8 Reasons You Should Install Composite Decking At Home In The UK

Release date: 25. March 2021 Shana Yuri.

If you’re renovating your home and it’s time to install flooring, consider composite decking.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder composite decking is one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners in the UK – and it should be for you too.

The fine details and aesthetic appearance will add elegance and extravagance to your look.

However, improving the exterior of your home is not the only reason why you should install composite decking in your home in the UK.

Other benefits of using composite decking in your home include:

1. Sustainability

It’s almost impossible to talk about composite decking without talking about durability. The longevity of composite decking is amazing.

In fact, composite decking can last up to 25 years! Their great durability means you won’t have to replace your floors every year.

Wood composite combines a strong, durable surface that can withstand the elements with a softer, more detailed finish to give you a better walking experience and improve the quality of your home.

The decking boards are resistant to mold, discoloration, warping, insect infestation and sunlight, thanks to the UV protection they contain.

2. Extra living space

While you can also beautify the interior of your home, composite decking transforms your home into a living space.

With a garden terrace you can, for example, enjoy summer evenings in the open air, invite your friends and family to garden parties and relax in the open air.

From your garden to your patio, you can enjoy the outside of your home for as long as you want.

3. Composite terraces add value to British homes

Research has shown that a composite patio can significantly increase the resale value of your home.

It’s a smart investment, and you can recoup up to 70% of the initial cost of installing a composite patio.

In addition, the decking boards are visually appealing. They have an extravagant touch that is sure to attract the attention of potential buyers or renters if you decide to place the sticks elsewhere.

4. Very low maintenance

Another reason why you should install composite decking in your home in the UK is that it is virtually maintenance free.

You don’t need to sand or paint it, and it’s designed not to warp, weather, or be affected by insects. With a simple garden hose, you can keep your deck boards shiny all year round.

5. Simple installation

Although in some cases you may need to call in a professional, sometimes you can do it yourself.

The new decking boards now have a feature called the hidden clip system, which makes installation easier by connecting the boards together.

6. Flexibility and versatility

There are several ways to install composite decking. They are flexible and you can be creative with their appearance.

You can choose the usual square and rectangular shapes or go for a new look with octagonal and hexagonal shapes.

Some homeowners in the UK and elsewhere also install built-in furniture on their back terraces, which is a great way to minimise unnecessary lugging of chairs and tables.

There’s more to it than that. You may also choose to add patio lighting to enhance the lighting and aesthetics, especially if you plan to be outside in the early hours of the day. They also take the pressure off your feet when you walk.

In terms of versatility, you can use decking boards in many areas of your home. Whether in the living room or in an extension, on the terrace or in the garden, composite decking works wonders. Some households have also used these decking in their kitchens.

7. You’re safe

Composite decking boards are non-slip and splinter resistant, meaning they can prevent you, your children’s bare feet and your pets from slipping.

The boards can respond to heat, but only at much higher temperatures than traditional wood boards.

This means that when you install a composite deck, you can choose to add elements like a table or fire pit, and you can sit back and relax because it provides extra protection.

8. Respect for the environment

Installing a composite patio in your home is not only good for you, but for the entire UK and even the world.

Because composite decking is made from recycled wood fibers and plastics, it is one of many uses for materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

You get all the benefits of a composite deck without burdening the environment.

frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of composite decking?

Resources House Repair Ave.

Does a composite deck increase the value of your home?

According to the 2019 data, compared to … This means that homeowners can get back about 75.6% of the value of their home when they sell it. The average cost to install a composite patio is $19,150 and the average resale value is $13,232, which represents a good investment return of 69.1% of recoverable costs.

Are composite patios really worth it?

There is no doubt that composite decking is more expensive than wood. However, it is valued for its striking resemblance to natural wood and its efficiency, making it an excellent choice for patios. It is easier to clean and maintain, so it will last long enough to be passed on to the next owner.

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