What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Roof Windows?

Release date : 29. December 2020 Shana Yuri

In a house with a functional attic, the installation of skylights is a necessity if we want to feel comfortable in the rooms under the roof. Skylights are the best way to illuminate an attic because they let in 1.8 times more natural light than traditional window glazing.

What do you need to know before you buy skylights?

Skylights in attics or attics not only provide additional interior lighting, but also allow gravity ventilation. This is particularly important in rooms without conventional windows, where blockages can occur.

The ability to open a window to ventilate the room is therefore invaluable.

Types of dormers

Before deciding on a dormer it is useful to get to know the different types of dormers. Depending on the type of glazing, a distinction is made between Tilt&Turn windows, Tilt&Turn windows, Sunroof windows and L-shaped windows.

The type of opening affects the ease of use and the possibility of installing it in the roof. The most commonly used type of glazing in a roof is the revolving window, which can be rotated 180 degrees.

This design makes cleaning windows much easier and without having to bend down, the cleaning process becomes much safer. Revolving windows can be fitted with an upper or lower opening.

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The first type is recommended for children’s rooms – the high position of the handle will make it more difficult for a child to open the window. However, for buildings with knee-high walls, a dormer window with a lower opening would be a good choice.

When selecting the windows for the various rooms, attention must be paid to the material from which they are made. Skylights are usually made of wood, plastic or aluminium.

Wood frame glazing works well in most rooms, such as bedrooms or living rooms. However, in interiors where humidity is high, it is better to opt for plastic or aluminium windows.

For example, Fakro offers plastic or wooden windows that are painted with a polyurethane varnish and are highly resistant to moisture, so that they can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

How to position the skylights in a practical way?

Before installing skylights, you should think about where they will be installed. The efficiency of daylight and good ventilation of the interior depends on the right choice of glazing position.

The principle is as follows: The bigger the room, the more windows you need. In concrete terms, the glass surface must be at least one eighth of the floor area.

It is better to choose several small windows at different locations on the roof than one large one to effectively light the room. The orientation of the interior in relation to the sides of the world must also be taken into account when planning the interior.

For optimal lighting it is recommended to install skylights on the south side of the roof, as this is the sunniest part of the roof. However, to ensure good ventilation, it is better to place the windows on both sides of the roof or, if this is not possible, in the middle.

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How to install a skylight?


The correct installation of skylights reduces heat loss to a minimum. For a warm window installation, the windows must be firmly attached to the roof and well insulated.

Sealing wires are used for thermal installations because they form an effective barrier against heat, steam and water vapour around windows.

When installing the window, the installation height of the glazing in the roof is also important. It is important to know that the higher we install a skylight, the more natural light will effectively illuminate the interior while increasing visibility.

Therefore, when mounting the skylights, both the upper and lower edge must be taken into account – the upper edge must be at least 220 cm above the ground and the lower edge at a distance of 110-140 cm from the ground.

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When choosing dormers, it is a good idea to take their type and function into account. An important point is the resistance of the glazing to moisture, mould or mould attack, as well as the thermal insulation, which prevents heat loss. In order to obtain efficient and uniform interior lighting, it is useful to ensure that the windows are well distributed in the roof.

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