What are Standard Sofa/Couch Dimensions for 2-3-4 Persons

If you are looking for a new bank and you are wondering what the right size is, this simple guide will help you make a decision. In this article we will talk about standard sofa sizes and the most suitable parts for each size.

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The sofas or sofa beds are an integral part of every home. It is the place where we relax after a long day at work or where we sit in front of the television with our loved ones, but it is also the place where our friends sit when we entertain them.

Choosing the right sofa for our needs means that we have to decide a number of things in advance, such as colour, material, shape and size!

Although the aesthetic aspects can be considered separately, below is a simple list of all the standard sofa sizes and the ideal dimensions for your room.

Although we will break down the dimensions, you should bear in mind that all bank sizes vary slightly depending on the design.

This rough guide will help you decide what is best for the size of your room. When you decide to buy a sofa, measure it and compare it to the size of your room to avoid problems later on.

For an attractive appearance, make sure that the sofa is not too deformable, otherwise the room will become messy. In general, low ceilings require low-back sofas, while high ceilings require high-back sofas; this allows you to fill up the space without being cramped.

2 Bank for persons

Double sofa

Ideal for small rooms or extra rooms in the bedroom, the sofa for two people is also called a loveseat.

A two-seater sofa should have a seat angle of 50 inches (about 4 feet), not counting the size of the armrests.

Small benches like these are an excellent addition to large spaces that need more seating. B. a living room or a large common room like a living room.

They are also a good addition to large rooms that need extra seating. Double sofas can be used in small apartments, guest rooms and other small spaces to provide space without clouding the room.

3 Sofa for persons


It’s probably the most common bank of all time. The three-seater sofa is ideal for most rooms. It generally has a seat height of 78 (6 ½ feet), not counting the width of the armrests. The total width, including the armrests, is typically 84 inches.

In most living rooms you will find these benches for the television. You have plenty of room to stretch your legs and watch TV or cuddle with someone.

These sofas can comfortably accommodate 3 people if you’re having fun, but they can also accommodate 4 people if you really don’t have enough room to sit!

4 Sofa for persons


These spacious sofas are usually placed in large living rooms and lounges. They have enough seats; benches for 4 persons can be installed from about 90 (7 ½ feet), not counting the width of the armrests.

The four-seater sofa is ideal for large apartments, families with children and people who like to have fun. These sofas often have a section for more space and comfort.

You can place this sofa in your living room or lounge to fill up the space without being too intrusive. It is suitable for 4 or even 5 persons.

If you need additional seating, you can add two chairs with a small table on one side of the sofa to complete the space.

5 Human Sofa

These are huge banks you don’t see very often. The 5-person sofa is designed for much larger houses that are trying to fill up the space. This sofa generally has a seat of 108 (9 feet), not counting the width of the armrests.

Nine meters of seating is a lot! You and another person can easily lie on this couch! This bench is perfect for large spaces that need to be filled!

Such a huge room looks less open when you complete it with a 3 or 4 seater sofa. By adding small benches to larger rooms, you tend to close off the usable space. So if you have room, go to 5 seats!

Standard sizes

The width of all sofas varies depending on the design; usually the sofa you choose will be 24 to 30 inches (2 to 2 feet 1⁄2 inch) wide. Make sure, however, that you measure your sofa accurately, so that you do not end up with a sofa that is too big or too small.

Although we have provided you with standard sizes and their ideal dimensions and applications, it is up to you to decide what suits you best.

Keep the usual distance between the sofa and the wall, so you won’t get stuck later and your surroundings won’t be scratched, so have fun with it!

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