sink is always dirty. Admit it, you really don’t care to get organized and just put things in place when you can get out of the store.

To get access to the right cleaning solutions and keep them organized, why not install a pull-out shelf? Instead of one storage space, you get four racks with this simple do-it-yourself trick.

3.      Magnetic spice holder

magnetic herbal jars

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How many times have you used the wrong herb because you didn’t look carefully at the packaging? If you want to keep all the herbs you use in your daily life in full view, make a magnetic herbal rack.

It only takes a few elements to build this plank: Magnets and a stainless steel wall plate. The herbs will be clearly visible and you will be able to clean the boxes and get rid of the parasites attracted by the smell.

4.      Sliding shelves for tights

Sliding larders

Image source

Most people want the luxury of a pantry, but with a small kitchen that is impossible. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we turn one of the old cabinets into a storage room?

The cabinet can be equipped with compartments of different sizes and can arrange the utensils accordingly: top for herbs, bottom for pots and pans and bottom for rice and flour. This is one of the best ways to organize your kitchen and make the space more spacious.

5.      Kitchen channel diagram

Ingredient measurement table

Image source

Do you like cooking? Then you’ll agree with us when we tell you that it’s pretty hard to follow recipe T. Your hands often get dirty, making it difficult to use your phone.

That’s why we bring you the ingredients chart. Just get the simplest measurement map from Google and draw it in the cabinet.

Break the measuring plate and hang the measuring cups and spoons in place. Next time you’re in trouble, just open the closet and know how much to use.

6.      Metal cans

Kitchen pots labelled and placed on a shelf.

Image source

This is probably one of the simplest tips for organizing the kitchen. As already mentioned, the situation may become more complicated if the ingredients are similar and close together, such as sugar, salt, flour, baking powder, etc.. Just put a clear sticker on the cans and that’s it.

7.      Organized storage of equipment

Appliances individually stored in a kitchen cabinet and labelled with Scrabble.

Image source

You know that: You open the housing of the device and need to disentangle many cables to get to the desired device?

Well, not anymore! With this simple do-it-yourself trick, you can create separate compartments for your devices. To help the hobbyist navigate through the units, label the compartments with scratch letters.

8.      Toolbox Organizer

Dishes organised in a kitchen drawer with partitions

Image source

Grab your glue gun and think of some wooden planks for this do-it-yourself trick. Measure the dimensions of the kitchen utensils and create compartments. It’s a good trick not to be rude when you’re in a hurry.

You can get boards of any material and size on Amazon. A set of fives costs $11, so you know this stuff is pretty cheap.

9.      Refrigerated shelf

A sink full of sauces and other kitchen utensils, which hangs on the side of the fridge.

The cooling board is a construction that does not need to be hammered, hammered or sawn. If you have old shelves, collect them together and just hang them on the side of the fridge.

10.      Wine rack for wooden barrels

A wine rack made of a wooden plank containing two bottles.

Image source

You probably don’t have a wine cellar and all your beautiful bottles of wine fit in one cupboard. Well, this do-it-yourself thing is pretty simple. This requires two things: a wooden board and stainless steel or copper strips. Just drill one end of the strip into the wood and bend the other end to hold the bottle.

And here are the top ten tips for organizing the kitchen. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Home Depot and get all the tools you need for these projects.

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