Pergola Lighting Ideas (Outdoor Lights Guide)

Pergolas are an ideal place to add some pizazz to your backyard, whether you have a garden or a patio. They offer a beautiful view of the property and can also add some style to your outdoor living space. Choosing the right lighting is crucial in creating a beautiful, inviting atmosphere. Here is a guide to help you decide whether to choose hanging, pendant, or a combination of both.

Have you ever thought of a deck or a roof or a gazebo as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors? And have you ever wondered which lights are the best to illuminate that area? In this brief article, we’ll help you in this search by providing you with some outdoor lighting ideas that will help you to make the most of your outdoor space, as well as your money.

Gather the right tools and materials, and you can have a beautiful outdoor space that rivals any indoor oasis, even if you’re dealing with a smaller space. Decorating your outdoor space doesn’t have to be reserved for large estates, either. You can create a beautiful space that gives you the most light regardless of your location.. Read more about pergola lighting kits and let us know what you think.

Here we share our pergola lighting ideas guide including how to illuminate this outdoor feature, the different kinds of lighting, and how to customize them. Lighting your pergola can help you maximize your enjoyment of this space. There’s something magical about  a beautiful pergola all lit up at night. They can be great places for entertaining and hanging out with friends and family. Having the right lighting is essential to ensure your pergola is best used.

What Is The Best Way To Light A Pergola?

1627957876_440_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide When you think of a pergola, the furniture that comes with it is usually the first thing that comes to mind. You start thinking about the events you’ll be hosting there and how you’ll set up the whole venue. 

If you want to add a pergola to the exteriors of your house, there’s a lot to consider. Patio seats and tables, outdoor sofas, fire pits, barbeque grills, and much more are all available. 

The lighting fixtures, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. There are instances when the furniture has been assembled but the lighting fixtures have not yet been chosen. This may detract from the overall appearance of your pergola. 

Fortunately, whether you’re planning on having a pergola constructed from the ground up or renovating an existing one, you have a lot of choices.

Lights for Pergolas Outside

1627957877_562_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide We’ve compiled a list of various pergola lighting options for your outdoor area.

Hanging Lights

1627957878_547_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Pendant lights can give your outdoor pergola a sleek, contemporary appearance. You can get right to work with only a few simple beams to hang them from. 

Pendant lights should be your first choice if you want to make your outdoor pergola area seem more like an interior environment. A modest pergola with a few simple tables and three or more pendant lights may provide enough illumination. They may also make it a convenient location for you to host parties or entertain guests. 

Pendant lights are an excellent way to illuminate your pergola. The greatest thing is that they wouldn’t obstruct the view at all, allowing for even more room to be used. 

If you have a larger area, you may set up an artificial tree and hang your pendant lights in different lights for a dramatic effect. 

Integrated Lighting

1627957878_215_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide If you’re planning on starting your pergola building, another excellent option is to add lights. Built-in lighting is simple to install and may give your outdoor area a finished appearance. 

But there’s a word of warning. These items may be more expensive than other lighting choices. With your contractor, you may need to discuss your budget and your limitations. 

However, if done correctly, it has the potential to enhance the total value of your house. That’s an advantage to think about for your lighting plans.

Lights on a String

1627957879_894_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide If you’re a little more fanciful and want to create a wonderful outdoor area that’s dreamy, string lights should be placed on your outdoor space. 

String lights are often accompanied with natural fiber textures. Outside your house, the warmth it brings in may create a pleasant and peaceful corner for you. 

You’re in for a treat if you add some comfortable furniture or maybe some plump throw pillows, textiles, and plants. More information on how to hang string lights may be found here.

Light Fixtures That Are Mounted

1627957880_61_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide One of the pergola lighting options to explore is mounted lighting fixtures. In terms of function, they’re more like guiding lights. 

Although they may not usually be first to mind as a primary lighting fixture, the low illumination they produce may give the space a warm and comfortable feel. 

What’s wonderful about these lighting choices is that there are so many different designs and styles to select from. Install it to the structure’s supporting walls or pillars. 

These lights may be used to complement the overall decor of your pergola or even your whole house. It makes no difference if you like classic, modern, or minimalist styles. 

There is sure to be a kind of mounted fixture that suits your preferences. Because of the wiring needs, they may take a little longer to install. Taking the required preventive steps now can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


1627957881_91_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Uplighting is exactly what it says on the box. These are the types of lighting fixtures that may be used in your pergola’s ground or flooring construction. Similar to installed light fixtures, this kind of illumination may be very dim. 

