What is a Thermal Fuse and How Does it Work?

Most of us know how fuses work and how they contribute to the proper operation of electronic devices and other electrical systems. They protect against current overloads that occur when other components run through the system and burn out or in case of fire. They are designed to easily stop or interrupt the current before it can cause permanent damage in most cases. What is a thermal fuse and how does it work?

What is a thermal fuse?

According to SWE, a thermal fuse is a component that serves as a safety device. This is also known as thermal shutdown. It opens the circuits to prevent overheating. Thermal fuses are designed to detect heat generated by an overcurrent in an electrical system. The cause of an overcurrent can be a component failure or a short circuit.

Is the thermal fuse the same as an electrical fuse?

Some functions of thermal fuses are the same, for example B. the safety factor, but they differ from conventional fuses. When the fuse blows, the power is cut off or shut off to prevent the circuit from overheating. This is also how a conventional fuse works. The main difference between the two is that once a fuse blows, it is no longer usable. While a conventional fuse resets itself, the thermal fuse does not and must be replaced immediately. The same applies if the thermal switch fails. It is not designed to be reset like other types of fuses. The second difference is that the thermal fuse only reacts when there is an excess of heat over the overcurrent. The overcurrent must be high enough to cause excessive heat, which can be detected by the thermal fuse. The heat heats the thermal fuse and triggers a reaction that ensures safety against electrical fires.

What are thermal breaks for?

Thermal fuses are special types of fuses usually used in equipment that heats up or generates heat. Household appliances that use thermal fuses include hair dryers and tumble dryers used for daily laundry. They are also used in the construction of coffee machines. The fuse interrupts power to the heater when the thermostat or other malfunction occurs. The function of the thermal fuse is also to protect the heating element against excessive current consumption or heating beyond its limits.

How do I know if the thermal fuse is working?

According to Hunker, you should use a multimeter to check the thermal fuse. Just make contact between the right side of the device cable and the right side of the fuse. You must also repeat the procedure on the left wire of the multimeter. If the needle moves, the fuse is still working. If the needle does not move, it can be assumed that the fuse has blown and must be replaced. Many devices that work with thermal fuses stop working when the fuse burns out. If there are no other malfunctions or problems with the unit, replacing the fuse will allow the unit to operate properly again.

Basic information on thermal fuses

There are different types of thermal fuses. It is not a universal ingredient. Thermal fuses are used in both home appliances and industrial applications to control heat by using a sensor set to a specific value to cut off the current when it reaches a certain level. He checks machines and equipment to ensure safe operation. Thermal fuses prevent the hair dryer from overheating and catching fire. They prevent industrial equipment from overheating and causing fires in the plant. They are part of a security system that often relies on other forms of human intervention, for example. B. remove lint from clothes dryers and check the maintenance of other machines.

How do I replace the thermal fuse?

After testing the thermal fuse, as recommended, a blown fuse is not too difficult to replace, depending on the type of unit it is in. In most cases, the back panel of the dryer must be removed. The fuse is usually located behind the rear panel. It is always advisable to consult the user’s manual for the exact setting of the thermal fuse. Sometimes it is located on top of the dryer. If you don’t have a paper manual, you can usually find one online. Simply remove the old blown fuse and replace it with a compatible model.

Where are the thermal fuses located?

Thermal fuses are easy to find if you know where to look. Most hardware stores have them. They are also sold in hardware stores and home improvement stores, and you can also order them online. The average cost is $10 per backup.

Final thoughts

Thermal fuses are safety mechanisms that prevent overheating and fires in the heat generating unit. They differ from conventional fuses in that they interrupt the current only when the fault is large enough to cause overheating. If the fuse itself overheats, the sensors detect the heat and turn off the power. If the thermal fuse has done its job, it must be replaced immediately. It can prevent fire or serious injury from overheating, but it is no longer functional. These fuses are not resettable like other fuses. They are useless after being provoked. They are an integral part of any device that generates heat and are an excellent safety measure to prevent personal injury. However, they also force the device to stop working as soon as it is lit. If the unit overheats and then stops working, you may need to replace the thermal fuse to get it working again.

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