Should Shutters Match the Front Door?

There comes a time when you want to repaint the entire exterior of your home. However, you don’t have to paint your entire house to give it a new look. By painting your front door and shutters, you can create visual interest without breaking the bank!

But before you rush to your local paint store, ask yourself the following questions: Do the shutters need to match the front door , and which colours are the best?

While your front door does not have to match the color of the lintel, there are many complementary and matching colors that will enhance the aesthetics of your home. In this article, we will look at some of these colors for your front door and shutters.

Should my front door match the colour of my shutters?

Because your front door is a unique part of your home, it’s a good idea to accentuate it with a different color than your blinds. When you use a different color on your front door, you create a focal point that immediately draws attention. So the answer to the above question is: No, you don’t have to paint your front door the same color as your blinds.

However, do not choose a color that conflicts with your opening color. For example, if your shutters are a neutral shade, any bright color will work for your front door. However, if you have brightly colored blinds, it is better not to use a bright color for your front door.

What colour should I paint my shutters?

Because of their uniqueness and style, shutters are a great addition to the exterior of a home. But how do you choose the right colour for your blinds? Do you want them to match or complement the color of your front door?

If your blinds need to match your front door, they may not be the same color. You can lighten or darken a bit without risking a collision. You can also use complementary colors, which are opposite each other on the color circle. Red shutters and green doors, for example, create a striking look. However, you should keep in mind that it is harder to bring harmony to the outside of your home with light colors. Depending on the other colors and elements of your home’s exterior, you may need to experiment with different colors to find the one that works best.

We have made it easy for you by providing some examples of matching and complementary colors for your blinds and front doors.

Most suitable colours for blinds and front door


Black is a traditional and timeless colour that is equally suitable for shutters and front doors. This color brings definition and a touch of class to any home. So you can’t go wrong by painting your front door and shutters black. It complements the brick, plaster and stone exterior, as seen in this example of a red brick house with a black front door and shutters.

Navy blue is a brilliant color for the exterior of a modern home. This darker shade of blue is a great way to add depth and is a more attractive alternative to black. If you want to add some more personality to your home, consider painting your front door and shutters in navy blue. See how the color pops on this red brick facade here.


White is a pure, airy and light colour that is particularly suitable for entrance doors and shutters. In fact, it is the second most popular color after black because of its timeless relevance. White blinds in particular can make windows appear larger, while a matching front door with stone or natural wood panels is a beautiful combination. In fact, white is a safe choice for any exterior cladding, as shown here.


If you want to be bold, red is a popular choice that offers a classic look. Red front doors are very popular, and people often want the shutters to match. Whether you choose light or dark red, this color complements any outdoor space. Light red shutters look great with brick, stucco and stone, while dark red shutters go with everything!

Here we love the way the bright red front door and wood shutters add to the character of this rustic stone home. This is great!


Green is not the first color that comes to mind when it comes to choosing the best color for an awning. But you may be surprised to learn that green is actually a popular color, especially for rustic stone or wood homes. Not only does this color give a traditional look, but it also looks great on stucco facades. Lighter shades of green are becoming increasingly popular for their earthy tones. If your home is modern, you can use a darker shade of green to make a dramatic statement.


Brown is a majestic color, whether you use a dark or light version. This earthy, natural hue is a great option for homeowners who want to incorporate natural colors into their exterior. Any shade of dark or light brown will match stone, brown brick and stucco, so feel free to experiment with both to customize your home’s exterior cladding.


Whether classic or modern, grey shutters are by far the most popular combination option with a front door. This colour is resolutely modern without being overdone. Dark or light grey blinds never go out of fashion. You can choose pastel, muted or grey-white shutters and door to make a subtle statement.

In this example, the stone exterior of this home matches perfectly with the beautiful gray shutters. Gray is definitely one of those colors that gives a subtle touch of modern exterior design without going overboard.

Additional colours for blinds and front door

Black door with grey shutters

Black completes the grey. This color combination adds a subtle touch to the traditional black and white color scheme. Black and gray are the safest color combination for your front door and shutters, because they never go out of style.

If the black and gray color scheme is a little too soft for you, consider adding hanging plants to your front porch to add a little color to the look of your home. The good news is that black and gray are the perfect canvas for almost any exterior.

Black door with blue shutters

For colonial or antique homes, a black front door with navy shutters is the perfect couple’s dream. This color scheme blends perfectly with the red brick facades, creating an elegant and sophisticated combination.

We love the dark blue color of these shutters as a dominant hue against the beautiful black door. To complete the overall color palette of your home, add plants or metallic lighting for even more sophistication.

White door with purple flaps

To make a fun statement, we’d say combine white and purple. White front doors are the most popular with homeowners, but to make your home stand out from the crowd, paint the shutters a lavender shade for a slightly unusual approach. And if you get tired of purple, just repaint it in the colour of your choice, because your white front door will go perfectly with all other colours. Purple and white tones create an elegant monochrome look, so why not consider this combination for your home?

Red door with blue flaps

Who would have thought of a red and blue pair for their front door and shutters! An odd couple? Sure, we’ve seen red front doors as a timeless addition to modern and traditional homes, but have you ever considered blue shutters to accentuate the beauty of your bold red door? After all, two bright colors can collide side by side, but red and blue cannot.

Be inspired by this beautiful example of a colorful house with dark blue shutters and a red front door on a light blue facade.

Yellow door with black flaps

Paint your front door yellow to brighten it up. As for your blinds, black is a safe and complementary color because it makes your front door stand out from the crowd. We love how this yellow front door speaks for itself next to the black shutters.

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frequently asked questions

Should the front door and the shutters be the same colour?

Do they have to match the front door? Do they have to match the surface? Your curtains should go well with these other elements, but they certainly shouldn’t be the same color. One option is to use the same color, but a lighter or darker shade to add variety without the risk of overlap.

What colour should the shutters be?

White is another popular color for outdoor fixtures. They make windows look bigger and have an airy, clean look. Navy blue shutters and gray shutters are common favorites, while deep green is a popular shutter color for the natural hue of a home’s exterior.

Should the front door match the front door?

The storm door does not have to match the front door or trim. Your storm door can have its own color. Many people paint their storm doors slightly darker or lighter than the front door, or they paint them the same color as their siding.

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