Parts of a House Exterior – Detailed Diagram

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When you build a new house, or remodel an existing one, you will have to install the exterior components. The more detailed you get when determining what you need, the more likely it is that the job will go smoothly (and the less money you will have to spend). To help you determine what you need we have made this detailed diagram (a bit difficult to read, click on the image for a larger view).

The exterior parts of a house are the parts of a house that are visible to the public, such as its windows, doors, walls and roof. These parts of a house comprise all of the components that make up the walls and the roof of a house.

Let’s face it: Naming parts of a home’s exterior is not easy, even if you’ve owned your home for decades. Many of us are familiar with the indoor areas or parts of the house, such as the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen. But do we actually know what a corner post or vent is?

Knowledge of the components of a house’s exterior will certainly be helpful to any homeowner. For example, it will be easier to report a problem in your home to a professional if you can identify which part of the exterior of the house needs to be inspected or even repaired.

Glad you came across the right article. This article lists and describes the various components of a home’s exterior shell. For your convenience, this article lists the components of a home’s exterior in alphabetical order.

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The caissons are part of the primary roof structure. They are located directly on the gables, often at the intersection of the roofline and the cladding. The caissons improve the appearance and waterproofing of the joints of the above roof elements.


This is a part of the exterior of the house that you are probably familiar with, especially if you have a fireplace. A chimney is a vertical pipe or flue attached to a fireplace that allows smoke and toxic gases to escape from the home.

The chimney cover can be made of copper, aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel. The chimney header or chimney valley is another visible part of the chimney that covers the entire top of the chimney and prevents water from entering the chimney.


We often think of columns as vertical structures at the front of a building, but even a modest house can have a column. It is also known as a pole. In its simplest definition, a column is a perpendicular column. It may serve a functional purpose, such as. B. support a roof or beam, or be purely decorative. When used for decorative purposes, the column can add character, create space or simply demonstrate the sophistication of a renovation project. Colonnade is the name of a series of columns.

Corner post

The corner post is an essential cladding element that rounds off the cladding. It gives a finished edge to the outside corner of the house. It is built at a 90 degree angle. Like a column, it can have a functional and decorative role. Their primary purpose or function is to protect attached corners and provide structural support to the corners of the house. For decorative purposes, a corner post can be a contrasting or complementary color to the siding and help define the proportions of the house. It is usually made of aluminum and can be traditional, ribbed, flat or solid.

Drip edge

The drip edge is a part of the roof that many people overlook. This is a metal flashing that is applied to the edges of the roof. It directs water away from the parapet and thus protects the roof elements below. It consists of a small metal flange. It is not subject to corrosion and will not discolor, so your roof not only looks good, but is structurally sound.

The drip edge also seals gaps on the underside of the roof where small animals can enter. It also protects the underside of the roof from ice dams, which often occur during the cold winter months. In short, the drip edge improves overall efficiency and extends the life of the roof.


The driveway can be considered the front door of your home. It allows you to leave the street and get to your front door. It is also an area where you or your guests can park cars. Think of it as a welcome mat for your home. A driveway is usually made of concrete or asphalt and can improve the look and feel of your property.


This is one part of the house that needs no introduction. The door serves as the main entrance and exit to the house. The main purpose of the door is security, as it controls access to the house. It is usually attached with hinges, but can also be moved with gliders or counterweights.

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An attic is a part of a house that is perpendicular to a gable roof, which may be vaulted, flat or hipped. It usually has its own window. It is often installed in the attic, allowing light to enter and making the room more habitable. It can also beautify your home or improve its appearance.

Drainage pipes

Gutters are tubes that carry water from the roof to the gutter. It is mounted vertically and is usually located at the end of the channel. Gutters play an important role in preventing basement flooding because the pipes direct water away from the foundation of the house.


An eave is a portion of a roof that extends beyond the walls of a house or building. It is used to squeeze water from the liner.


The frieze is the part of the house where the roofline and gutter intersect. It is usually made of wood or aluminum.


The flashing is a thin panel installed to direct water flow away from the house. It is usually installed in different parts of the house, such as. B. at junctions of roofs, at the top of foundation walls and around doors and windows.


