What are Galvanized Screws and What are They Used For?

While they may not make much of an impression, galvanized screws are a big part of what holds the world together. We owe so much to these little titans that without them we would surely still be living in straw huts. These little giants of the construction world help keep structures intact through their ability to resist corrosion. To prevent corrosion of metals, a process called galvanization is used for the screws. Here the bare metal is treated with a thin layer of zinc. This application of zinc acts as a barrier that protects the metal screw from oxidation.

What is oxidation?

If you bite into an apple and leave it out in the open, you will find that it quickly turns brown. In the same way, if a metal object, such as. For example, an old car or bicycle left in the open: Brown rust develops. A process called oxidation takes place. During oxidation, the object in question loses electrons. Steel is one of those metals that lose electrons easily. Therefore, to avoid this, tools and other metal products, such as. B. Screws, galvanized to ensure long life and high strength. For example, if the metal is galvanized, it is protected from the elements. This means that galvanised metal used outdoors is protected against oxidation. It’s simple: No rust.

Electroplating process of metals

The zinc layer protects the metal from moisture, rain, snow, ice or chemicals. Thus, the galvanized screw will withstand changes in climate, season, temperature, salinity and humidity. However, this barrier is not indestructible. If the zinc layer is damaged to the extent that moisture can penetrate, the underlying metal will corrode. Therefore, it is important to buy galvanized screws only from a reputable company. When you visit a construction site, you come into contact with hot-dip galvanized screws and galvanized screws.

Hot-dip galvanizing

To get an idea of the type of hot-dip galvanized screw, look at any device). When you read the description, note that screws like this Hillman screw are said to be thermally galvanized. Here the screw is dipped in melted zinc. Upon completion, the screw is fitted with a protective cap, making it a corrosion resistant screw, ideal for outdoor use on decks, patios, playground equipment, fences, etc.


The electroplating process gives the screw a zinc layer. While hot-dip galvanized screws are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, galvanized screws are often chosen for indoor projects. Galvanised screws are not as strong as hot-dip galvanised screws. An example of a galvanised screw is the Everbilt wood screw. Galvanized, electroplated screws are used, for example, as internal fasteners. B. for door hinges and other finishing work.

Mechanical plate

In this case, the screws are housed in a special type of rotor housing. Then they fall with a mixture of zinc powder and glass beads. The degree of corrosion protection you get depends directly on the amount of zinc powder you use. Mechanically coated screws are not as strong as hot-dip galvanized screws. So know the project you are working on and ask your dealer if you are unsure.

Galvanized screws and their use

  • Roofing Screws – There is no better place to start with galvanized screws than on roofs. Here the screws are in constant contact with the environment, so they must be robust. In addition, it is important to consider the aesthetic effect of using galvanized screws in roofing projects. Unprotected screws not only loosen over time, but can also leave unsightly reddish-brown stains from oxidation.
  • Outdoor Decking – Decking boards are exposed to all the elements, so galvanized screws are a must for durability and appearance. But there’s another horror that makes galvanized screws indispensable: Swimming pool. The terraces are not only designed for sunbathing and barbecuing, but also for swimming pools. Pool decks come in different designs and are generally built on the surface around the pool. Here you are not only faced with the weather, but also with the chemicals in the pool, as the water splashes onto the wood. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant mounting screws, the durability and beauty of your terrace is assured. The Simpson Strong Tie is a good example of a galvanized connection screw with the Strong-Drive SD screw. Another consideration is the chemicals used in the treated wood. These chemicals can also corrode normal steel screws. Therefore, use galvanized steel screws when working with treated wood indoors or outdoors.
  • Lag screws – One of the strongest screws is the lag screw. (https://home.howstuffworks.com/lag-screws.htm) If you want to see a wooden swing full of happy children, know that part of its strength is due to lag screws. Backbones are also used for retaining walls, pool decks and patios. These galvanized bolts are also called tension bolts and are used when wooden structures are used for heavy loads or for safety reasons. The advantages of lag bolts include the ability to handle heavy weights for indoor and outdoor use and to withstand these weights for long periods of time.
  • Composite Deck Screws – Galvanized composite deck screws can be used for both exterior and interior applications. These screws are designed for use in composites, plastics and wood. They are designed to reduce or eliminate the cosmetic problems that can occur with some composites. As an example, look at this composite screw from Camo. As you can see, the composite deck screw is a versatile fastener for a variety of materials. Many of these screws also come in different colors, depending on the manufacturer. This results in a neat finish that matches the colour of the formwork material used.


If you work on DIY projects such as. B. Swings, gazebos, etc., it is important to realize the importance of using galvanized screws. Although it is tempting to buy cheap, the cost of galvanized screws is so low that it makes sense in the long run to buy from the best supplier. As you have seen, we have included links to reputable suppliers such as Camo, Hillman and Everbilt to get you started. If you look for a reputable supplier and ask questions before you buy, you will get the perfect galvanized screw for your project, whether it works with PVC composite, treated wood or metal.

frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of galvanised screws?

What is galvanized steel? The galvanized steel is covered with a thin layer of zinc. The zinc layer protects the underlying steel from corrosion. Used to make nuts, bolts, screws and nails unbreakable when exposed to the elements.

Can galvanised screws rust?

Galvanized screws and nails are galvanized nails that have undergone a galvanization process. This process provides the nails with a protective barrier that makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

What is the difference between galvanised steel and stainless steel?

Stainless steel is steel to which at least 10% chromium has been added. … Chrome protects the metal from rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel is a type of steel coated with a layer of zinc.

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