Rolled Roofing vs Roof Shingles vs Tiles

Scream it from the rooftops: Do you opt for a tiled roof, Flemish roof tiles or a rolling roof? Few repairs cause as much anxiety among homeowners as the news that a new roof is needed. Not only the costs are alarming, but also the inconvenience.

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Once you get over the shock, you realize it was easy in the past. You hired the guy on the roof. He hit the shingles. Perhaps the most extreme decision you had to make was the colour of the shingles.

But it’s a new day in the roofing industry, and you’ll have to choose between shingles and shakes, shingles and rolling roofs, or maybe enjoy all three.

When it comes to innovation, homeowners often fall back on old shingles and choose between shingles and roofs. If price is not a problem, knowing the pros and cons of both technologies will speed up your decision before the next leak reminds you of the urgency of your situation!

Tile: Breed is the spice of life

If you haven’t bought a shingles in a long time, you’re in for a surprise: Today we offer five different types of shingles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Asphalt slabs

Asphalt belts

The choice is yours if you don’t want to spend a fortune and you like the look of shingles. There are three types of asphalt shingles: 3-Tab, laminates or architectural shingles, but they do not last as long as other types of single shingles.

Sheet steel tiles

can recall the terracotta roofs of the southwestern or Spanish colonial Renaissance architecture. They are expensive to purchase and install and cost about twice as much as asphalt shingles.

Metal shingles

can also last up to 50 years, which is why they’ve been a favorite in and around the Rocky Mountains and the Northwest for decades. Today, metal shingles can be seen everywhere because they are both cheap and attractive.

Stone plate

Ideal for homeowners who love the look of durable, earthy shingles that give a natural look to their home. Mahogany and cedar wood are the most commonly used, but unlike asphalt, you pay the full price for up to 50 years of charm.

Slate slabs

are made of promoted, beautiful and durable material. The farmers in New England chose slate for their barns because this type of pebble easily lasts 50 years, albeit at a high price. It’s the most expensive tile on that list.

Tile: Aesthetically beautiful but expensive

Ceramic tile

At the moment there is a lot of confusion about the difference between shingles and tiles, because different materials are used to make both types of shingles. You’ve already discovered that shingles can be expensive. But did you know that tiles cost different prices?

There are 7 common types of shingles on the market today:

  • Concrete,
  • Ceramics,
  • composed,
  • bituminous,
  • Polymer sand,
  • Copper,
  • Metal.

Roof roller: Goodbye shingles and tiles

Rolling roof

The rolling roof revolution has influenced every roof shape on the market today, which is a blessing for people with flat roofs.

Roofing on rolls

As with the choice of tiles and shingles, there is a wide range of materials, including plain rubber, EPDM (recycled rubber, sawdust and shale dust), TPO (polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber) and bitumen (based on asphalt).

Asphalt roofs are very popular in North America and are made from organic felt or asphalt impregnated fibreglass mats.

Regardless of their composition, almost all roofing material comes in rolls of 100 square meters, about 36 meters long and 36 inches wide.

As you will notice there is usually some kind of rubber and the modern homeowner is often looking for a more exotic roofing material, which leads to arguments about shingles versus rolling roof materials.

Roofing material on rolls Cost

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, this is just rubber. If the environment is important to you, the choice for EPDM amalgam can be very interesting because this type of roofing material is made from recycled materials.

Laminated roofing materialTPO is based on synthetic materials and is affordable, while bitumen is fairly new to the roofing market and depends on bonding to keep the materials together.

Given the type of asphalt material (bitumen), the total cost of a rolling roof is approximately $1.5 to $3 per square metre (including materials + installation costs). If you want to remove old roofing materials, labour costs will be higher (maybe $1 to $2 per square meter).

Advantages and disadvantages of tiles compared to tiles

Which shingles are suitable for your roofing project? Use these criteria to make an informed decision:

-Shingles usually cost twice as much as asphalt shingles, and if you choose a luxury material like copper and have a large roof while you’re on the Fortune 500 list, it can’t hurt.

-Do you live in an area affected by bad weather and/or strong wind? Belt roses don’t stand a chance – even the most expensive ones don’t – and tiles are strong, durable and much more resistant to extreme weather conditions.

-Is heavy snow a reality? -Yeah. -Yeah. Shingles sell less well in cold climates because extreme temperatures affect them more than shingles. Recurring weight and ever smaller temperature fluctuations can make shingles work quickly – especially inexpensively.

-The warranty covers all materials and types of roofing, you benefit from the advantage of the former due to the long service life of the shingles compared to asphalt shingles. If the prospect of a 50-year shingle roof versus a 20-year shingle roof does not bother you, a longer warranty period may be possible.

– Not all houses can carry a roof with tiles, while all houses can be covered with tiles. Load-bearing walls must therefore be strong enough to support heavy tiled roofs. If the weight of the construction proves to be a problem, it is better to use expensive shingles.

Roof roller against shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material for residential buildings. However, the retractable roof has many of the same characteristics. Both roofing materials consist of a base mat with a layer of asphalt covered with granulate.

Although the same production process is used in both variants, there are significant differences. Roofing materials in rolls are manufactured in large rolls that are typically 36 inches by 36 feet. These rolls are also manufactured with thinner layers of base material and asphalt.

Because shingles have to be cut into smaller shapes and have thicker layers, they usually cost more per square foot than roller roofs. Asphalt shallots also require more time to install because they have to be placed one by one, which increases installation costs.

A pebble usually covers a square meter. To cover an area of 36 x 36 feet, you may need 1,296 individual shingles. 12 standard roofing rolls can cover the same area.

In most cases a rolling roof is much cheaper and easier to install. However, asphalt shingles also have a number of advantages. Asphalt shingles offer a wider variety of styles and colours, while rolling roofs are generally available in black, grey or beige.

Due to the interlocking nature of the shingles and the thicker layers of material, shingles also tend to last longer. Asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of about 20 years, while rolled asphalt roofs generally last five to eight years.

The limited lifespan of roofs limits their use. In the case of inhabited buildings, such as B. the main building on a residential plot, it is rarely used. However, rolling roofs are a cost-effective roof covering for vacant buildings such as sheds, garages and other low-rise buildings.

Finally, the rolling roof is the most economical option for covering vacant buildings. The rollers are cheap and easy to install. However, asphalt shingles offer three to four times the lifespan and a wider choice of designs than roller roofs, making them the preferred roofing material for your main residence.

Roofing tile on a roll

We know what you’re thinking: Wasn’t it easier to make a decision in the past when there were fewer possibilities? In fact, count on luck, because new materials can give you the look you’re looking for that matches your budget.

Your location is as unique as your budget. Some people like to buy the best of the best and choose tiles simply because they are elegant and make the house look more expensive and sophisticated. Often the design is chosen according to the regional architectural style.

In the end, shingles remain the choice of homeowners with a tight budget. Shingles are always a promise of long life for the price, and a rolled up roof can reduce installation time with a small crew and an equally limited bill if you choose conventional rubber.

Shingles will always be a nostalgic retreat, and if you can afford your expensive shingles, you’ll have more years of wear and tear. Will these shingles last as long as the tiles? Unlikely. And don’t forget that a man with a stapler takes longer to install shingles than a worker installing a sunroof.

And finally, if you choose shingles, you get a bonus: If you don’t like the colour of the roof you choose, you won’t be stuck to these shingles for the next 50 years! We’ll have to think about it, landlord. We hope this revision has been useful.

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