The foundation of the house ensures the strength and stability of the entire structure. It is located at the base of the structure, at ground level.

Frieze plate

Fascia is a type of cladding that is usually applied horizontally, often at the transition of soffits and copings. It covers and protects the space between these two parts of the house’s facade. This prevents moisture from snow and rain from seeping under the siding and causing potential problems such as mold and mildew.


Facades are usually installed for aesthetic reasons. These are sloping sections of the roof that come together to form the roof.


You could say that this is the part of the front of the house that most people are familiar with. A garage is usually used for parking cars. It can also be used as storage space. It can be attached or detached.

Roof gutters

The slide is usually made of aluminum. Located on the perimeter of the house, it collects rainwater and drains it to the downspouts. The gutter guard, in stainless steel, is an integral part of the system and prevents the gutters from becoming blocked by the accumulation of leaves and branches.

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This is another part of the house that many people are familiar with. It is an open space, usually adjacent to the house. It usually has a tiled floor and is not covered.


Many homeowners confuse a patio with a porch. Although both terms refer to open space, there are some differences between them. For example, a porch is usually a covered area in front of the house, while a patio usually has no roof at all. Usually, the porch also serves as a place to prepare to leave or enter the house. Outdoor accessories are also often stored here.

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They are used for safety and can be held in place when going up or down stairs.


This is the top of the roof or the intersection of two sloping sides.


This part of the exterior of the house is made of concrete and offers a paved walkway to walk through different parts of the property.


Usually made of aluminum, wood or vinyl and mounted under the eaves. It protects the braids thrown on the wall of the house. It also covers the ceilings of the porch. It is usually ventilated to allow air to circulate in the attic.


They are often found at the ends of patios and verandas and allow people to reach surfaces that may be above or below them.


This term is used to refer to the exterior walls of a house. It is usually made of brick and vinyl.

Ventilation openings

They are placed in different places on the roof and allow air to escape from the house.


The last, but no less important, part of the exterior of a house that everyone knows: the windows. You could say that a house is not complete without windows. This part of the exterior of the house lets natural light into the house. It also allows residents to enjoy the view of their neighborhood. And windows can make a home more beautiful or elegant.

These are the most important parts of a house’s exterior that you need to know, no matter how many years you’ve lived in the house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a house exterior?

A home’s exterior can be very important to its overall appearance. If you are like most home owners, you will probably take a lot of time and care to make sure the exterior is always looking good. The good news is that there is more to a home’s exterior than just the paint. There are different parts that can make up a home’s exterior, and here we will take a look at just a few of the most common ones. A house is the most important investment you will ever make, so it makes sense to protect that investment by regularly maintaining the exterior. This will ensure that your house continues to look its best and to fulfil its original purpose of protecting the interior from weather damage and other environmental factors. The first step in exterior maintenance is to be able to identify the exterior parts and to understand how they can affect your home’s appearance. I don’t know if any of them are helpful, but I just thought you might be interested. Let me know what you think. When I first started writing (fiction), I would go to the nearby thrift store and pick up old dictionaries and thesauri. I didn’t know what a thes

What are the boards on the outside of a house called?

The boards that you see on the outside of a home are called cladding. This is a material that is attached to the outside of a home to give it a more finished look. Cladding comes in a variety of materials, such as wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding. Some cladding is even made to look like stone. One of the most common questions asked by homeowners who are looking to buy a home is “What exactly is the difference between a ranch and a split level?” And although the answer to this question may vary depending on the area of the country in which you live, the most common way to answer it is to say that a ranch is a house that has one floor, with a split-level home having two floors.

What are the parts of a house called?

If you are like many people, you will be starting to think about home improvements and renovations now that the weather is getting warmer. One thing you need to know about is the parts of a house. Knowing these parts will help you know what you can do to repair and improve your home. (A list of the parts of a house is provided, and their descriptions are very similar to the descriptions provided in the links of the same names) In a home, the term “part” refers to individual house structures. These include: Floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs. These are the main parts of a house, although there are also other groups of parts, such as the basement parts, attic parts, and exterior parts. The basement parts, for example, would include the floor, walls, and ceiling, while the attic parts would include the rafters, trim, and any other woodwork.

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