The overall lighting impact, on the other hand, may be intimate and gentle. Installing this additionally necessitates the use of experienced personnel. The expenditures are justified, though, since the final product is a relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for viewing sunsets in.


1627957881_481_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Using downlights in a pergola is more of a landscaping practice than a pergola standard, but it still works pretty well. 

Indoors, down-lights are frequently utilized to provide gentle artificial illumination. When utilized outside, though, the entire appearance and feel may be very unique.

It is often referred to as moonlights because it resembles the gentle illumination of the moon in certain aspects. Although downlights seem to be hardwired, there are a variety of other options for avoiding hardwiring. 

This implies you’ll be able to save money on specialized labor. If you’re a little more handy than others, you may be able to do it yourself.

Lanterns that dangle

1627957882_416_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Hanging lanterns should be your go-to lighting fixtures if you want your pergola to seem like it’s always ready for a party at a moment’s notice. Paper lanterns are a popular pergola lighting option since they are inexpensive and simple to set up. 

If you want to give the room a more fascinating and multidimensional appearance, hang your lanterns at different heights.

White lanterns are timeless, and they won’t go out of style anytime soon since they fit with any kind of decor. You may also opt for colorful ones if you want a more whimsical touch.

Lights around the perimeter

1627957883_243_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Perimeter lights are a lighting choice to consider if you want a clean, unobtrusive appearance that doesn’t get in the way or impede the view. They’re essentially tiny spotlights that encircle you. 

The perimeter of your pergola, as the name implies. Because they remain away from the visual horizon, these lights may make the area seem much bigger and allow you to enjoy your home’s outside space more.

Lights that are symmetrical

1627957884_918_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide If you like string lights but don’t like how carelessly they appear together since they may be all over the place at times, symmetrical lights might be the ideal answer to your lighting problems for your pergola. 

Symmetrical lights are equidistant from one another, meaning they are evenly placed with mathematical precision. Every part of your pergola will be properly illuminated thanks to carefully placed symmetrical lighting.

It may also be a cost-effective choice if you want your pergola to have a classy appearance without breaking the bank.

Lights in a Drum

1627957884_123_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Drum lights are often designed and utilized for indoor usage. Although this isn’t typically the lighting of choice for the outdoors since it’s usually composed of burlap cloth, it’s still a viable alternative worth considering. 

Drum lights in the pergola may give a beautiful touch to your outdoor events. You may also mix and match it with the color scheme for the party you’re throwing.

What’s more, you may alter the designs whenever you want, based on your tastes at the moment. More information about our guide to the best drum pendant lighting ideas can be found here.

Lights in Mason Jars

1627957885_61_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Mason jar lights are a DIYer’s dream come true. With a little repurposing and ingenuity, you can easily do this. 

If you aren’t the handy kind and don’t want to use the illumination bulbs that are already in your pergola in these jars, store-bought ones may be simply installed.

They’re also reasonably priced, so if you’re on a budget, this may be the outdoor lighting fixture for you. Read more about our mason jar hanging light guide here.

Light Fixtures Made to Order

1627957886_865_Pergola-Lighting-Ideas-Outdoor-Lights-Guide Of course, you may always modify and customize to your heart’s delight. What’s wonderful about outdoor lighting choices is that if you can imagine it, you can certainly see it through to completion. 

It would be ideal if you could always contact your contractor, as well as perhaps a professional electrician, to ensure that all of your bases are covered. On the high end, they may be very expensive since you’ll have to hire artists to create it exactly as you want it. 

However, the final effect will be that you have successfully developed an outside area that is completely unique to you. You may even start by combining whatever current outdoor lighting choices you have and working from there. 

In any case, the ultimate aim is to create a mood that you and your friends and family can appreciate, particularly on those warm summer evenings.

On this page, you can find more relevant information in our post about contemporary pergola designs.

If you’re interested in a new pergola design, and you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should consider a more versatile design that works for all occasions. Here are a few ideas to get you started.. Read more about outdoor pergola lighting fixtures and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to string lights on a pergola?

The best way to string lights on a pergola is by using wire. You can also use rope, but it would be difficult to install the lights and remove them when needed.

How do you display lights on a pergola?

You can use a light kit that comes with the kit.

How do you hang outdoor lights on a pergola?

You should first make sure that the pergola is strong enough to support the weight of the lights. Then, you should use wire rope or chain to hang them from the top of the pergola and then attach a light fixture on each end.

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